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Basically my players are going to be swept up into the ranks of slavery and thrown in a fighting pit with other slaves. I envision different waves of gladiators and beasts (normal and magical) being thrown at them while the other slaves are killed off culminating in a final battle with the party and the arena "boss". I have always been a fan of gladiators but don't have the most knowledge on this particular subject. I just don't want the battle to become stale and predictable. I'm looking for ideas for the different waves of enemies as well as difficult terrain and traps to throw at them as well as what the arena boss could be. Also possibly some sort of fan interaction because this was, after all, a spectacle for the fans.

Nice! Thanks a lot, dudes!!

Thanks a lot! You guys have provided a great starting point for me to look in to. Usually the PCs are rewarded with a chest of gold at the end of each challenge. Do you have any recommendations for rewards other than gold that wouldn't be too crazy? Not trying to give my players magic weapons and armor for completing a minor side quest.

I run a game every Wednesday night. My players are currently playing through the Dragon's Demand module and are making a lot of progress. The problem is that tonight one of my players is unable to make the session and I need ideas for a one shot I can run them through. Now I have planned ahead for situations like this by periodically having the players run into a magical entity they know only as "The Head". This being appears to them as a large stone head that emerges from the ground every now and then. Time stops all around them when he appears and he asks them a few riddles and then puts them through a challenge. Based on how well they do during the riddles determines how much help he offers them during the challenge. For example, one of the challenges had the PCs teleported to a cave full of Drow and they were able to answer a few riddles so they were provided with some flashbang grenades that he called bottled sunlight. Another challenge had them taken to a city square where a young girl was being burned at the stake. They stopped the execution only to discover the young girl was actually a bearded devil. I need ideas for some crazy encounters that will be challenging but not impossible for 3 level 4 PCs. You can be really creative with this because this encounter does not need to relate to the story or have any kind of continuity. Thanks!

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Sounds like you need to get the creative juices flowing, buddy. I recommend you partake in some Halfling pipe weed like Gandalf and start thinking of some of your favorite movie, tv, video game, or storybook characters and why they are your favorites. In my experience I feel like it makes characters much more realistic, relatable, and interesting if you give them flaws and then actually play those flaws out during the course of the game. Maybe he's an alcoholic that needs a drink before battle or he suffers the shakes. Maybe he has made an oath to uphold honor in combat and won't attack a foe who is unarmed or surrendering. Maybe he has asthma and prolonged rigorous activity causes him to become short of breath. As far as backstory goes, that's on you, dude. This is YOUR character. If someone else creates a backstory for you, it becomes THEIR character. You can do it! Like I said.....Halfling pipe weed.

Got it. Thanks a lot!!

My group is playing some Dungeon crawl classics right now and we recently stole a small magical boat as well. It has a stash of magically replenishing food and fresh water. When a magic word is spoken it's sails fill with a magical wind and is propelled forward. It has a compass that spins and points toward treasure when we are near. Once per day it can can be shrouded in an invisibility sphere for a few minutes upon speaking the magical command word. The last and I my opinion the coolest thing about it is that at night under moonlight everyone on board appears as a literal skeleton crew to anybody that is not currently on the ship. We've been lazily floating down river by small fishing villages and drawn numerous bewildered and panicked looks from the fisherman XD

On the d20pfsrd it is listed as in the core rule book but here I am with my rule book open and I can not find it in the feats section for the life of me. Am I missing something??

Very good to know. Thanks for the clarification! Thanks to everyone who provided insight for me. Very much appreciated

So does persistent spell affect the subsequent saves they have to make for a spell like glitterdust or is it only the first save? I would argue that it affects all subsequent saves because they are still part of the persistent spell.

Ok so spell selection is going to look something like this: Mage Armor, Protection from evil, grease, color spray, glitterdust, scorching ray, hold person. I'm going back and forth on what spell to take with magical lineage. Right now it's going to be either grease or color spray so that I can combine it with persistent spell and they'll be treated as level 2 spells which I can use 6 times a day (I'm assuming my CHA will will be high enough for an extra spell per day) My DM has nixed the magical lineage+wayang spellhunter combo and honestly I can't blame him for that. Is it worth taking scribe scroll if we already have a wizard in the group? Wizards make Scrolls cheaper than sorcs so the only benefit would be to cut down on time it takes I guess. As far as feats right now I'm thinking toughness, persistent spell, and steadfast personality for CHA to will saves against mind affecting effects(thank you Chromatic Dragon) Oh yeah and I'll also have identify and invisibility from the bloodline.

We do have a 6th level Elf wizard in the party as well that usually casts haste to start off an encounter. He has a wand of lightning bolt and countless scrolls as well. I'll be hopping on the scroll train early on for sure. This is the first full caster class that I've played so I'm a little in the dark when it comes to some things like feat selection and traits. I do realize that I need to buff up saves so I'll be getting a cloak of resistance and probably taking protection from evil as one of my spells for the +2 to saves. That's also one of the reasons I chose Halfling. That Halfling Luck was pretty attractive. As far as traits go I'm leaning toward indomitable will and reactionary for obvious reasons but if their are more effective magical traits for a battlefield control/buffer please let me know.

As far as specialization I guess battlefield control and buffing would be my thing but I don't want to lack in the blasting department too much. I plan on taking improved familiar at level 7 so that I can get a mephit to fly around with a wand or 2.

Thank you for you input. I did plan on taking mage armor and magic missile along with some battlefield control spells like grease, glitterdust, and create pit. Any advice on feats? I'm going with a familiar for the arcane bloodline and was thinking of taking a bat to make use of it having a natural sonar and being able to pinpoint invisible creatures that I can then douse in glitterdust. As far as feats go right now I'm thinking toughness to bump up my health a bit, improved initiative to get the spells flying early and then maybe spell focus or iron will to bump up the always important will save.

Hello! Long time lurker but first time poster here. I need some advice on creating a new Halfling Sorcerer please. I plan to take the arcane bloodline and have pretty much selected my feats and spells but my question is on what gear I should get. My DM is letting me start at level 6 and is giving me 4,650 gold to start with. I have yet to roll stats and my feat/spell selections are not set in stone as of yet. I have until this coming Thursday night to get everything ironed out. My DM is notorious for being very old school and challenging so any help I could get from you all would be greatly appreciated. Along with gear, any advice on spells or feats will definitely be taken in to consideration. Other party members include an Aasimar Paladin, Dwarven Fighter, Gnome Rogue, and an Elven Wizard. Everyone just hit level 6 at our last session. As far as the RP perspective goes: Finn Miro is a young charismatic Halfling that has always had an affinity for magic. Thus far, he has used his magic to woo the ladies and acquire free drinks at the local tavern. His wanderlust has gotten the best of him though and he has decided to venture out into the world to embark on a grand adventure hoping to stockpile tales of peril and heroism so that he can......woo the ladies and acquire free drinks at the tavern XD Thanks in advance guys!