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I have tried to get in touch with paizo Customer service over the last month with no luck.

I sent an email almost a month ago with no response and a phone call a week ago...

Kinda getting tired of waiting for any responce while my starfinder book continues to fall apart more and more over just general use.

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They've been hit by something of a perfect storm:

  • Every year August/September is a manic time for Customer Service due to a large number of releases around GenCon.
  • This year I also understand there were a few Customer Service Staff away during that busy period.
  • They also attracted a huge influx of new customers and new subscribers (which always brings a spike in Customer Service queries).
  • Related to the above, there were many people who pre-ordered Starfinder thinking they'd get the PDF. Paizo then offered to manually adjust those users' accounts to grant a 'restrospective' subscription - this process requires CS input that is not usually a drag on their time.
  • The Starfinder AP sold out and there's another CS-intensive solution for new subscribers to get access to backordered AP1 and its PDF.
  • There was an unforeseen problem with the Bookbinding affecting a large number of both the regular Core books and Special Edition core books.
  • Starfinder was way bigger than they anticipated - I don't know how long they were expecting stocks to last (at least six months, I would guess) but they blew through everything in like a week.
  • Paizo's CS interface is somewhat idiosyncratic and not necessarily aways cooperative - it's not easy to just bring in replacement staff at the drop of a hat
I don't think it's been this bad since the release of the PF Card Game (when there was a similar influx of customers and some unforeseen delays with shipping). I had problems with my binding and it took a few weeks to receive a reply.

They will definitely resolve your problem - Paizo Customer Service is exceptional. This is very much an extreme circumstance and one I'm sure they're doing what they can to resolve.

I realise none of that really helps address your issue (especially if you're one of the new customers I mentioned) but I figured it might be worth hearing from a long term customer. These delays are very unusual: typically, CS resolves issues almost immediately (and are always very professional, diligent and helpful about it). In this specific case, they've been inundated with way, way more emails/messageboard posts/phonecalls than they are really equipped for.

The relatively small team of CS people will get to everybody in time. You'll get a replacement book and you won't need to send the defective one back, so you can continue to use it without fear of the ever-increasing damage. It will be made good.

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Let me second Steve's response.

This is the most unusual situation I've ever seen with a Paizo product. Everyone who has been helped and who has posted back on these boards is full of praise for the way Customer Service treated them.

It's hard to trust a company if you're a new customer with no prior experience, but believe us old-timers, it's quite unusual and their handling of it has been uniformly praised, by the people they've helped.

Which is little consolation if they haven't gotten down the list to your problem.

Keep using your book; it's going to be replaced, for free, without you having to mail it in or anything. But it will take a bit more time.

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Adjusted thread title to be less inflammatory and moved to the Customer Service subforum so they can assist.

Oh thanks...didnt know saying the truth was considered inflammatory. I do hope i at least get acknowledged by someone on the customer service team at some point to know I'm at least being told yes we hear you and will get to you at some point. A month of silence is poor by any standards.

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Hello Ghost725,

We did receive your email. We have an extremely large influx of emails and are working to get them all answered.

Since you did not purchase the book from us your first step should be to see if the store you purchased it from will exchange it for you. We have steps in place to replace damaged or defective items through distribution. They should exchange it for you, then they will get a credit or replacement from their distributor, who will do the same through us.

Well at the moment I can't exchange the book as it was purchased from Amazon and they are sold out to an unknown date. And even if they did I would be cautious on doing an exchange as there would still be a high change of the same issue happening over and over based on what I have read in your own boards.

Customer Service Representative

Hi Ghost725,

More information about the binding and replacements can be found here:

Reply email has been sent...waiting on your response, as I can't get my book replaced via Amazon as it took you over 3 weeks just to reply to my initial email and Amazon is sold completely out of any copies of your book.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Ghost725,

We received your email and I have responded to it.

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