Magic: The Gathering- Amonkhet Pathfinder campaign interest check.


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Hey there!

I just found the Plane Shift article for the plane of Amonkhet, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing a Pathfinder campaign set in the world of Amonkhet.

It would most certainly be before the God-Pharoah returned (although it could certainly last that long, should people be interested in continuing that long), and would not involve the Gatewatchs' Planeswalkers in any way other than plot points to move the story towards the Hour of Revelation.

I'm not a hundred percent set on the starting level, but it would be higher than first, as you've trained your entire life for the Trials, and the actual campaign would consist of preparing for and going through the Trials.

Any other dual-genre nerds interested in playing?

This sounds kinda interesting. And since I know someone's going to ask this, I'll just go ahead and bite the bullet-any chance of us sparking during this?

Sounds interesting, dotting to see where this goes.

Well, I suppose we could have some, or multiple, of you spark, but I'd rather keep that level of power out of the game until at least after the Hour of Revelation.

Should we get to such a place, I'll most likely be using Mythic Tiers to represent that, should you care.

I'm down. I played in a planeshift game before and enjoyed it. I'll need to download the Amenkhet article.

Oh, right! Should probably lost the Plane Shift article for any of you interested.

Plane Shift: Amonkhet

Now, we most likely won't be using a lot of the DnD rules from that article, but the whole background section of the Plane and its inhabitants and such will probably be used.
Like I said, I'll probably be adapting most of Amonkhets' world and monsters and Trials to Pathfinder, including coming up with domains, areas of worship, and favored weapons for the Gods of the Trials for those of you interested in religious characters.

That looks interesting. I'm interested.

Sounds interesting. I'll have to read up on it

Scarab Sages

Indeed this sounds super interesting!


That's six people interested in this out of the ordinary game, so I guess I better get to work on actual rules and character creation and such, right?

Thanks for link to pdf. I count myself interested.

Any more interest today?

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I've been keen to do something with an Egyptian feel for a while. Are you going to convert the races over? Not sure if I'll go for one of them or a human, still working through them haven't had a chance to really sink my teeth into it yet.

Amonkhet has definitely had me on an Egyptian feel for a while now.

Oh, yeah. About races, I'd probably just make the Pathfinder humans be the humans, with the Strix taking the place of the Avens, and I'll probably make some sort of Khenra conversion, possibly using the catfolk or kitsune as a base. I'd probably also have a Minotaur race available, possibly at a lower level than the rest of them.


Seeing as how there has been at least some sort of interest, I'll get to work on writing up the full rules and information for this tonight and tomorrow. Should have an actual recruitment up soon!

Cool beans!


I'd love to submit a character for this when the recruitment goes up.

Dotting in, haven't had to play an Egyptian-focused game before.

Sorry, everyone, but work and school have caught me off guard, and taken me away from the boards for a while.

Would anyone still be interested in this, or am I too late?

Welp, I definitely am.

I'm interested for sure!

It certainly sounds interesting!

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Indeed, would 3pp classes be allowed. Thinking about playing a Glory Bound Initiate.

What about templates like Half Celestial or Half Fiend for Angels and Demons?

Sparking and eventually traveling to other planes could be really cool. sounds super fun. Magic has some really cool worlds

I think I'm gonna keep it to Pathfinder stuff, just from a familiarity and balance standpoint.

As for templates and such, I probably don't want to bring them into this, what with my plans at using Mythic rules to indicate Planeswalker sparks.

And I'd like to make this long-term if it ends up working out, but I'll probably only end up planning for it to happen on Amonkhet. However, I would not be opppsed to going to multiple other planes, including my own creations, if need be.

We have enough people for a full party. I think a recruitment thread is in order. Question: are we factoring colored magic into this??

I am absolutely interested in this!! I **love** Magic, and Amonkhet is a pretty awesomely themed plane!!

Silver Crusade

Question: will we be following Pathfinder rules for things like alignment be in place? If not, I have an interesting idea for a paladin.

I really like the idea of playing as a group of crop-mates who go through the trials.

I don't think sparking and travelling to other planes is necessary, though. There's more than enough fun to be had in Amonkhet. Five trials, training in between. If through the course of it we catch onto the whole 'that God-Pharoah's a big old jerk' thing we could get cast out into the wastes. When the gates to the afterlife open and the undead start pouring out it'd be a pretty awesome time to return and try to save Amonkhet (or decide maybe we didn't want to pass that final test anyway if we're still in the city...). Battling to retake Naktamun and fight against the gods that come out of the gate to the afterlife (maybe even alongside our own gods) would be awesome.

Not that I'm against sparking, but I'd rather enjoy all that Amonkhet has to offer first.

Given the way magic is portrayed in the MtG setting, the Spheres of Power system might make more sense than Vancian casting(not to mention more balanced, now that I think about it). It's really easy to put to the Colors of Mana too.

If not, I might put together a Fire Kineticist so my favorite M:tG color is Red. Just wish it were easy to mix White in as a Kineticist. :(

If we wanted to add the colours of magic without meddling with the spell casting system we could all make a character inspired by one of the colours. Maybe even each of which focuses on one of the 5 gods and their virtue. A white aven might be a healer protecting the other members who focuses on teamwork, while a red one might be a barbarian who care for his personal strength.

Not mechanically one of the colours, but flavoured to be one.

This sounds like an awesome idea. I've been playing magic for a couple of years now and out of all the sets that have been released Amonkhet has got to be my second favorite set because of the whole Egypt theme.
So Dot.

Alright, answering questions time.

1. I absolutely will be using the five colors of mana. The colors themselves are referenced in some of the older stories by name ("he's a Mage that has mastered blue mana", etc.), and while you may not recognize that you're drawing on 'red mana' when you cast Fireball, that is exactly what you're doing. I was thinking about taking one character for each of the colors, as there is one color for each Amonkhet god, although you certainly do not have to follow any of the Gatewatch's stereotypes.

2. I don't think I'll be using the Pathfinder alignment system as is, but that doesn't rule out the more religious classes/archetypes. The Gods of the Trials are certainly able to grant power to their worshippers, and each of them may have their own Paladins and Clerics and such. Just, if you have a specific idea that you think might or might not work, ask me about it when I put up the Recruitment thread, and we'll work on it together.

3. Like I said above, I expect for the campaign to stay on Amonkhet for quite some time. I do want to experience the Trials themselves (with the possible exception of the final Trial for obvious reasons). I do expect it to take place before, during, and possibly after the Hour of Revelation, as you struggle to survive each Hour and it's accompanying horrors.

Oh, one more thing: I have thought about other systems and rulesets and such, and I have made the decision to stick to Pathfinder stuff only.

I am confident that you'll be able to make a character that accurately represents both your color of mana and the ideals of your God within the Pathfinder rule set.

Okay. I'll start brainstorming concepts! Question: can our characters be multicolor?

I would greatly prefer "monocolored" characters, as the whole idea was grabbing one follower of each monocolored God for the party.

However, if you present a character who happens to embody the aspects of one particular God with both of the colors you happen to use, then I might consider it.
Just be warned that I do intend to take five members, with each of their primary colors corresponding to one of the five colors.

Also, I'd like to reiterate a point I made earlier: just because you're focused around one (or two) colors doesn't mean you have to follow the normal stereotypes for that color.

Yeah, a Black Mage may just be a Necromancer Wizard, but he may instead be just be an Inquisitor that uses Inflict spells in combat. Just as melodies said above, the Red character doesn't have to be a Pyromancer. He may just be a Barbarian that uses his rage and fury to represent Red mana, perhaps going so far as to pick up the Elemental rage powers for Fire.

The overall point, I suppose, is to make whatever character you think embodies the aspects of the color of mana you chose. A helpful thought process to follow might be to look at what the individual color you represent does. Green cares about creatures, nature, and the biggest baddest fight you could ever see, while Black uses its life and other resources not normally used as resources (such as sacrificing creatures and graveyard shenanigans) to gain whatever edge or power it can.

It also may be helpful to think about what keywords creatures in each color have. Red creatures usually have Haste or First/Double Strike, so a red character might be prone to attacking before questions and be very hotheaded

Just a few pieces of advice in connecting your character to your color of mana.

Awesome! I'm excited! A few clarifying questions:

What are the character creation guidelines and are you ready for submissions?

Or would you like us to just submit character concepts and background for now?

Or are you making a separate thread for recruitment?


I'll be making a separate Recruitment thread for submissions to be made to someone tonight.

But, feel free to brainstorm on classes, ideas, and such!

One quick question: would spending a feat on Exotic Weapon Proficiency on the equivalent to an aldori dueling sword be an option?

After Hour of Devastation it might not be so hard to explain becoming multicolor. Especially if what Sparks them is getting a dead god's mana.

I was actually thinking about granting one specific bonus feat, representing each imitiate's imtense training within their unique field of 'expertise', and Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whatever weapon you want) os a reasonable choice. Just remember the setting, and what weapons would actually fit. Reskinned Aldori Dueling Sword? Absolutely. Gunpowder weapons? Yeah, no.

And as to the multicolored characters thing, I simply meant from the beginning.
If the Red Barbarian is taught by Kefnet how to keep himself in control of his emotions and wants to pick up a little "Blue" magic during the campaign, that's perfectly fine. But I'd prefer each PC pick a single color from creation to focus on.

Awesome idea bigrig, I've played Amonkhet a lot during the prereleases and drafts. I'll think of something tomorrow.

I assume Naga's might be represented by Nagaji instead for PC characters?

I was going to find some sort of race to represent each of the races of Amonkhet, yes.

Minotaurs, Aven, Naga, Khenra, Humans, etc.
if there's one I don't think of in the recruitment post, I will certainly be open to working something out with you.

I'm going to make a human warpriest of Oketra who is all about teamwork, protecting her comrades and trying to inspire everyone to work together. She's representing white mana and is going to take the blessings of good and protection. Since it looks like Oketra's favoured weapon is a short bow (or maybe longbow?) she'll use that for sure, but I'd like her to be capable in melee as well (at least competent, lol). Not sure with what though...

I'm very excited to start working on a backstory when recruitment goes up.

Empty Quiver Style?

Oooh, that'd be pretty cool. I'll keep it in mind.

Looks neat! I used to play Magic a lot in my youth (go Sliver decks! Go Black regenerate decks!) but I quit playing sometime before the Planeswalkers became actual, playable cards, so I have some reading to do to get caught up. I did read a lot of the short novels they had, and loved them :) Those things are hard to find now!!

I would be interested to create something for this, maybe a green focused self-buffer? Str-based with buff spells? Red Summoner who summons short lived, flickering fire elementals?
A Blue Control wizard would be fun, if I can figure out some counterspell shenanigans :)

I do have a question about this campaign (and I have not read up about it yet), from the sounds of it the gods are very present and very central, and we are something like champions for the gods?
The thing is, I'm pretty queazy about fake worshiping fake gods, even if it is only pretend. I dont care what anyone else does, I just wont myself.
Is that going to be a problem? Could I spin it as me getting taken against my will or be an unbelieving pawn?

Well, I'm going to assume that spoilers are a given in this campaign, specifically out of character knowledge, as most of us know what happened in Hour of Devastation.

Before the Hour of Revelation, yes, the gods are very present. They walk in public, and take audiences from worshippers, and perform miracles and such in day to say life.
But no, you are not champions of the god you choose. You are merely an initiate in the Trials of the Gods, the aim of which is to prove whether or not you are worthy to be granted your space in the God-Pharoah's (i.e. Nicol Bolas) fabled Afterlife.
So, if you do have problems 'worshipping' fake gods in roleplayimg games, this might not be for you.

However, there is another option if the entire party ends up wanting to not worship the gods: those who do not believe fully in the God-Pharoah and his five gods are branded heretics and dissenters, and thrown outside the Hekma where they can face the world without the God-Pharoah's protection.

I, personally, would much rather run this with five believer PC'sc but I am sure I can make alterations to my ideas and plans should the party wish to go that route.

Na, dont change things on my account. I'll probably create a character for funzies but wont actually jo8n the game :)
Run your own game your way!

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