Need help with a Half orc scumbag


So I'm going to be playing in a three man evil party and was looking to make a high damage melee half orc.

I'm thinking either Skulking Slayer Rogue or the Executioner Archetype for the slayer class.

I'm also looking at surprise follow through and it's line.

Should I start out with a level of fighter no matter which way I go?

25 point buy, I have the intelligence so high to pick up dirty trick and other feats as well as roleplaying purposes.

STR 20
DEX 14
CON 12
INT 13
WIS 10

I haven't done anything with pathfinder for awhile so I'd probably go Slayer except for the fact that Unchained rogue is now available. Is rogue worth it now?

Depends. Unchained Rogue is equal or better in every way to regular Rogue. The new features cater more to high DEX builds, though it's still as STR-friendly (or unfriendly) as regular Rogue is.

Slayer will let you do TWF without too high of a DEX.

Also you can use all the rogue archetypes with unchained

Scout is pretty much a must-use archetype if you're using a rogue and works well with Skulking Slayer. Always nice to see others using STR rogue builds.

That said, there's a valid reason rogues aren't recommended often, thanks to the presence of things like vivisectionists, archaeologists, and slayers. Still though, if you're fine with the restraints of a rogue, I'd still recommend it if only for the Skulking Slayer/Scout combo. Sneak Attack d8s on a charge is just very satisfying.

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