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Hi everyone,

Seems as though when a mechanic reaches 3rd level it might become possible to have a combat drone which has two weapons mounted. If we’ve got that right — does the drone have a penalty for firing both the way a character would?

Thanks :)

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It can't make 2 attacks until you gain the class ability expert A.I.

#of attacks aren't based on # of weapons.

You could have 1000 weapons or 1 and you still only get 1 attack or 2 if using expert A.I.

I would say yes it can, with penalties. The Mechanic would have to sacrifice his move and swift to do it though, under Master Control.

The way i interpret Expert AI is that this ability allows the drone to make full attacks without input from the Mechanic.

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Master control will let you do it.
But you still don't need 2 weapons

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A drone with two weapons can have one melee, one ranged. That could be very useful.

Okay, that's using the "Melee weapon arm" rather than the "Weapon mount," but on a certain level, they're the same thing.

Ok - many thanks!!

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It's also worth noting that if you have two weapon mount mods, you can mount a longarm or heavy weapon. You'll probably need to spend one or more mods on the requisite proficiencies if you go that way.


One of my player mounted 2 different type of range weapon so if an enemy is resistant to one he use the other one

The most common two weapon mount setup is going to be to use them both to work as a long arm/heavy weapon mount or ranged weapon/melee weapon. Not a lot of utility wielding two small weapons or two melee weapons. The big thing you would gain for doing so is extra battery/magazine capacity and potentially different resist types in case you are fighting a variety of creatures with specific resistances.

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