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MadScientistWorking wrote:
Ezekieru wrote:
Also, I do hope we get a lot more detail about the Alchemist if/when we get a blog about them! We were left with a lot more questions than answers from the Remaster panel at PaizoCon, so I hope Logan, or whoever they get to write the blog on the Alchemist, will give us a lot of detail about the class's changes in the coming weeks!
Shhh... Let them cook.

The book has to already be printing it is already as cooked as it is going to be for the moment.

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Vulpys wrote:
I have a lore question. How can a leshy be a grimspawn?

I would imagine there are lots of them in areas like the world wound area or other heavily tainted areas. They are spirits of nature so if the nature is highly corrupted would be pretty easy for them to take on traits of that source as well when they inhabit a physical form.

LoreMonger13 wrote:
kaid wrote:
Calpal wrote:
Calpal wrote:
Looking forward to the Nipplemancer being released soon.
Sorry, "Nipple Lord". Forgot the naming convention.
I believe the correct term is the Milkman!
Perhaps the Mammarist...?

Possibly the Mamarian?

Calpal wrote:
Calpal wrote:
Looking forward to the Nipplemancer being released soon.
Sorry, "Nipple Lord". Forgot the naming convention.

I believe the correct term is the Milkman!

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Tangorin wrote:
Okay, but the protector trees stay after you plant them. Reforestation of the Mana Wastes can commence.

I find it very fun that plant kineticists are basically Johnny Appleseed wandering around creating forests and orchards. After battles with most spell casters you have destruction/devestation of fire/acid or other things to scar and wreck the place and this guy is like hold up yo imma plant a nice forest here maybe throw in some fruit trees. Fighting by making things better is appealing.

shroudb wrote:

Just to point out that it's extremely cool what they did with it that now you can control the return path.

Even if it does cost an action, it's so easy to hit now at least one enemy on the return.

It's mechanics+flavour all in one.

Heck if you use a two/3 action impulse and have the air junction you can stride half your normal distance for free so a lot of extra mobility for aiming the return pass.

PossibleCabbage wrote:

It will be interesting how the "I have every element" is going to compare powerwise to "good ol' rock, nothing beats rock."

But I think the amount of time it takes to get all six is sort of a reflection of "the entire story of TLA or LOK was- the Avatar goes on a journey to master all of the elements." Specifically, they didn't just start that way at level one and they were near full power when they got there.

I am curious too. Upside if it has a weakness you probably have something to exploit it. Now that you don’t constantly have to spend an action to gather a different element it would be a pretty fun concept just throwing the kitchen sink at opponents. That said I think most will do 1 to 3 elements. That way you have some extra junctures to owner up your abilities and combo impulses or just be damn good at one element and have it fully powered.

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Evan Tarlton wrote:
It worked for Dinosaur Fort.

As we all learned as kids if you are making a fort it should always have some dinosaurs.

Dex focusing ranged kineticists seem very doable. The STR is melee only and they are likely a fragile unless earth or metal give you some boosted armor/defenses. Air and fire with their range probably going to want to stay at range often.

Given they are going for the avatar type character earth benders being physically very strong and punch seems pretty legit while air is dancing around shooting and moving.

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One upside of the 2 action blasts is that seems like it kicks off those juncture powers. A 2 action air blast giving them half movement or a step action for free seems like it would be pretty useful. Overall it looks at least from what we have seen so far a lot of the things I was a bit concerned about are pretty much fixed. The overall damage seems like it will be reasonable and the action economy seems a lot better as well as not constantly having to shift which elemental aura you are in so if you have multiple gates you can fling off stuff from any of them without having to constantly action tax yourself switching.

Also seems like they nailed pretty well the choice between super focus on one element or branch out to others. Go all in on one or two and you would be pretty strong offensively with those powers and also able to pick up a bunch of resists/immunities or go broad and have a ton of at your finger tip options for hitting vs almost any weakness out there.

Gaulin wrote:
As cool as the fire preview is (and I'm sure the earth preview will be great) they won't be sharing kineticist stuff. I did love what I saw for fire! Awesome spells, damn.

That eat fire reaction cantrip was neat. Nice useful reaction option that would be useful often.

Leon Aquilla wrote:

The map has some interesting editorial choices made.

Locus-1, a medicore stand-alone adventure gets a tack, but Aristia/New Thespera doesn't...or even Nakondis, from Against the Aeon Throne #4.

Similarly, there is no map marker for Suskillon or Weydana-IV, both of which were basically the centerpieces of their own six-part adventures, but Astevint, a place you only visit in a single part of Dawn of Flame does.

But of course, the Scoured Stars gets a tack, because Society-play and "Hey remember the Scoured Stars season?!" is the thing that's most important to the current staff right now.

Also aren't the Veskarium and Pact Worlds supposed to be near-adjacent to each other? All the prior literature implies they're practically neighbors. Now Marixah and Gideron are in between them.

I'll take it, but I think this could've used a few more push-pins for a minimum of effort.

I like the Embroi Hellknight on page 118. Glad to see the 'classic' Hellknight look being embraced. Hopefully we'll see more consistency in their appearance.

With the way the drift used to work actual physical proximity had basically nothing to do with how "close" things were with drift travel. So with the reshuffling it is not surprising if the "geography" of travel has changed.

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
Karmagator wrote:
- the whole half-elf/orc deal is a versatile heritage that will open up other mixed ancestry options in the future (half-dwarves were mentioned) and has some advice on how to do so now

The key is going to be can we be half lings.

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belgrath9344 wrote:
alchemist getting master proficiency in bombs. please pazio please

This is one of my wishes. It is basically a martial chassis it should at least at some point gain master proficiency in bombs. Splash damage helps but it is a hard selling point of being better at doing stuff when you miss instead of I actually hit people with my bombs to blow them up. Given we have inventors and investigators getting master in weapons just does not seem like it would be a huge issue that a martial chassis character gets master prof in their weapon their class is designed to be really skilled with.

graystone wrote:
Eoran wrote:
Farien, that is only correct from a purely linguistic point of view.
He's technically correct, the best kind of correct. And that's the point. ;)

or the lack of a point as the case may be.

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Salamileg wrote:

One small detail I love is that the Chalice works with negative healing, because that implement is perfect flavor for a dhampir/vampire character.

Also, assuming you can get an implement and its initiate feature by level 4 or 6 on a multiclassed character, what implements are the best for other classes? Mirror seems phenomenal on a Rogue, allowing you to set up sneak attack by yourself easily. Chalice and Amulet seem good for any front liners with a free hand, notably fighters who don't mind giving up a shield. Tome is a straight upgrade for any Raise a Tome Magus.

It makes me want to play a skeleton pirate thaumaturge and just constantly sip/drink from chalice as stuff just flows over my bones haha.

Yqatuba wrote:
I assume not, bones aren't very hard compared to metal, and it would be pretty hard to make a ship of bones airtight. So are they just made of metal that's colored and shaped to look like bone?

A lot of the "bone" is grown biosynethetics although they do use giant space critter carcasses as well. Their ships are also made for the undead many have no aired compartments or only enough for "guests". They run their power plants hot and don't care much about radiation leakage or pollution the crew is past caring about such things as air or radiation.

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What if the gap was caused by the crash of the drift 1.0 and what we have been using is drift 2.0. Maybe triune is quiet working on drift 3.0.

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flintlocks had the advantage of shock. Large exploding flamy things is a lot more terrifying than crossbows. This is one reason they got pretty popular is because used enmasse forces not used to facing them would break once the shooting started because it was terrifying. That they also had advantage vs armor really tipped the scales for them even when they were very marginal improvements otherwise.

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Tender Tendrils wrote:
breithauptclan wrote:
Norade wrote:
Just slather your cartridges in lard or any other sealant and go to town. The game doesn't have rules for fouling or misfires so by RAW you get to keep the water out and have an underwater rifle.
Well, there are rules for Misfires. Just not very historically accurate ones.
Generally players don't really want (they might think they do, but they actually don't) historically accurate firearms, especially flintlock era ones where it literally takes an entire minute to reload and are so inaccurate that you need people to line up and fire in volleys to be effective.

In a world where magic weapons exist the really basic type of firearms would never be used. They simply wouldn't do something you couldn't do better with the "technology" available. So going the route they went makes sense something that is at least viable to use compared to what else is available.

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Paradozen wrote:
RAW black powder is "inert and useless" wet, so I'm pretty sure it cannot be used for its intended purpose when wet.

This I think is not actually an issue.

An underwater firing mechanism allows the attached firearm to be fired underwater or in other conditions that would normally prevent the ignition of black powder. Attaching an underwater firing mechanism to a firearm takes 1 hour, though this time can overlap with the standard time required to maintain and clean your firearm to prevent misfires.

So the specific rule appears to be this mechanism lets you fire even wet/inert black powder underwater.

As far as I can see you could reload but normally the round would be rendered inert due to being soaked but the underwater firing mechanism overrides that condition. Given the price of the underwater firing mechanism that is not a trivial attachment and actually uses magic to fire the bullet.

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Shazbot wrote:

I feel like we need to acknowledge that with the Wrestler Archetype in the Grand Bazaar, we can create the greatest character build of all time; a tiny wrestler poppet who can suplex anyone. A dragon, an ogre, a train? Doesn't matter.

Class - Fighter (any martial will work though)

1 - Sudden Charge
2- Wrestler Dedication
4 - Combat Grab
6 - Suplex

This is the complete build. Combat Grab (and Grab in general) does not have a size limitation like Grapple does. A tiny sized poppet can grab a gargantuan dragon. Suplex only requires that you to have a creature grabbed or restrained.

To be clear, this is not a post about me complaining. This is me sharing what can only be the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in a d20 game. If I don't see at least a handful of wrestler poppets in the next big convention, I will be disappointed in all of you.


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Sanityfaerie wrote:
I'd try to work in Deadly Simplicity, except that there just aren't any gods out there that have favored Weapon: Waffle Iron

I am sure some halfling deity somewhere uses waffle irons as their favored weapon.

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Sleepy laReef wrote:
I'm glad I'm not the only one really confused by Ablative Plating. I feel like it should have a Reaction to activate or something. Otherwise, 10 minutes of work for 1 minute of use is basically useless.

The later ones seem okay but the first version boggles my mind. So you busily hammer this thing onto your armor for 10 minutes and then to use it have to immediately engage the target???

Michael Sayre wrote:
The Raven Black wrote:
rayous brightblade wrote:
Michael Sayre wrote:

the ammunition is automatically loaded each time the weapon is cocked to fire

Cocking a crossbow uses a hand because cocking a crossbow requires you to use said hand to pull back the rope. As soon as you do so the bolt falls into position and is loaded. At least that is how every single old style repeating crossbow ive seen works.

edit: here is an example of a repeating crossbow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drQnaLXkifo

Youtube does not qualify as RAW though ;-)
(Also why we specifically took the time to talk about how Golarion's technology diverged from Earth's technology to offer explanations and justifications for the game QOL mechanical differences. Firearms in Golarion are breech-loaded flintlocks even though that particular combination of features only appeared on Earth a couple times, like the Hall rifle; that's because firing one shot and then spending 5 full rounds reloading just isn't fun, even though the majority of people wanted reloads to be part of the fantasy. Golarion has a lot of technology that iterated at a point where in Earth's history it was instead replaced.)

It also made sense to me in that the really primative guns simply would be novelty items in a world where actual magic exists. It has to get to a base level of usefulness before it would be anything more than a curiosity.

I think the power level of this option probably depends strongly on the campaign. In some kind of "dungeon running campaign it would be hard to use this option but in a campaign that has a lot of exploring or outdoor stuff it is an amazing option. Given this probably becomes the party bus there is every reason for the party to help kick in for mods as normally the whole group would be forced to pony up for this anyway and now they get it half priced and not having to replace it if it gets destroyed which is a LOT of money saved.

I think people are way over thinking this. Specific trumps general. The specific rule from this feat is you can step into difficult terrain.

Tender Tendrils wrote:
aobst128 wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
aobst128 wrote:
Figures. Maybe they'll have a dual firearm way in the future.

Right now I think the best dual firearm way is actually Drifter.

Reinforced stocks are melee weapons that are attached to firearms. So the initiative skill that lets you draw a melee and ranged weapon should let you draw both your guns if they also have reinforced stocks.

Reloading Strike gives you a way to keep dealing damage on your downtime turn too by moving up and making melee attacks (a dual weapon gunslinger can paired shots + reload round 1, reload + paired shots round 2, but round 3 you start with two unloaded firearms which makes it fairly awkward).

Reinforced stocks can be put on one handed firearms?

Sticking a big rifle stock on a handgun/pistol is actually a time honoured tradition dating back to flintlocks and still in use today.

Civil War Flintlock Stock

WW1 Mauser Stock

You don't see them much in movies or other media because they look so silly, but they have always been a thing.

Yup when your gun is a single shot and is not spectacular accuracy with that one shot the ability to flip it around and brain somebody with the butt of your gun that's functionally a club/mace it means even if you missed you are not disarmed.

Roadie wrote:
kaid wrote:

I think the issue is it just needed a bit more description. It seems like a bit more limited version of resplendant mansion. Its foot print is 300 feet on a side but can be multiple stories tall. Given the description of the thaumaturge version part of what they can claim is a 200 square foot piece of property. So we know the foot print of this is 200 square feet but that does not indicate that the interior volume is limited to that. It could like the resplendent mansion be multiple stories tall.

I think for the full release this does need some work like some portal that you can use to get back to it or it needs to be movable earlier. Possibly add another tier first tier like level 4 or 6 gives you a cabin basically level 12 it upgrades to a tower and 20 it upgrades to a full on mansion.

Or keep it small but have it larger on the interior than its exterior size would indicate. A 200 foot cabin is not a demense.

"200 square feet" is not the same thing as "200 feet on a side". A resplendent mansion, at 300 feet on a side, is 90,000 square feet per floor.

Xenocrat wrote:
Ok, but put it in Brooklyn and you can charge $3k a month
You'll have to train up Landlord Lore to Earn Income from it, though.

Yes but it also talks about an unbuilt section of land and buildings as being equivalent which makes me wonder if the 200 sq foot is for the entire thing or just the foot print of the lot it has to be on. If you look at the dimensions of the magnificant mansion which is 40x40x30 but talk about it fitting 150 people. I think they glanced at the size of the mansion lower level mansion spell and the numbers wind up just being a bit weird without more information.

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Interestingly enough I took a look at the spell magnificent mansion and it sort of lines up with the demesne as it describes an opulent mansion with many rooms that somehow fits in a 40x40x30 area.

It also describes being able to host events for up to 150 people in this 40x40 maybe three story building. It makes me kinda suspect the size they imagine this spell to cover and the numbers they are using don't exactly line up. So it kinda makes sense if they are using that spell as the guideline the square foot listing is a bit wonky.

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I think the issue is it just needed a bit more description. It seems like a bit more limited version of resplendant mansion. Its foot print is 300 feet on a side but can be multiple stories tall. Given the description of the thaumaturge version part of what they can claim is a 200 square foot piece of property. So we know the foot print of this is 200 square feet but that does not indicate that the interior volume is limited to that. It could like the resplendent mansion be multiple stories tall.

I think for the full release this does need some work like some portal that you can use to get back to it or it needs to be movable earlier. Possibly add another tier first tier like level 4 or 6 gives you a cabin basically level 12 it upgrades to a tower and 20 it upgrades to a full on mansion.

Or keep it small but have it larger on the interior than its exterior size would indicate. A 200 foot cabin is not a demense.

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CrimsonKnight wrote:

1. beast guns *crosses finger* DRAGON DRAGOON

2. combination are good too especially long gun baronet first then pull the trigger
3. siege weapons are unlikely to be in play except hand cannons or things like a Scorpio.

This is my dragon dragoon I have named it trogdor the burninator!

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Act together is an activity. The 1-3 actions for one and 1 action for the other is part of that activity. You can't start another action until that activity completes so you can't use that one action to be part of a second 2 action ability. It is basically 1-1-1 2-1-1 or 3-1.

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act together is one gets 1-3 actions and the other gets a single action. So if you cast a cantrip for 2 actions the pet gets 1 action. So unfortunately you can't easily do 2 and 2 action abilities but you can do 2 1 and 1.

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John Compton wrote:
Thomas Keller wrote:
Iconic what?
This is our iconic nanocyte, a class featured in the upcoming Starfinder Tech Revolution.

That would make sense.

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Kalaam wrote:
I prefer a friend eidolon !

I knew barney was an eidolon I knew it!

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WatersLethe wrote:
All it needs are more hex cantrips and possibly unbinding spell tradition and the first hex cantrip.

I honestly was surprised there was not a feat at mid levels that gave you access to another hex cantrip. Given the whole being taught lesson motif it just seemed odd there was no option for gaining another hex cantrip. Given how niche a lot of them are having a couple would make them overall more likely to be useful and feel like the valuation paid for those spells more appropriate.

SuperBidi wrote:

With my Alchemist, I encounter it for more than half of my bomb attacks. If your GM is applying the rules precisely, and unless you run in front line with your Alchemist, it will be hard for you to circumvent it.

But I've seen many GMs either ignoring it or rulling it too lightly. I dislike that, but it's GM dependent to follow the rules on lesser cover. Anyway, as I dislike surprises, it's been my first purchase at level 4.

Worst case scenario is the goggles are still useful once you get perpetual bombs so up their accuracy a bit so its not like its money totally wasted you will want them sooner or later may as well get them early.

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Oh nice there went my day haha. Thanks for doing this!

Cyouni wrote:
It's not something I'd pick, personally, but it does have its uses. Primarily, the ability to detect magic while taking other exploration actions like Defending, Avoiding Notice, or just plain moving at full speed (with the inherently higher risk of running into a trap before you notice it).

Yup it strikes me as a tomb raiding type option. Something that can be used when on the move and may help you spot danger without as actively looking for it. Not sure I would take it but if you are doing a lot of delving into ruins with traps it could be a life saver.

David knott 242 wrote:

If for some reason you don't want to take the Mistbreath heritage, check with your GM about how likely it is that you will be unable to bathe once a day. An Azarketi in one of the APs set in Absalom City (or any coastal or river city, for that matter) should have no issue, for example.

Another option might be to play a Human with the Undine heritage. Your disadvantage would be a slower swim speed as opposed to a risk of dehydration.

I think in many areas it is probably not a huge deal although if you are in the land of the linnorm kings you may freeze your fins off taking your daily dip. Most inns will offer a bath service and a lot of areas there are enough ponds/streams/rivers to take care of this. if you are going to go to osirion or qadira or some other more desert location as an aquatic humanoid plan accordingly.

This is why they have the rarity they have so you have a conversation with your gm to see if it is an appropriate choice.

AlastarOG wrote:

Redid the math.

On 3 attacks with MAP bear barb sits tight at 100, bestial mutagenist lags behind at 82.6

On the 1 greatest attack damage that you were using the jaws of the bear deal 49.5 vs 40.55 for the bestial mutagenist.

Now I'll admit that's a nice spot to be at, in the vicinity of a barbarian on damage with your mutagen. And it gives you an option to participate in combat as well as support.

Basically master prof at level 15 makes the mutagenist have the option.

Without it, as is, his damage falls to 74.95, which is just at this point... Meh...

I could run the calc on the bombs but at this point it'd just be sad...

That seems pretty reasonable damage wise given the trade off is a fair bit of fragility for the alchemist compared to the barbarian.

Lucerious wrote:
Yes, but only in their attack proficiency. They should get to master rank.

I don't think it would break much to give them master rank with bombs. It seems like it would make sense that the people who work on them and with them all the time are pretty good at tossing them.

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Also the west world hosts are basically 3d printed from biosynthetic materials looks feels smells like humans but something you can print to order for what you want them to do.

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ShadowFighter88 wrote:

Anyone had a good way to describe them to keep people from automatically comparing them to warforged, at least as far as physical construction goes?

I've tried Human Cylons from Battlestar Galactica and the Replicants from Blade Runner but both strike me as being much more organic than Androids (particularly with some of the ancestry feats they got). I'm hesitant to compare them to Fallout 4's Synths because I keep thinking that they'll go straight to Nick Valentine. It's just that every time I explain the ancestry to them they keep thinking of them as being far more mechanical than they actually are and I'm trying to head this sort of miscommunication off ahead of time.

Basically they are a lot more like the west world hosts. They bleed they can take damage and feel stuff like humans but are a bit emotionally flat than humans are.

If your gm lets it work they could easily also let the fact that the target is fully submerged work as the assist to lessen the flat check for shaking the persistent damage. So maybe you can apply acid but the fact you are fully submerged makes it easier to wash it off.

I would think calistra would be all about granting followers to pop out a giant ornate brothel that could be plopped right across from a wayward lovers house so you could rub their nose in the awesomeness of your celestial brothel.

I would think most GM probably would be fine with poison bombs working with it as that is probably the most sensible application of an auto applicator type thing. It would still be a GM call though as it does look like it only applies to actual energy type damage.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

The Ancestry Guide has a new Heritage for Leshies-the Fruit Leshy which has the following text:

At dawn each day, a new fruit ripens. You or an ally can remove this fruit as an Interact action.

Previously, I had a player who played Leshy (with a different heritage) Druid of the Leaf order who supplied their Goodberry needs by "I'm some sort of temperate fruiting bush animated by a magical spirit, I'm just always growing berries when I can" which seemed fine to me.

But the existence of the fruit leshy seems to imply "once per day for ripe fruit" is a best case scenario. Should I do something about the previous character, or can I just say that what the fruit leshy gets is "fruit that heals without additional magic" and let the current character keep on going? What if a future player proposes a leaf order leshy druid who grows their own goodberries and chooses the "fruit leshy" as the most appropriate choice? Do they get one berry that heals without magic and can still supply more mundane berries as needed"? The availability of "1 ripe berry" was always kind of hand-wavey; I mean sure I could say "you're in Irrisen in the dead of winter, where would you get berries?" but "denying characters access to their class stuff" never sat right with me.

They are more of a second amendment thing. The right to pear arms.

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OMG cactus leshy? I just died that image literally impaled me with cuteness.