Need tips for Spheres of Power Gestalt


So, I'm to make a level 1 character using Spheres of Power in place of the Vancian magic system. Conventional classes are allowed, albeit per the conversions that replace their casting.

This means gestalting two casting classes does not stack casting. I'm considering doing a healy, naturey, 'druid-themed' soul weaver, but I haven't a clue what I should use for my second class.

Any ideas?

And if not for that concept, just in general what are good gestalt SoP combos?

If it's just casting level & spell points that doesn't stack then a shifter fits the druid theme. If magic talents don't stack either then you might go for a skilled non-caster - rogue, skirmisher ranger, even a slayer. It's sometimes embarrassing to be nature-themed but lacking relevant skills.

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Soul-weaver and hedgewitch(go for green magic and maybe black magic or herbology)

might still be okay...

Shifter if you're more into changing shape, since bestial traits are pretty good and work without going completely down alteration sphere.

Thaumaturge also works well since it already get's low talents but has some nifty spell boosting stuff.

If you want to just be a full caster, getting no extra talents is kinda lame, you should explain that you want your character to only cast stuff.

You could reflavor Armorist into creating weapons and armor from natural, nearby elements(dirt, stone, ice, etc).

Magic talents don't stack. You take whichever class has the faster caster level/talent progression.

To note: I can use non-SoP classes as well.

Hmm. I'm also considering mixing half and full caster. I lose the half casting, but that's not so bad.

That's a thought. You've got buffing from the soul weaver; a hunter gets the nature theme, skill points, and most importantly, an animal companion which can benefit from those buffs.

I can take geomancy and nature spheres with the Soul Weaver, too. I like the spiritualistic aspect of the class.

Magic talents should stack (the way spells stack for Sorcerer and Wizard in Vancian when you're doing gestalt), but if your GM is ruling differently...

Incanter is basically always good, because it gets more talents than anything else. I'd combine that with whatever other class you want to use.

Magic talent progression is written like BAB or Saves in the charts. Or like not stacking sneak attack from two classes that both have it.

Magic talents don't stack? lolwut? Magic Talents are literally "spells known." If it's true that they don't stack then have the other side just not be a Spheres of Power character.

Kaouse is right. Magic Talents are your spells known, and that's a major class feature.

Now, Caster Level not stacking makes sense. But saying you can only get your spells from one class for a gestalt game is kind of weird. Still, if that's what your GM has said (if you're confused, double-check this!), that's up to them.

Isn't number of talents a function of Caster Level? You start with 2, and gain 1 for each Caster Level (plus any bonus talents from feats, class features, etc.).

Under standard Gestalt Rules a Wizard/Sorcerer would have a spell list from both sides. It follows that each side of a SoP caster would get a full set of magic talents for each.

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Umbral Reaver wrote:
Isn't number of talents a function of Caster Level? You start with 2, and gain 1 for each Caster Level (plus any bonus talents from feats, class features, etc.).


your talents is based upon class, thamaturge have almost none, incanters gain way way too many.

to be clear, this confusion comes about because spheres allows you to multiclass casting without losing anything. you gain CL and it stacks just like BAB and is not separated. However, magic talents are gained as a separate thing based on class as shown on the table.

there are few exceptions, but >they< >exist<.

I have the book and the feature is written as:


Magic Talents: An incanter gains 2 magic talents at every odd

level and 1 at every even level, according to Table: Incanter.

nothing to do with Caster level.

however, it's still up to GM whether they stack or not, there's obviously no rules for or against this.

Huh. Hmm. I'll talk to the GM.

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some classes say


Magic Talents: A shifter gains a magic talent every time she

gains a caster level, according to Table: Shifter

mind you, but your specific class, soul weaver


Magic Talents: A soul weaver gains a magic talent every level,

according to Table: Soul Weaver.

they all simply end with according to table CLASS.

Hmm. Now I'm considering Swashbuckler/Elementalist (Electrokinetic) using Particle Blade. That could be cool. :)

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