a cinderella build


well she starts out as an abused house slave that is overworked and loves to sing so to fill those requirements she would need to start out as a fighter (packmule) lets just say three lvls of that to get the Weight Training because she is always carrying around heavy loads and bard (animal speaker) her chosen animal rodents working that up to sixth to get the rat swarm ability ability after that you would need you would need four lvls in druid (skinshaper) so she can change from lowly half-elf slave to elven princess and one level in summoner (first worlder) gives her a fairy godmother.

3 lvls fighter (packmule)
6 lvls bard (animal speaker)
4 lvls druid (skinshaper)
1 lvl summoner (first worlder)

after that she can take what ever she would wants she is a princess but she might wana continue taking lvls in skinshaper so she can continue pretending to be the princess.so finishing it off with 12 lvls bard retraining as something useful or retraining as a celebrity, diva, or geisha.

profession wise i would think she would need slave and or maid.

skills i would think she would have bluff, craft (dresses) disable device (if she can get it), disguise, handle animal (if she can get it) heal (because she would need a way to keep herself alive after beatings from her step family till she can heal with magic), knowledge (nature and nobility) and maybe (local), she would need perception to keep an eye out for her step sisters, perform(sing),the aforementioned professions, sense motive, sleight of hand (to sneak food), stealth, survival(should be low but enough to run home) and spellcasting (should be low until after she if free of her step family, picking up lost time afterwords)

i had an idea for a build like this a month or two ago for a companion but it grew into this mish-mash.

numbers and play wise i have no idea how this would work at all. but i wanted to get it down somewhere before i forgot my idea.

with out advancing bard to lvl 12 that means she would be lvl 14 giving
BAB +10, fort +9, ref +7, will +12. seems like she can take a beating and has a will made of steel. but what do i know. boredom it drives people.

see anything i missed or have any idea for improvement, let me know.

i ment retrain bard to a different kind of bard archetype. and lvl out the rest of the way as druid (skinshaper). since the more lvls in skinshaper equals more hours disguised as the princess.

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Disney must have cut the "Cinderella bench-presses the hell out of the pumpkin carriage" scene.

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This seems needlessly complicated; wouldn't the Vigilante class cover all the basics?

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Hmmmm. Sorry to say, I don't really know any feats or other abilities that would grant extra small feet. Unless.... Unless you're a gnome...? The only challange is to make the prince still think you're a regular woman.

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I'd argue that she has one level in Commoner and one level in Aristocrat. The first level gained being a housemaid and the second level gained watching her deplorable family act courtly and posh. She never really does anything when you think about it, making me think that she's extremely mundane and low level as a character.

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I'ld start with aristocrat, as she WAS nobility, just treated like a commoner, and then for adventuring take levels of Witch, after all, her patron is right there in the story/movie/whatever.

A3 wrote:
Disney must have cut the "Cinderella bench-presses the hell out of the pumpkin carriage" scene.

thanks i needed that laugh.

because that scene would have been funny

A couple of levels of commoner.

She's a romantic story character who has everything done for her. She's not a wargaming construct.

The Prince isn't much more...a couple of levels of Aristocrat suits for him as well.

Fairy Godmother is simply a vessel of GM Fiat. None of the creations in the story are tools of battle either so there is no need to stat anything of them.

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