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Hey there, because finals is fast approaching, posting will be spotty this week and nonexistent the week after that. Just a PSA, I'll be fine.

*hug* Hey there, because finals is fast approaching, posting will be spotty this week and nonexistent the week after that. Just a PSA, I'll be fine.

This looks fascinating! Question: what are the status of solarians? Do they exist? Are they also escaped science experiments?

I will admit I washed out of NaNo on the twelfth day. My fatal mistake was writing something incredibly depressing.

NaNo is freaking murdering me because I have to work on a different writing project as well, but other than that I'm good.

I'm doing a SU fic designed to systematically annihilate all of the optimistic themes of the show and destroy the feels of everyone reading it.

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...I will admit I have shamelessly ripped the Maheswaran family from Steven Universe, put them in a sci fi campaign I'm running, and made them complete badasses.

I also included a quick reference to Schlock Mercenary, but the two merc companies share nothing in common except a kinda similar name.

Hey, guys, I'm back from the hospital, but I still need a day or two to adjust.

Hey, guys, I'm back from the hospital, but I still need a day or two to adjust.

Unless I missed something, the people in the SIM rooms need more narration.

One quick question: would spending a feat on Exotic Weapon Proficiency on the equivalent to an aldori dueling sword be an option?

Okay. I'll start brainstorming concepts! Question: can our characters be multicolor?

You know what? This actually sounds fun. If you're curious, I'm a lesbian transwoman, so I have my queer credentials down :P I need to get a good mic, though.

EDIT: I can also DM if neccessary. Who knows, this might actually give me the motivation to get off my butt and write down the campaign that's been brewing in my brain for two years now.

We have enough people for a full party. I think a recruitment thread is in order. Question: are we factoring colored magic into this??

Welp, I definitely am.

What is your opinion on how Elemental Ascetic (the kineticist archetype) and the Unchained Monk interact? That's the primary concept I'm considering, but some rules get pretty blurry between the two.

Thanks for the advice, guys. What I ended up doing was swapping out Fleet for Skill Synergy (Diplomacy and Stealth), and using one of my Skill Adept slots to make Bluff a class skill. As for the low Charisma thing, I'm honestly spread quite thin as an armor solarian, so I opted to go for a +1 in all my relevant stats.


So, I have a question. I've been building a Solarian character for Starfinder Society play, and it's recently struck me that they're pretty much useless outside of melee boots on the ground combat. They have a +5 bonus to Diplomacy, and nothing else really going for them. My question is, will this make me a load for the other players outside of combat scenarios? While they're an absolute beast at hand to hand and can shred people to pieces, I'm worried that being at decent at Diplomacy won't be enough outside of combat. Vahni can't pilot, sneak, track, doesn't have any knowledge skills, lie, or be effective at range. They're not even a great face. Should I rework them?

Pokes in

Hey! Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but are there plans in the works to make a version of this but for Starfinder Society! Thankssorrybye!

So, question. Maybe I haven't read the thread or the guide thoroughly, but why exactly is armor Solarion so bad? The two main points seem to be a) the primary benefit of armor Solarion doesn't actually work with heavy armor, which is apparently a necessity, and b) it requires you to sink additional creds into both weapons and armor, which makes the build slightly more strained since Starfinder puts even more emphasis on gear than Pathfinder. But my question is is it still playable, even in the somewhat competitive Starfinder Society?

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How many little happy dances did you do when stuff like, say, the androids being primarily agender and the shirren having three genders got approved?

I did a lot.


Still here. Sorry for the lack of posting.

Ah. So they're just incredibly easy for some students.

So, I realized something. Because of the nature of Avalon's students, students with extreme mental prowess would probably be the only ones drawn to classes such as Engineering, Engineering, and Psychology. Which makes me wonder, how blasted would Robin's brain be as brilliant, but still within the range of a normal human, student after one of those classes?


Florence Levitt

History of Agartha
Basic Mechanics


I will actually be on tomorrow, sorry about the confusion.

That what I was thinking.

Heh, that'll make it all the more entertaining when she finally starts paying attention to the other side.

That's fine! Quick warning: probably won't be on tomorrow or Friday.

Sorry if I'm badgering you, Magic, but Robin is still waiting on a response from Verris.


Does anybody have an infirmary PC that could interact with Robin here? Don't want to place all of the burden on Lyn, after all.

I hope your week gets better!


Of course! I've actually been waiting for half a month working out character stuff with Lyn before I jump in.

Hey there! I'm Wildfire Witch, a conscript recommended person from the Doomkitten. I'll be playing Robin O'Meara.