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Burro-crat wrote:
Jim Butler wrote:

I spoke with Ninja Division and they are unable to offer refunds on shipping (even if you purchase your minis directly through Archon to avoid the wait).


And why exactly? Are the funds already spent on other things?

So...they can't issue refunds...but are to believe they can deliver with this money they claim to have set aside.. yea I'll mark this down as I believe when I see it...sorry paizo no disrespect but they have burned us more than once along with our money...

Jim Butler wrote:

Paizo is not ok with name-calling. I went to their Kickstarter looking for the name-calling and didn't see it. If you took a screenshot, please email it to me at and I'll follow up with them. It's not acceptable.


Email sent...

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Yoshua wrote:

After they directly insulted you calling you names. Jebus, they must really want the disdain of our community at this point.

Ok i have to ask....does anyone at Paizo even look at the kickstarter? do you even see what your "partner" is posting to your customer base.

1. Is paizo ok with this?
2. Is Archon ok with this?
3. Your lack of action seems to encourage them to be belligerent to the paizo customer base.
4. I for one due to this blatant disrespect from your "partner" will never purchase a single PF2 item and will for the foreseeable future no longer purchase any Starfinder items till some tangible action and apology happens to this said "Partner"

Note: i wish no ill will on Paizo or Archon but you guys are only as good as the company you keep as they say...and let you tell you one group in your little trinity is dragging you way down and trashing your reps.

- If you are a Kickstarter backer, all you have to do is purchase any one of these minis and we will send you all of the original Starfinder ones. For example: order Zo! And you will get the other 6 minis for free. More info about Kickstarter fulfilment can be found.....

All I have to say is I have pay more to get my order...

Can someone confirm this....

As per a post from ninja division on super dungeon kickstarter.

- Starfinder is now fully moved over to Archon and no longer pulling attention and resources

If this is true are we getting our shipping fees back as they seem to be done with this project...cause if not that's frad strait up...

Great product piazo...crap licencing partners....and will the love of God someone give us a non smoke screen answer about wtfbbqsauce is going on with this project and where my money has gone.

M1G4L wrote:

Archon is communicating via their web-site:

26-07-2019 ment


Thank you guys for still posting.

Yep...same post as on the kickstarter, but nothing new from anyone in over a month. Also it was pointed out that 2 weeks ago paizo poked them to post an far goose egg...maybe I should go back to posting daily updates on the lack of communications again.

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I feels like all parties involved want this PR nightmare to just disappear...with how ND on the reg continues to ghost us at ever turn and seems ignore "requests" from paizo to speak to us im reaching max bs limits here.

But hey if we hold out long enuff, we can buy all new clone copies of smiliar mins from wiz of the coast in blind boxes...just cost you double the current buy in price we already shelled out..

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Iceman1077 wrote:
Have you guys seen the latest update? Not only are we getting plastic instead or resin, now they don't even come assembled!. This is not what we paid for in any way whatsoever.

Now now...remember what paizo has told us.. we should be greatful as Archon doesn't owe us anything... we should be happy we are getting anything at this point.

Or in better words from Lord vader himself said in ep8..pray I don't alter they deal any futher...

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"Each month, Archon Studio plans to produce 4 or 5 of the minis announced during the Kickstarter..."

You are correct tech..i miss read info from jumping from multiple pages.

Good will yes it does earn....but after this train very much in the lane of I'll believe it when I see minis in my this is now the 2nd time I have seen paizo post they have seen minis and they look good just wait till you have them...

And for ruff 45+ minis at 6 ever 6 months comes to about 3 years before I get everything I should have had by this point...5 years plus is a hell of a time to wait...

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'Archon Studio didn't owe you anything' - they make it sound like we should be happy to get something if and when we get it; after all the issues with this KS that is pretty insensitive. (as posted on the kickstarter page....)

have to say i feel the same way, Its kinda messed to see a post like that from a employee from Paizo.

after all the ups and downs....(mostly down), last i checked Paizo is the one who helped push alot of us to sign up for this Kickstarter... or did the post from Erik Mona want to be forgotten

"We are aware of some of the issues with some of the earlier campaigns, but we are confident in the work that Ninja Division has shown us so far, in the Starfinder miniatures they have already produced and sold at Gen Con, and in their ability to deliver this project in the time-frame they have promised."

at this rate it will be years before i get what i payed and you will be on 2nd ed Starfinder at this rate.

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I'm still in the show me camp before i get on this hype train...and if I have read this correct I have to wait 6 months before I get my first wave if that means if I'm lucky January 2020..and all of 2020 before I get all my mins which have been paid for years ago...i have words but non are child safe or pc for this board.

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Last OFFICIAL UPDATE from ND April 15 - 99 days ago

Last OFFICIAL POST from ND- 77 Days ago

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Vic Wertz wrote:
If you know that when you walk into a certain room, you're going to get slapped in the face, it can be hard to work up the courage to go in that room.

Courage.....its spineless is what that is...

I know what courage looks like...20 year active military now retired..
courage is getting up at 3am from a dead sleep to go do something totally risky to go save someone from the jaws of death. so telling us that they don't have the spine to get up in front of the people who backed them to give an update is just BS.

and oh if i was criticizing ND you would know it. all i am doing is putting information up front and center for all to see how crappy of a job they are doing in BASIC COMMUNICATION on what is going on.

so here are your stats....

Last OFFICIAL UPDATE April 15 - 94 days ago
Last OFFICIAL POST - 72 Days ago

Vic Wertz wrote:
Things are continuing to progress, and my confidence that Ninja Division will have positive and specific news to share with you in the near future is high.

No offence, but how many times are you going to reword the same phrase. At this point it seems like alot of hot air and bs...

if any of that is true why is only paizo speaking...i would think Ninja Division would be taking the lead on saying they got this....not ghosting for what...2months or are they trying to break their own record for radio silence..

Summersnow wrote:
Ghost725 wrote:
68 days since we last heard from Ninja Division.

ND isn't going to post here...

So if your going to do a countdown hows about you include one for a meaningful Paizo response?

Well I figured paizo should know how crappy of a job thier partner is doing under the brand name of we could start a betting pool and see if they break how long they went dark last time...

68 days since we last heard from Ninja Division.

66 days since we last heard from Ninja Division.

64 days since we last heard from Ninja Division.

61 days since we last heard from Ninja Division.....loving your partner on this deal paizo..."thumb down"

59 days since we last heard from Ninja Division

56 days since we last heard from Ninja Division

54 days since we last heard from Ninja Division

51 days since we last heard from Ninja Division.

Coming up on 2 months of them going ghost...but it's cool they seem to have time to drop in in the other kick starter and answers posts...guess we don't count to be answered.

49 days since we last heard from Ninja Division

47 days since we last heard from Ninja Division

Vic Wertz wrote:
I am still unable go into specifics (and still can't estimate when we will be able to do so), but we have seen a lot of progress in the last two weeks.

Can anyone with some kind if authority step up and tell us what is going on...or will this drag out till wiz kids releases the new line and all this will be ignored.

43 days since we last heard from Ninja Division over on the kickstarter.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
All I can tell you is that I have seen further progress this week. I get that you don't want to be told "give it time," but that is the only answer I can offer.

I think we all can say we have given it time.. I mean we endured 5+ months of nothing from ninja division while they went radio dark...multiple events of someone over at ninja division throwing insults at us when we ask what the hell is going on...

I for one am tired...makes me never want to buy anything ever again from paizo if this is who you partner with...

At some point someone needs to say something concrete about what is going on...either from paizo or ninja division...not this string us along junk

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Well in light of the toxic garbage from the ninja division owners posting in response to people asking questions. I would like to say thank you to the CSR here for doing an amazing job in maintaining professionalism when dealing with us as a community. I feel for paizo for having to be in business with people like this who treat their customer base with insults and condescending attitude.

Ok well this should be an easy question Someone from the paizo staff or through a CSR can answer.

1. Will the models made by Ninja Division which are owned by paizo as per the ninja division rep stated, be used by wiz kids to make the new line of minis?

2. If this will be a totally new line of minis from wiz kids...will it include star ships as part of the blind bag loot table?

technarken wrote:
I still can't be sure the sculpts exist considering the number of lies ND already has in play here

Well as posted on the kickstarter by the ND user id, they claim paizo owns the sculpt time will tell if they will just move the file over to wizkids and just hit print

It seems to me that someone touched a nerve. The fact that 3 CSR types dropped in here leads me to believe this. Might have something to do with the fact some store owners might not want to push the new 2nd ed pathfinder or any more starfinder stuff till this issue gets resolved. But hey it's just something I would like to talk about...not that I would ever accuse anyone in a negative way or doubt what the CSR types are doing in their busy time. I'm sure they wouldn't attack their own fan base due to our lack of knowledge or communication of what is going on due to radio silence.

I wonder if this will be addressed at paizo con? Or will this be stone walled. I for one would be livid if I saw their starfinder minis for sale in bulk while we still have nothing.

I hope they have some kind of answer for us...i am finding it harder and harder to support anything Star finder...i have yet to buy anymore adventure paths...hell i see they are already showing an alien archive 3 book...

From where I stand, why should spend anymore of my money on a company that isn't helping making something right with a product they pushed.

Maybe paizo should take notice that people are starting to post over in the kickstarter that they are cancelling subscribition to paizo over this even more lost money for paizo.

I wonder how long before they do something to try and fix this or will they wait till it goes viral.

It's nice to see some kind of response....but talk is still out a good amount of money with nothing to show for it.

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I would like to see an official response from paizo in light of this new information that we aren't getting anything from a company they endorced. I mean I find it jacked I can find images online of them showing off all the models at cons but some how we are getting nothing for this deal...

Well...i guess this means I'm out about $200 dollars...but it's nice to see paizo is still getting there slice of the pie...nothing like getting fully painted figs for resale in your market while telling your base...oh you didn't get yours...well we can't fix that...but come buy ours at a higher price...

So...have they released the info on what races are part of this yet? I am one game away from this boon and would like to know what I could possible get for all this work?

Thank you both for the quick response. I only asked cause the dm we have for PFS is kinda ruff on pet classes as he never has played one and fights us on rules when it comes to them.

So if there is a reference in PFS that says that, I need it to stand on and rules lawyer the critters to safety. If not it's going to be a long line of pets going into the blender.

I was hoping that someone can point me to the written reference where it says pets are auto dead at 0 to.

This has come up a few times in play and all the core rules onky say how to replace a critter not what happens or if they get death saving throws till a point on negative con.

Reply email has been sent...waiting on your response, as I can't get my book replaced via Amazon as it took you over 3 weeks just to reply to my initial email and Amazon is sold completely out of any copies of your book.

Well at the moment I can't exchange the book as it was purchased from Amazon and they are sold out to an unknown date. And even if they did I would be cautious on doing an exchange as there would still be a high change of the same issue happening over and over based on what I have read in your own boards.

Oh thanks...didnt know saying the truth was considered inflammatory. I do hope i at least get acknowledged by someone on the customer service team at some point to know I'm at least being told yes we hear you and will get to you at some point. A month of silence is poor by any standards.

I have tried to get in touch with paizo Customer service over the last month with no luck.

I sent an email almost a month ago with no response and a phone call a week ago...

Kinda getting tired of waiting for any responce while my starfinder book continues to fall apart more and more over just general use.