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Colette Brunel wrote:
Why does the splash damage from alchemist's fire not scale by default? I do not understand why the rest of the damage scales by default, but not the splash damage. It cannot be a matter of "automatic scaling would be too strong," because by that logic, it would be overpowered at 1st level, when it is clearly not.

I think it is an artifact of the feat for alchemists that lets you apply your int bonus to splash damage. Their scaling they built in is basically the alchemist increasing their inter over time. I would agree the splash should scale as well in addition to that but I believe that is the reason it is like this.

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I like that it looks like empowered bombs is gone. It looks like the bombs damage is via how good of bombs you know how to make. So if you want to make bombs using gold and downtime to stock up a bit you can do so and you are not gimping yourself for doing it. So you can make a supply of good "permanent" bombs for party members if you want to spend the gold to do so and they won't be useless damage wise.

will have to dig into this some more but I think the alchemist changes are probably good ones overall.

Magyar5 wrote:

Like if you look at the Electrovore entry in the AA, you see that it has quite a few abilities that are special

Lowlight vision
Electricity Immunity (a form of Energy Resistence)
Electrical Discharge

So I think this spell would require quite a bit of work on the players part.

Likely why they are going with something similar to the monster summoning where you have to pick 4 per spell casting level of it so the players don't don't go into massive analysis paralysis. Once you pick what then write up some quicky stuff for them to keep with you so if you chose to go into that form you have everything you need ready to go.

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It looks like the duration is permanent. The once a round seems to be the action to bless a new weapon or change the alingnment of a weapon that already has been blessed.

Take the second part of its description.

If you Align the Armament
again, the most recently applied alignment overrides the
previous one, so you can’t use Align Armament to make the
same weapon deal both 1d6 evil damage and 1d6 lawful damage
simultaneously, for example.

If the duration was only one round this would not make sense to include as you would bless/strike and then change alignment but it would face before you could use it.

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Quintessentially Me wrote:
MaxAstro wrote:

Unless this was changed, Alchemists only get +1/2 their level for Quick Alchemy, though.

And considering Alchemist is apparently supposed to be Resonance: The Class, since they effectively have no class features once they run out of Resonance... It rankles that only non-Alchemists can have 7 or 8 Resonance at level 2, while Alchemists cap out at 6. And the Alchemist will stay behind the Bard/Sorcerer until level 9 (and then still be behind for non-Quick Alchemy uses).

Like I said before: How would people feel if the Cleric multiclass feat allowed Monks and Druids to get more uses of Channel Energy than a Cleric ever could?

I haven't had a chance to play the playtest so please excuse my ignorance but is it possible that the Alchemist, even with less Resonance, can make better (i.e. more efficient) use of their Resonance than a non-Alchemist multiclassed into Alchemist could?

In other words, is the extra Resonance that a MC-Alchemist gets somehow needed due to increased inefficiency when using Alchemist abilities through the multiclass paradigm?

Honestly I think this probably works better as an archetype than it does as a class currently. You still have all your main class abilities that don't require any resonance to use and likely do far more damage than the bombs do anyway. So you can focus on healing/utility stuff and a few bombs that apply useful debuffs. So overall its a pretty decent amount of healing given you can make two items pre resonance during downtime. Just leave a few points free for any random quick alchemy stuff you may need. Also given that they are removing the resonance cost to use infused items its a reasonable pick me up item for somebody critcally low where you can run over to them give them an elixer and bump their HP up a bit.

Astrozoan power basically is I want to be a male human of mid height brown hair breen eyes and they can do that. But innately they can't go I want to look like george clooney. Now if you are an operative you can use astrozoan power to make yourself look like a general human of the right gender/height and then use your operative ability to look like a specific person.

They both are useful because the astrozoan is so weird looking no amount of special effects/makeup/fake masks an operative could do is going to make a non transformed astrozoan look like george cloony its just a weird starfish thing with a wig. And if you want to be able to look like specific people as an astrozoan you would need a good disguise skill to do the fine tuning.

Shamus Nicholson wrote:
The bestiary in Part 1 had a lava ape, Part 2 has a radioactive dragon, so will this part include a rock shooting rhinoceros/triceratops or sentient blobs?

Sentient blobs are a playable race from the first adventure path!

Xenocrat wrote:
Sauce987654321 wrote:
Xenocrat wrote:
There will never be heavy weapons on tiny/small ships as a PC option. It would totally throw off the balance of carriers vs dreadnoughts. It’s not a mistake that most fighter weapons usually won’t overcome a big DT.
Considering that ship tiers work like CRs, that would make it a mistake. Also, some linked weapons will almost always beat a DT of 15.

A smaller ship of equal tier to a larger ship is usually objectively weaker. Just because you can cram (say) 12 tier worth of upgrades into a fighter frame doesn't mean it has a 50% chance against a tier 12 cruiser. The HP deficit and lost BPs to match weapon mounts hurt more than the saved base frame BPs, not to mention power core issues at high tier.

The fact that you can build high tier fighters that can reliably damage battleships and dreadnoughts is irrelevant to the underlying balance concerns. You'd be a fool to put sixteen tier 8 fighters into a carrier rather than build sixteen tier 8 destroyers. Ship combat and build efficiency is designed so that carriers can usefully provide a bunch of weak fighters who aren't worth the efforts of most larger ships to target (and can't be hit at all by the big capital weapons), but have individually low chances to hit and low chances to do damage against the really big ships. They can swarm small escorts and chip away at big ship shields to give an assist, but that's pretty much it.

If a fighter were built to be dangerous, it would get focus fired and killed in short order because it can't carry enough PCUs to support both good weapons and excellent shields, can't have enough crew to repair it, defend it, and rebalance it's shields, and can't have HP to soak up the hits.

If you want to house rule this to support your fighter fantasies, go ahead. But Paizo is building a system that (1) supports a single ship manned by a party of adventurers and (2) is plausible within the context of their world and designed naval organizations and balance of...

I think the azlanti drone carriers is probably the right way to go with the system. Allowing you to flood an area with drone fighters that are dangerous enough but basically expendable assets. By themselves they are not that deadly but if you can flush your racks of 10 or 20 of them thats a LOT of extra forces to nip at weak spots and swarm smaller warships.

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I think for people wanting the utility stuff they don't lose a lot by just going with it as an archetype. Your healing elixers lag a bit but you can churn out what still is a LOT of free healing per day that you can also give to others in a pinch.

The daily prep/infusions are still 2 per resonance like full alchemists. The main issue would be using things that have a DC which would lag behind but given even alchemists are feat taxed to keep their DC up to snuff its not a lot worse. Also with things like poisons if you want a rogue poisoner the DC's are keyed to the poison itself not your own DC so basically the same as what an alchemist would have to deal with for that poison.

Mostly though I see people taking this using it to help their own self healing/self buffing with utility potions/mutagens. Stuff that even if it lags a few levels behind is still pretty damn good because its not really costing you much to do it.

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Cantriped wrote:

It is an insultingly good archetype. I expect a lot of Rogue- and Wizard-Alchemists in our future. Not to mention the occasional mega-healer Cleric-Alchemist.

Honestly, Alchemist makes for a much better archetype than a base class as written.

I can see this archetype being very popular. If you don't need bombs for your primary DPS hits you gain all the utility of an alchemist and able to make lots of utility consumables without much downside. The downside with most caster archetypes is your spell casting just lags behind so the DC's are weaker and effects are underpowered but the alchemist seems to function at pretty good levels of power and you can concentrate your bombs on ones that are just no save debuff type stuff.

I can see a lot of rogues/fighters/barbarians picking up alchemist. Lots of utility stuff and for the primary combat guys being able to keep yourself supplied in healing elixers is pretty damn handy.

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Even the most cruel, evil beings probably want to stay alive. If there is one guy on the ground and out of the fight at the moment but other combatants still engaging them then clearly the current threat is the people still trying to kill you. Once most if not all opponents are KO'ed then sure it makes a lot of sense that they go around finishing people off.

Well paladins are the "masters of armor' so it would at least make sense for them to give two bumps in armor as they should be better than fighters.

I think right now it is most of an issue of can they sort out their novel publisher issues. If they can then I would expect at least a few starfinder novels but no idea how their search for novel publishers is going.

Mergy wrote:
Some of the halfling ancestry feats are pretty boss. Sure-footed gives you full speed balancing and climbing on successes, and distracting shadows gives a lot more opportunities to sneak. I wouldn't mind if Titan Slinger was changed to effect more than slings, because slings seem pretty bad.

Look at the halfling staff sling. It is basically a heavy crossbow damage wise with faster reload. That plus titan slinger is probably pretty darn solid as a sling combatant.

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Yes that is one intersting artifact of the way drift travel works. The pact worlds need to heavily over fortify their home system because they literally are the easiest place in the known universe to get to and any new bad guy can jump right to it in the shortest jump time possible from anywhere.

Although on the plus side it also means that pact world exploration forces can scout around and find new worlds knowing if they find something dangerous they can get home for major resupply rapidly no matter where they go.

Xenocrat wrote:
MER-c wrote:

I got the chance to try out a Serpent Laser in Society play, it hurts, a lot. at first glance the range being shorter by 20 isn't too much of an issue. it deals more consistent damage at 2d4 for the azimuth class. But it's battery makes it nigh on inoperable, for a class that is going to be using it's move action nearly every turn, like Envoy, it's just not worth it, for Mechanic it's not as bad, unless you put it on a drone, then it's pretty bad. It's Crit isn't awful, in fact it's Crit damage is probably higher on average than a plane ole laser rifle, but the odds of critting on two shots make that a non factor.

A thing to note is it has the same average damage as a standard laser rifle, 4 for the azimuth class, for 1/10 the time between reloads. It probably is OK if you can get every shot to hit, but misses are really painful for this weapon.

That's hilarious, it exactly matches up with the weapon text.


The serpent laser is a creation of the Aspis Consortium, meant to

undercut the pricing of its competitors while consuming battery
charges at a higher rate to drive the sale of additional batteries,
higher-capacity batteries, and recharging services. Experienced
spacefarers know the scheme behind the serpent laser and
generally avoid what they have come to call the “snakebite laser,”
though amateurs and novices often fall for the low initial price.
Serpent lasers have the same model names as many standard
laser rifles (azimuth, corona, aphelion, and perihelion), though
savvy customers know that the serpent laser models are often
slightly less powerful than their conventional counterparts.

Hehe reloading all the time is the feature of the weapon not a bug haha.

I think resonance could be useful but its current incarnation has negative gameplay value. Either you are not hitting it at all in any meaningful way and it winds up just being one more book keeping task when using consumables or you are an alchemist and you have to fight and game your way around it as best you can and its all hindrance with no real feeling of benefit.

The fact that items still have per day usages and charges to track after adding resonance baffled me. It would have been simplier to do the more limited things per day having higher resonance cost. Overall it is a system that just needs to be sat down and think what they actually want it to do.

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Chess Pwn wrote:

Wow, so the devs don't even know how shields work? Like it's only been asked on here since the beginning and they are reading these forums to know what's going on. I feel that the devs, being aware of the confusion on shields, if they didn't know how it works would find out how it works. To say you don't know how shields work at this point you've either intentionally not brushed up on a pretty big new mechanic that you're wanting people to use that you know they want to know how it works, OR the devs don't know how it's supposed to work and they wrote words without knowing what they wanted.

Like none of that seems reasonable. I'm glad that we finally got the clear question about shields, but SUPER sad that the answer was, "lol, who knows"

I am okay with the whole shields take dents type game play but they seriously need to clarify how exactly this works because it is pretty clear nobody is 100% sure how it should function at this point.

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Ravingdork wrote:

Starfinder speed builds, do you love them? Why or why not?

I don't know about you, but I just LOVE fast characters, and I love what Starfinder allows you to do with them. I think it first started when I played a slower than average character in Pathfinder Society (a halfling melee fighter) and I went several GAMES running towards the fighting, only to have everything dead before I could so much as close to melee. "Never again" I said!

So now that I'm playing Starfinder, I find myself really drawn to the faster character builds. It's SO easy to get 100 foot movement speed by level 6, or 130 feet by level 10, along with fast alternate movement modes too.

That matters less in Starfinder than it did in Pathfinder, since it's a generally ranged man's game, but the ability to dash in and attack, then dash out of charge range, or to easily bounce from cover to cover, or to essentially run up walls to inaccessible areas, or simply run away, is absolutely fantastic! I know some races can bypass a lot of obstacles from level one simply by flying, but that's just not as cool. :P Having loads of mobility options really makes the game tons more fun to play. :D


Here are a few of my own fast characters that I've really enjoyed so far:

Buckaroo, lively explorer and thrill seeker - CG bantrid operative 6/soldier 1 (tempered pilgrim, thief)
Darrow, former leader of the Pod Babies biker gang - CG android spacefarer operative 6 (daredevil)
Sonic, mobian rebel fighter and speedster - CG ysoki outlaw operative 9/soldier 1 (daredevil, blitz)

Do you have any of your own speed builds/concepts you'd like to share? I've loved to see them!

Bantrid solarian. Like a weird ghost rider from some druggies fever dream. Super fast guy who leaves a trail of fire behind him when he charges around.

I think goodberry is fine it is not there for a combat healing but if you are taking a rest break in an area that has berries they can be used to help boost your parties healing. They also have some built in stuff that if a GM thinks players are abusing the s+%! out of it they can put their foot down and say you have picked the area clean. CLW wands short of making them not available was more difficult to control for things like good berry its a lot easier for a GM to just put their foot down on it if its getting abused.

Dasrak wrote:
graystone wrote:
As to logistics, just HOW do you find 200 berries a day, 365 days out of the year? How many plants are decimated when you take 73000 berries a year.

Having done berry-picking as a kid, I can tell you that picking 200 berries by hand in the wild is hard work. If you actually have to move around while doing it, it could easily take many hours of foraging.

kaid wrote:
Also good berry lets you use a lot of berries that normally would be completely inedible to people.

No it doesn't. Goodberry says nothing about making poisonous berries safe to eat.

kaid wrote:
The GM can also rule there simply are no fresh berries in that area as it is not the right season for them.
This is a serious flaw, in my view. It means the GM is put in the spot of having to decide what arbitrary threshold causes one of the player's primary class features to stop functioning. That's unfair to both the player and the GM.

one freshly-picked berry

Duration 1 day
You imbue the target berry with the bounty of nature, allowing
it to heal and sustain far beyond its normal capacity. A living
creature that eats the berry with an Interact action gains as much
nourishment as a square meal for a typical human and regains 1d4
Hit Points plus your spellcasting ability modifier. If not consumed
during the duration, the berry withers away.
Heightened (+1) You can target an additional berry.

There is nothing indicating any limitations for what berry is used only that they be freshly picked. A lot of berries are also not so much poisonous as they are simply inedible due to being too bitter or otherwise taste god awful that nothing other than selected species eat them. If you can magically transform that to something that is tasty it opens up a lot of berries that other animals/birds are just ignoring.

graystone wrote:
swordchucks wrote:
The biggest issue the druid faces is the fact that their goodberry spell turns out to be flat-out stupid from a logistical sense. In order for a level 20 druid to hand out all his free healing, he has to have 200 berries to enchant and his group has to eat, individually, those 200 berries.

This is one of the things I find curious. A lot of people seemed up at arms over CLW because it feels stupid and out of place to repeatedly tap someone with the wand... But no one seems bothered by sitting down and eating 100 berries in a row...

As to logistics, just HOW do you find 200 berries a day, 365 days out of the year? How many plants are decimated when you take 73000 berries a year.

I am pretty sure the answer is in most areas you probably don't. That said in some areas such as those with juniper trees that have berries nearly year round in pretty large number.

Also good berry lets you use a lot of berries that normally would be completely inedible to people. There are a lot of berries that get ignored year round simply because only specific animals/birds can digest them without problems. Good berry just needs A freshly picked berry and then transmutes it into something nourishing. This opens your choices up a great deal for what you are using.

graystone wrote:
swordchucks wrote:
The biggest issue the druid faces is the fact that their goodberry spell turns out to be flat-out stupid from a logistical sense. In order for a level 20 druid to hand out all his free healing, he has to have 200 berries to enchant and his group has to eat, individually, those 200 berries.

This is one of the things I find curious. A lot of people seemed up at arms over CLW because it feels stupid and out of place to repeatedly tap someone with the wand... But no one seems bothered by sitting down and eating 100 berries in a row...

As to logistics, just HOW do you find 200 berries a day, 365 days out of the year? How many plants are decimated when you take 73000 berries a year.

The nice thing about goodberry compared to cwl spam is it has the built in you ate all the berries in the area limiting factor if you feel it is being abused. The GM can also rule there simply are no fresh berries in that area as it is not the right season for them.

They can basically support as much crew as you want because you can just keep adding modules to them as there is no limit to how many they can have. Given their base size is at least 6 miles long its very effective for a city ship/mobile base type platform.

Cellion wrote:

Nice! I was noticing a lot of good items in there for various resistances and save bonuses, but didn't write up a list for myself. Really appreciate you taking the time to compile this one!

Standouts to me:

  • The necrotech items seem REALLY good, and the downside of being targeted by undead-hitting spells and abilities seems not exceptionally likely to come up in an AP that isn't designed around the possibility.
  • Mantle of Willpower seems awesome (but expensive)!
  • Stabilizer Springs seem worth it simply to be able to make BOOOIIING sound effects whenever something tries to knock your character prone.
  • I kinda like that the necrotech stuff is pretty strong and pretty cheap for what it does. The downside is not horrible but a lot of the items make you visibly disconcerting to others and probably a lot of good RP issues that people may have with those who dabble in necrografts.

    UltimateDM wrote:
    Ok so let me get this right. An alchemist can only make 2 bombs with advanced alchemy and one with quick alchemy. They could create 4 during downtime activity or 8 if they have the level 4 feat efficient alchemy but would have to roll the usual crafting roll to see if they suceed?

    Correct and also stuff made that way is not considered infused unless you have the level 20 feat so none of the bombs you make that way can use your empowered bombs ability.

    Dasrak wrote:
    Goodberry is very problematic, because the ability is dependent on you being able to find fresh-picked berries. Even something as simple as a campaign set in the season of winter will completely shut that down.

    It is a bit problematic but in a lot of areas berries can still be found in winter such as things like wintergreen berries and things like juniper berries.

    Joe Pasini wrote:
    The Drunken Dragon wrote:
    Are these uplifted bears bipedal humanoid aliens (a la how rats are to ysoki) or are these more just literally genetically modified super-intelligent bears
    They’re bears what have smarts!

    They are also excellent motivational speakers.

    Xenocrat wrote:

    The weapon accessories in Armory make long ranged fights (and medium ranged fights with short range weapons) much more feasible if you're willing to invest some early action economy.

    1. A heavy bipod on a longarm requires a move action to set up, but then grants a -2 reduction of your total range/full attack penalties. For range that's just equivalent to one range increment, which can be mitigated through other means, but for a full attack within the first range increment that is HUGE. Soldiers can pull off -4/-4/-4 full attacks in their second round, and all the 3/4 BAB classes will find full attacks much more enticing at -2/-2. The DPS advantage of full attacking just got better.

    The unstated assumption here is that you maintain this advantage until forced to move out of your location where you engaged the bipod, so this also adds a tactical element and benefit for picking solid places to brace your weapon and to try to flush people out and make them shoot less accurately.

    2. In addition to a bipod, you can use a scope or sight with a move action. Both, depending on version, can reduce range/cover penalties by 2 or 4. So if you're not full attacking, you can reduce range/cover penalties by up to 6 on a sniper, longarm, or heavy weapon by using both a top end scope/sight and a heavy bipod. If you invested in that feat that reduces range penalties, that's up to seven range increments you can shoot without a penalty.

    But wait, there's more! A scope is strictly superior to a sight (and therefore slightly more expensive and higher item level) because you also increase your longarm/sniper/heavy weapon range increment by four.

    This basically puts snipers out of business at most non-crazy ranges, given that they don't do more damage than a good longarm or heavy weapon. But it also makes short ranged long arms and heavy weapons very viable. A disintegrator weapon only has a range increment of 20-30 feet to go with its fantastic high (but variable) damage. However, if you use a...

    One nice thing is there is also a class of sniper weapons that is not unwieldy now. So pretty handy for people with sniper weapon spec in that it basically works like a normal long arm but if you have a time and place to really setup shop you can shoot things from way far away.

    Laik wrote:
    You are better off using advanced alchemy for the life elixirs, not the Quick Alchemy, to pas them to your friends in advance. Less trouble with action economy, leaving only the resonance limitations.

    It seems like if you really wanted to be a heal focused alchemist advanced alchemy is the way to go. That way you are getting better bang for the buck resonance wise and you can hand a bunch to your main combat folks so they have some ready to draw and chug without you having to try to do a rapid create move hand off in combat. Probably good to have a few resonance set aside to do this in a pinch but most you should be doing during downtime prep.

    Zwordsman wrote:

    I can say.. I will be using darts (or shuriken depends if i take fighter multiclass) on my main playtest characte the whole way through

    I simply feel that using mostly thrown darts/shuriken fits my alchemist far better for how he plays.

    currently there are no rules for dartshurikens being destroyed on use.. so at least I'll be able to afford the one and slap returning on it

    Darts are also a pretty good way to use poisons. Early on there are some decent poisons that are even more damaging than your early bombs so if you coat a couple daggers with them during prep phase any time during that day if you hit somebody with that dart there is a good chance they get hit by the poison as well for some solid damage/debuffs.

    Asuet wrote:
    It's silly that a rat familiar can fly as well as a raven familiar. You basically never want to pick a bird familiar because it limits your options. Beside that I like the things you can do with familiars. They even can speak. That's pretty awesome.

    If your rat is flying at all that is pretty damn magical and having it be as fast or faster than a bird using more natural means of flight seems totally reasonable.

    One nice thing about familiars this go round oddly enough is they really don't have any offense unless they are trying to deliver a touch spell. So most creatures should naturally just ignore them because they are really not a threat compared to their master or other members of the party. Always hated people trying to blast my witches familiar because they knew killing the familiar would hurt bad.

    Draco18s wrote:
    DM_Blake wrote:
    But changing into a rat might be better for exploring a city

    Duration: 1 minute

    Good luck with that.

    Pest form is:

    Casting Duration 10 minutes or until dismissed

    Ten minutes per wildshape pool point or pest form spell initially is pretty usable amount of scouting time for parties early on. Eventually you can extend that to an hour per wild shaping use.

    In dungeons hunt target can be harder to use but out in the wild baring an ambush sneak attack you should be able to see your target well in advance to being able to attack or be attacked. At that point you can pick a target to hunt before anybody can do anything. I think the whole point of it is you are stalking/hunting your target not waiting until you are in melee range going I CHOOSE YOU!

    Also its if you see it or hear it so if you hear something in behind the door ahead you can start hunting that target before you even enter the room or even see it or it seeing you.

    If you are out way ahead of the party scouting it is probably better to relay their location of the danger to the party BEFORE engaging it. So yes your bear should have died because it was commanded to go YOLO without group support.

    Even then any damage it is taking is damage an actual party member is not taking. It is sad when the companions die but still better it dies than a party member.

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    Bast L. wrote:
    Pest form is too slow imo. A cat's movement shouldn't be 10 unless it's a 3 legged cat. The durations are also pretty short. Also, I agree that strength mod for uses is just odd, and makes wild order druids MAD.

    Once you get the feat to boost stuff to an hour duration pest form becomes a pretty handy scouting tool. Even without it the ability is still nice. You can scout better in dungeons better than almost anything. What is another rat or mouse scurrying around in a dungeon. I would agree as they level though they probably are not using their older powers as combat forms but being able to heighten them out to 1 hour durations still allows for nice recon ability in forms that are not useless in combat against non top end threats.

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    Looks like it also fixed the issue with animal companions so that once they are nimble or savage their attacks count as magical. They also fixed the bag of holding issue that hurt my brain. Now a bag of holding would be really nice for an alchemist instead of something they would avoid like a plague.

    Make sure you download a copy of the file first before trying to edit it. That is one mistake that I see some making they try to just manipulate the one on the link directly for most of these you need to download a copy locally so you can modify it and have the calculations kick in.

    Yes when I change the str number the modifiers update as expected on my mac.

    That looks like it works at least on my mac. I don't have all my character stuff to plug in all the numbers to test but just doing some stuff off the top of my head seemed to be calculating correctly.

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    ENHenry wrote:

    This one is a silly point to bring up, but I bring it up because I have used it extensively in the playtest so far:

    Telekinetic Projectile: This is a decent nuke spell, but it depends on your GM being nice and giving you stuff to throw at your opponents. If you don’t have a nice GM, always bring several bags of small rocks, razors and needles with you. This is probably the best single target cantrip against targets with physical weaknesses (like zombies).

    There is not a single forest, hillside slope, excavated tunnel... hell, PARKING LOT that I can walk through where I cannot find small, unattended objects to throw, whether there be sticks, stones, small hunks of asphalt, pebbles, loose bricks, etc. Plus, there's nothing to suggest it can't be the same projectile every single casting of the spell. If a GM argued this with me, we'd have to be either in the Astral or Ethereal Plane, or floating in the middle of the ocean to not be able to use this spell. :)

    I don't have much to comment on the relative power levels of the spells, as I haven't been through the higher level playtests yet, and I am playing a Wizard, so I imagine I will have more to say at that point. I was popping off goblin warriors left and right with TK Projectile, though. :)

    I had a GM make some noises about this but after talking it through it is pretty obvious unless you are in some kind of clean room/meditation cell there is basically always going to be something laying around to fling with this spell.

    The saving throw stuff makes a lot of sense. For the pure damage ones where it follows a consistent pattern there is no need to waste that many pages reiterating it over and over.

    I also agree it should be worded more like make a basic saving through[stat]

    That way it is easier to have a consistent wording from spell to spell where people clearly know where to look at a glance for the stat variable needed.

    Basically if you are bigger or smaller or just flat more alien than what the armor was designed for you would do the armor adjustment modifiers to resize the suit. Starfinder is designed with a lot of handwavium so that you can have really alien things still able to use loot with minimum of hassle.

    rayous brightblade wrote:
    Eigengrau wrote:
    Magic Fang the 1st level Druid spell also doesn't work but it should. The spell description says it gives an item bonus. So with the new rules update you need to wait until 8th level at the earliest so your companions attacks to count as magical.

    Also it doesn't work as soon as the animal companion becomes full grown as it only works on attacks that deal 1 die of damage.

    Im hoping magic fang changes to being able to be heightened and work like bestial mutagen and change the bonus to circumstance or get rid of the no item bonus for animal companions (but still can not invest).

    I have to assume they change magic fang for release. It is the perfect solution to a lot of the animal companion issues but the limitations on it prevent it from being used in the way it seems meant to be used.

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    masda_gib wrote:

    I have to agree with CyberMephit here on all points.

    Exploration Mode is there for situations where not every single action has to be counted. It abstracts and gives some guidelines.

    Also, it is a completely new mode for PF so it wont be perfect out of the box. You have some valid feedback but you would find more willing listeners without that everything-not-perfect-is-utter-crap tone. :/

    And on animal comps.: as a dog owner I can say that when given no orders, they will follow me when I walk away but they will absolutely not defend me in battle. :) So it's reasonable to say that you don't have to order your animal every round just to follow you in exploration mode.

    I would argue this depends on the animal. A battle trained guard dog would very much intervene without command if its "pack" was attacked. My friend has some well trained herd guard dogs and they had a friend visit but one that had not been formally introduced to the dog. When the friend came up to hug my friend linda the guard dog basically body checked the guy and held him pinned to the wall until my friend Linda formally introduced them.

    Ed Reppert wrote:
    HWalsh wrote:
    Paizo due to squicky wording separated the terms "Unwilling" off from things like "Unconscious" due to how that can seem squicky with regards to things like unconscious automatically meaning willing. It is a bit... Uh... Odd, because I think the only way it really would mean anything bad is if taken out of context, but Paizo chose to do it that way, thus we need to assume that anytime they say Unconscious they automatically want to follow up with "or unwilling"

    My first reaction to this was "squicky? Is that even a word in English?" Imagine my surprise when I looked it up and discovered it is. :-) However, it means "disgusting or disturbing" or "very unpleasant". Not quite sure how it fits here.

    An example: I have a healing potion. You are wounded. If you are unconscious I can feed you the potion without hassle. If you are conscious, but unwilling, I would have to hold you down and force it down your throat. I don't think that means that "unconscious" automatically means "willing". It's just that your willingness or unwillingness is not an issue. Now, if you want to assert that I shouldn't "force" a healing potion down your throat if you're unconscious, because that's "squicky", well, okay. Hope you have a nice afterlife.

    The problem was the original wording for the willing/unwilling stuff was something like an unconcious person is always considered willing. That rubbed a LOT of people wrong as it has a lot of really bad/uncomfortable connotations. So basically they scrap some realism to say if you are unconscious you can choose to allow somebody to give you a potion or not. Hell they give you the choice to accept a resurrection or not as well.

    It was mentioned in a dev post you just need to have an alchemists kit you don't need to actually have it equipped. Presumably you just need to have it on your person.

    Gloom wrote:
    Laik wrote:
    ENHenry wrote:
    That's more bombs than they had under PF1
    THIS! Was waiting for somebody to actually say that.

    I can definitely give it to you that at first level Resonance doesn't appear to be much of an issue. The issue comes down to players that start to use Magic Items. This happens more frequently at higher levels and you have to "Reserve" a portion of your Resonance aside for your investing.

    This causes the pool that Alchemists are drawing from to be smaller and limits the amount of uses they have for their Bombs. It definitely does not scale too well.

    I firmly support separating Alchemist class features from Resonance and simply giving them a Spell Point pool just like other class features use.

    It would allow for independent balancing of Alchemist class features and if changes to Resonance come in a future revision then it will isolate them from the blow-back on that.

    I would also support giving them a spell pool for some quick alchemy stuff. At level 1 alchemists seem to be in a pretty good spot they get a fair amount of stuff they can make for free every day. The problem is their progression is really flat and then once they get magic items they start losing stuff per day they can make. Then as they gain levels they get the ability to pour in more resonance to add other effects like double elixers or additive effects to bombs. But every time they use one of those tricks its taking at least 2 items per day away from their total capacity.

    What would sorc think if using meta magic made you lose a spell slot per day to use?

    It would make some sense that they get some kind of spell point pool for their feat type features to make their normal alchemical stuff do extra things. That way so you don't have your alchemist when they are making their stuff for the day have to guess if adding a smoke bomb effect to a bomb is worth two elixers of life or two bombs or two of some other alchemical item.

    This edition has a lot of good things. I really like what they did with bards. The change of their ability for inspiring to cantrips lets them do their group buff job all day long and being full casters is a good way to go to keep them at a good power level.

    I am glad the BAB stuff went away it looks like this go round if a wizard wants to pick up some fighter stuff and go armored mage that seems to be a viable path this go round.

    I think some of the criticalness is this is a playtest and the stuff that does not work or is confusing or odd will get picked apart. As long as people are doing it in constructive ways it can be helpful.

    Jasque wrote:

    I think the Solar Weapon already did enough damage. The Soulfire fusion makes the class better. But the Solar Weapon manifestation still faces the same problem--the class is too MAD to focus on a high Dex score for defense. Generally, you should take the Heavy Armor Proficiency feat if you choose the Solar Weapon.

    Don't get me wrong. I think the Soulfire fusion is great, and Solarians needed some love. I'm happy Paizo gave Solarians another use for their Chr bonus.

    Where I feel Solarians have problems is in the skills department, especially in Starship combat. The Soulfire fusion will help Solarians who want to be Captains in starship combat because they can focus more heavily on Charisma. But I'm not a big fan of the Captain role. Starship combat revolves primarily around Dex and Int skills, and those are difficult for Solarians to focus on if they choose the Solar Weapon manifestation.

    If Solarians could somehow add their Chr bonus to gunnery checks, that would be amazing. I think that would just about fix the class for me.

    It is nice that it lets them possibly back off a bit on going all in on STR and still be able to do really good damage and also now have better DC for their powers and enough resolve points to do stuff with. Having options is good especially for a class pulled in a lot of directions stat wise.

    I think there is a small glitch for the elebrian race I think their con is showing as +2 instead of -2.

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