101 random things in a mega dungeon


So my PCs have just reached 4th level and have decided to to go on a deep exploration of the local megadungeon that is is campaign setting.

I plan to run this as a hex crawl. The area they are exploring is a little less then a square mile. I plan to break that up into 19 hex for them to explore.

Since I have 6 PCs in the party I am fine tuning around that. Also we are using E6.

The dungeon had doors that lead to small demiplanes (as big as 200 sq miles) that reset and change under certain circumstance that allow then to be repeatedly plundered. That is the basis for the economy of the metropolis above.

I need to put at least 1 major and few minor things in each hex.

This is to brainstorm ideas on things to put there.

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1) A strange library

1a) A strange library with a barbarian librarian.

1b) A strange library with an orangutan librarian.

2) A golem on a treadmill powering who knows what via a shaft or belt going through openings too small to investigate.

3) A functioning golem smithy and a functionally infinite pile of mundane iron weapons.

4) A functioning golem smelter.

5) A functioning golem mine in an endless seam on the elemental plane of earth.

6) A line of golems carrying iron ore or ingots. (multi-hex feature linking features 3-5)

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  • A demon's skull: it talks incessantly, mostly random ravings about being bored, having an itch it cannot scratch, the party is doing it all wrong, etc. Occasionally it slips in a deliberate lie or real advice.
  • An intelligent sword. It is afraid of blood and obsessive compulsive about cleaning and proper manners.
  • A large tome written in a dead language. It is the dairy of a long deceased maiden and her many indiscretions. Written in exquisite detail. One of her paramours was a wizard with a valuable secret.
  • A portrait of one of the PC's as a child. They do not remember sitting for the painting or have any clue why it is here.
  • The rotting corpse of one of the PC's. It cannot be raised. The original PC appears to still be with the group. Or is he?
  • The Garden of Eden. Not a copy!!!

Nice, I can make those work. I think iron golems will be the way to go but they only engage the party if the PCs hurt them or disrupt their work. A definite case of look but do not touch.

Silver Crusade

11. An insane blacksmith who only makes left gauntlets.

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lucky7 wrote:
11. An insane blacksmith who only makes left gauntlets.

11b. In another hex, another insane blacksmith, a mirror twin of the first one. He only makes right gauntlets. Neither will admit to the existence of the other, nor will either admit that they even have a twin. Even if you somehow get them together they will both deny that the other is even present.

They are the result of magic going very awry and splitting a blacksmith in two. If somehow the mess is straightened out they will merge into a single sane individual that has the memories (although warped by the insanity) of both, as well as the memories of the time before the split, something they currently do not remember at all.

(For those who don't know what a mirror twin is: Mirror twins are identical twins but one is flipped. If one is right handed, the other is left handed etc.)

Most encounters will be CR 4-6 (balanced for a party of 6) and involve monsters of CR 2-4 but each hex will have unique larger monster of CR 5 to 7. Since 1 vs many encounters are boring the Boss monsters will show up in pairs, trios or in the company of lessor monsters. These encouter will range from CR 6 to 8.

The hex boss does not have to be connected to a hexes major feature but often will be.

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12: Grey Dwarf hold. They repair the Golems, traps, and other mechanical stuff. The chief is the high level monster. Only he has the device that controls where a door leads. They are assembling some terrible machine, and will trade for parts, information, and such. Anybody who goes around smashing things will be outright attacked by them. Most are Lawful Evil, but a few have become so obsessed with their jobs that they have drifted into lawful neutral.

13) A statue garden. Around it are signs in draconic saying "beware of the basilisk. One, rather than being on a post is being held by a stone kobold.

14) a corridor that one end takes them back to the beginning, but they can still go backwards to escape a Chinese finger trap hallway.

I wouldn't make it too random, one or a few overarching themes make a dungeon more understandable and believable. Also players would have the chance to adapt and be happy that their adaption works out.

Anyway, here are some random ideas:

15) A little jungle filled with stealthy monkey goblins, attacking from above. Heat and water is provided by two different obelisks - potential for your players interacting with them.

16) A room with illusionary terrain, invisible terrain and real terrain. And the creator lurks somewhere within, happy about its new prey.

17) A mostly empty room, with two big mouths at the wall. Both want to convince the PCs to let them pass by shallowing them and bicker at the other one. Of course it's a trap - actually the same creature (ettin-like) or different creatures competing for food / pleasure of devouring / souls. Or maybe it's not a trap and the PCs have to figure out the right one.

18) A crazy gambler gnome offers magical items for those who beat him at dice rolling. He wants only some food in return. The PCs will eventually notice the items are actually cursed, intelligent, mundane with just a magical aura or really magical. In case they get the major prize, the gnome goes on a rampage.

19) An inn with an immortal barkeeper, happy finally someone visits him. He demands payment in the form of very small amounts of blood. The PCs don't have any disadvantages right now, but the blood will be used against them later - to track them, to create evil copies etc..

I had a similar thread not that long ago with some great ideas

Ashiel had a brilliant thread long ago
thread 2

The grimstooth 3rd party series was quite brilliant if you want some traps

20) A maze of passageways all exactly 10' x 10' in cross-section, regularly being patrolled by Gelatinous Cubes. The center is the lair of a somewhat mad, but seemingly benign old wizard. He alternates between friendly and outgoing and, "Hey you kids, get out of my maze!"

21)A huge crypt/catacombs. Yes, the dead have treasure, but they are all undead. You don't want to open the ones with your names on them. GM's choice what the big stone coffin labeled Aroden contains.:)

22)The library of Babel. The door opens on the front desk and the card index. It's a hundred by hundred cube with shelves of books. There is a spiral staircase stretching both upstairs and down. Every wall has a door in it leading to a similar room with different books, a librarian, and a card catalog. The door the characters came in through is next to the one leading to another library room. The librarian in the first room is a Lamia who has put all the religious books in fiction. All the librarians are different monsters, some are even undead or golems. Some rooms have doors out of the library, but to different worlds.

Connection to the dungeon: Grey dwarves and such are always coming in to bring books, borrow books, or read books at the reading table. The reading table is a long table with 10 chairs. There is only one in each room. To get a library card you must purchase it with a book. Books are the only currency the librarians value.

The larger game: There are lots of very nice random tables of books. If you are not looking for a specific subject or author, you have to go to the unsorted shelves.

23)Rainbow maze. When you first enter the maze, roll for the room at random. When opening the doors, roll for a random room. There is a monster or enemy lost in the maze, so roll randomly for what room they are encountered in.

1:Red room. A 20 foot wide cube with 4 doors. All 4 walls, ceiling, and floor are red.
2:Orange room. Like red room but orange.
3:Yellow room. Like red room but yellow.
4:Green room. Like red room but green.
5:Blue room. Like red room but blue.
6:Indigo room. Like red room but indigo.
7:Violet room. Like red room but violet.
8:Brown room. Like red room but brown.
9:Golden room. Only one normal door. Golden masks on the wall. Big, vault door on the far wall. There is a monster guarding the vault. The vault is trapped and DC 30 to "pick".The vault contains large bags filled with gold"max weight or volume whichever comes first". Probably some gold bars. A magic item with a color theme such as a helm of brilliance or a prismatic bow.
10:Exit. The door leads out the same door they entered.

Connection to the dungeon: As the payroll is in here and somehow refills over time, any dungeon residents who were recruited will be with them for an equal share.

Connection with the outside world: Anything the party was sent in here for is likely to be here.

Shadow Lodge

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24) A crossbow trap that throws crossbows at trespassers.

25) A goblin tribe led by one riding a giant entropic wallaby.

26) A library that's actually a Hunger Games-style arena for sentient books.

27) An incredibly strong magnetic ceiling.

And now, a salute to the elements!
28) Earth. Dirt falls out of the doorway when you open it. Y ou can tunnel into it to find iron ore and stuff.
29) Water. Water pours into the other room, eventually filling up. If you can breath water, you can swim out to a shipwreck. Batter close the door behind you, because of people who don't!.
30) Fire. Flames leap out of the doorway, so close it.
31) Air. The door opens to midway in a near bottomless pit.
32) Ice. The door opens to ontop of a glacier. Fun with Polar bears, Sabertooth tigers, and Woolly mammoths. May include a tribe of neanderthals.:)

Underpants gnomes

Super small fuzzy creatures that eat all your food

An entire waterfall with a light to the surface somehow

36) A group of little old ladies playing bridge (its surprising how many times the party will murderhobo them)
37) A corridor that is really just an illusion over a 100 ft drop into lava. Hope you have a good will save.
38) Invisible walls.
39) Bananna peels
40) A sociopathic Gnome dressed like the joker playing high stakes poker with dragons.

41) Two snickering gargoyle-like statues stand between two doors. When the group approaches, they say in unison "one of us always lie, and the other always tells the truth. One of these doors leads to treasure, and the other surely leads to death. You may ask one of us one question." they end their riddle with another snicker.

In reality, neither gargoyle is confined to any such rule. Regardless of how clever a question they're asked, they will lead the group to the death door. The PC's must make Sense Motive checks to realize this ruse.

42) Samurai Cat and Shiro.

37)There is also a spot check to feel the heat. DC15. If they notice the heat, +4 to will save.

42)https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv= 2&ie=UTF-8#q=Samurai+Cat+and+Shiro
So, in Japan or Hell?

Has everyone forgotten that these doors are supposed to lead to locations? Demiplanes of undetermined size.

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