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Diego Valdez


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Redmond, WA


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About Diego Valdez

Born and raised in New Mexico, I decided to come to Washington to see what all the hoopla about water was. There is a lot of it here. And the sky isn't always clear and blue. Nevertheless exploring this strange, green land is on my agenda for the near future.

I have spent a lot of years working at Borders Books and even more years in retail in general. Currently I am a customer service rep for Paizo. It's a pretty awesome job with some pretty awesome folks!

I can often be found face deep in a book, or somewhere around a game table or video game console. I like to think I am pretty creative so I sometimes write things and then remember that I am not, and have been down this road many times before. But I still do it from time to time. If you're in Redmond you may hear me singing as I drive by because I forget that the moonroof is open. In my defense I used to forget the top was off of my Jeep entirely and a moonroof is way harder to remember.