What could a magic boat do or what are cool boat based magic items?


In my campaign my players stole a shipment of magical items from an organization who steals and trades in magic Items. I should mention that they stole the schooner the shipment was on as well. My players now have a small ship stolen from a magical organization that they never checked for any sort of magic or magic items other than their shipment in the cargo hold. I want it to have some sort of magic ability or have some really cool magic items that they might discover later in the campaign, and I'd love some input.

TL;DR: I need some idea of what sort of abilities or functions that a magic ship might have or what sort of items they might find on it. Thanks!

The ship, if its from a company that steals and trades in magical items, should have a smuggling hold of some sort.

Some ideas for the smuggle hold:
-invisible or at least camouflaged with the ship.
-it carries more on the inside than what would normally be allowed.

As for the ship as a whole:
-the ship can go underwater with the added capability of having an air bubble or area of effect of water breathing on the ship.
-a scope that van look at farther than normal. Perhaps a few miles out.
-a globe of the surrounding area showing weather patterns and possibly other islands, land masses.
-the ship can go faster if everyone does a profession sailor check. Even with no wind.

Oh wow, the smuggle hold makes a ton of sense, but I didn't even think of it! maybe a loose plank in the captains cabin with a bag of holding effect or something

Maybe the sails have an obscuring mist ability that cover the ship?

George Blalock wrote:
Maybe the sails have an obscuring mist ability that cover the ship?

That could be fun. Just like the first Pirates of the Caribbean ship that had the smoke roll in in advance of the ship.

The boat also stabilizes erratic items and eases UMD checks. This aids in sales negotiations. "I don't understand, these worked so much better when I tested them."

My group is playing some Dungeon crawl classics right now and we recently stole a small magical boat as well. It has a stash of magically replenishing food and fresh water. When a magic word is spoken it's sails fill with a magical wind and is propelled forward. It has a compass that spins and points toward treasure when we are near. Once per day it can can be shrouded in an invisibility sphere for a few minutes upon speaking the magical command word. The last and I my opinion the coolest thing about it is that at night under moonlight everyone on board appears as a literal skeleton crew to anybody that is not currently on the ship. We've been lazily floating down river by small fishing villages and drawn numerous bewildered and panicked looks from the fisherman XD

A living figurehead with its own opinions of how the boat should be run and some magical abilities (q.v. the Liveship series).

Maybe the Ship is enchanted for better handling in rougher waters. Bonus on the profession sailor or The Cots on board provide a more resting night sleep and give anyone who sleeps 8 hours in them a bonus on Sailing checks.

A magical barrel that is full of Fresh drinking water and it never runs dry.

A magical ram on the boat that allows the ship to act as 1 size bigger for Ramming purposes.

Sails that have a magical effect to cast Heroism on the entire crew for 10 minutes upon the spoken command phrase. (Enough time for a battle or running from a battle).

Scarab Sages

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A decanter of endless water makes a great outboard motor for a boat.

Love those Ideas!!!

You shouldn't launch a ship without someone on board who has a Lyre of Building. The last 2 times I was on a waterbourne adventure and had the character with the Lyre of Building, I saved those ships more times than I can count. When we didn't have one, well, those didn't end up so well.

The ship can freeze the water in its wake to discourage pursuit.

The ship can burst into illusory flame to make enemies retreat.

It can turn into a miniature ship in a bottle, a schooner, or a full-sized galleon, as needed. If anyone is on board when the ship is miniaturised, they shrink too until they escape the bottle.

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