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Jurassic Pratt wrote:

Is it just me or is Shelyn's anathema to "striking first" a little weird?

So imagine your just rolled initiative vs a group of thugs that pull weapons on you. Your initiative turn is before theirs, so you hold back because you don't strike first even though the thugs intentions are clear. The thugs turn then comes up and they crit Fred the Fighter an he goes down.

Is it not ridiculous that even though you knew they were hostile and planning to try to kill you, a good god wouldn't allow you to strike first to stop them? Even to protect your allies?

I feel like it'd be better off worded as "initiate hostilities".

Or the cleric of shelyn just readies an action

Quandary wrote:
Core Paladins don't actually gain powers from a deity like a Cleric, none of their abilities actually tie into Deity worship, it is more like they draw from Cosmic Lawful Goodness if that is a thing. A Paladin's choice of deity is more just like an adjunct aspect relevant to "legitimate authority" angle than actual source for powers (archetypes aside). It sounds like they're tweaking and clarifying the Paladin Code to be alot more play friendly out of the box, but dropping the cosmic LG paragon angle does not sound like it's in the cards.

Paladins can go without a deity, but IF they pick a deity they are receiving spells from it like any other divine spellcaster

Mark Seifter wrote:
Meophist wrote:
It doesn't appear as though natural 1's are auto-failure. They become critical failures only if it would normally be a failure anyways.
If your nat 20 isn't a critical success, it is still a success, and if your nat 1 isn't a critical failure, it is still a failure.

Does this only apply to attack rolls and saving throws like the current edition or also skill checks?

I wonder what the Knight of Coins does

Does the Elemental Monk make use of Elemental Fist?

Atalius wrote:
Does anyone know if there is any way an Aasimar Shaman could gain the Human favored class bonus (casting cleric spells)?

Aasimars with the Scion of Humanity alternate racial trait also count as humans

the Kineticist and Brawler archetypes look hype

How do the totem feats work?

How are the Paladin archetypes?

Why does such a talented individual with the intention do good for society resort to such inhumane methods in the first place?
There are more effective and painless methods for achieving this for someone with such expertise in magic, so it comes off as the character really wants to inflict pain and eternal torture

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Yes detect magic reacts to invisibility
No it doesn't let you thwart an invisible enemy freely unless he's a complete idiot

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Entryhazard wrote:

Empyreal Knight is a blatant and embarrassing downgrade to the paladin

Who did actually think that a bonus language was equivalent to Divine Grace

I think the designer have commented on that one that the bonus language alone wasn't meant to replace the ability by itself but the combinations of all the abilities replaced were suppose to. Still I kind of agree but now you can take a feat and get divine grace back so its not as bad.

The argument in principle for achetypes is okay but in this case the other resistances and the underpowered Summon barely make up for giving up Lay on Hands + Mercies in the first place

There is no fiendish equivalent of Angels, where is my symmetry Paizo!?

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FormerFiend wrote:
But what doesn't make so much consistent, internal sense is why Iomedae gets clerics, warpriests, inquisitors, and paladins while Milani only gets clerics, warpriests, and inquisitors.

And neither of them can have Druids but Sarenrae and Shelyn can. And this is without bringing archetypes with further domain or alignments restrictions. Or Prestige Classes

And this is not a problem, every deity has its area of competence that only allows certain category of followers

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Ventnor wrote:

It's also the honor that led to Alexander Hamilton throwing his life away in a duel, as well as his son Philip. And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

I do believe in goodness, but I don't believe in honor. People who do good should do so because they want to do good, not out of some outdated moral code which compels you to answer all sleights against you with bloodshed.

People still kill people today in the name of honor. It is not good and it is not right.

Paladin's honor is about fair play rather than kill for a slight

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Empyreal Knight is a blatant and embarrassing downgrade to the paladin

Who did actually think that a bonus language was equivalent to Divine Grace

Did someone on the Development Team actually believe bats are mice with wings?

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Instead of Musket Master I think you'd be better off with a technological firearm considering you're going to play Iron Gods

Tranformation Sequence social talent lets you transform in a flashy way like magical girls, and the mechanical consequence is making changing between identities more conspicuous but also faster

you need to be able to cast spells or SLAs but your Medium levels let you do it

Dαedαlus wrote:

Using Miracle, as well, to avoid the 24-hour casting time.

Can you Metamagic a spell cast via Wish/Miracle?

Ithink so but surely the adjusted level has to stay within the limits of Wish/Miracle

Let's go for Maximized Awakening

Bones Shaman synergises well with an undead character

Tonithal starc wrote:
My Summoner got bit by a werewolf while I was wearing the eidolon and I fail save... what happens?

"He counts as both his original type and as an outsider for any effect related to type, whichever is worse for the synthesist."

So if the synthesist is an humanoid you get the curse

Reminder that by the most obtuse reading only Paladins have "Channel Positive Energy" which obviously isn't true

Two-Weapon Grace from the Villain Codex lets you use Slshing grace with two weapons, but you get an ulterior -2 to attacks

Hand's Autonomy from Haunted Heroes Handbook should compensate that

Diego Rossi wrote:

So "a black blade is always a one-handed slashing weapon, a rapier, or a sword cane" and a phantom weapon follow exactly the same rules for its weapon type.

As both abilities say that the weapon type is chosen by the character, but the black blade has special limitation on the type and the phantom blade inherit them, a phantom blade can't be a two handed weapon.

The cited part doesn't completely satisfy the question because for example he could pick a Longsword and hold it with two hands for the Str and Power Attack +50%

The restriction on spell combat itself is still the crux

Imbicatus wrote:
On the other hand, mindblade magi must wait until 13th level to spell combat with a two-handed weapon. It seems unfair for the phantom blade to get it 13 levels earlier.

The less suited spell list and class features would compensante in some measure

Danjal wrote:

The "Spell Kenning" and "Spell Study" abilities for this class and archetype allow both classes to cast spells from outside their original spell list.

The entry specifically states it as:

- Once per day, a skald can cast any spell on the bard, cleric, or sorcerer/wizard spell list as if it were one of his skald spells known, expending a skald spell slot of the same spell level to cast the desired spell.

- Once per day, a spell sage can spontaneously cast any spell on the bard, cleric, or druid spell list as if it were a wizard spell he knew and had prepared.

If this ability would just mean that they can cast the spell and done. Then the "as if it were a spell known" seems redundant.

Does this mean that they can utilize Spell Kenning / Spell Study for the creation of Wands and Scrolls fulfilling the requirement of knowing the spell by expending their use of Spell Kenning / Spell Study in the creation process?

Knowing they will still need UMD to activate these items afterwards?

You can use Spell Kenning ans Spell Study to satisfy the requirements to craft potions, scrolls and wands, but you still need to use UMD to use the latter two (unless you're multiclassed)

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Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
shaventalz wrote:

Agreed. It seems like a passive-aggressive way of avoiding actually saying "stop using combat maneuvers". Either that, or a demonstration that those making the changes haven't actually tried using combat maneuvers against non-bipeds (and think a lower bonus would work just fine.)

I tried to bull rush a bull the other day, and I imagine the Paizo development team would have similar results if they tried it, I'm reasonably certain they're scrawnier than I am.

If combat maneuvers against larger creatures with or without extra legs were easy then it would be pretty reasonable to have a feat with a BAB and Str requirement that lets you fly by flapping your hands really hard. But both seem absurd to me.

The "muh realism" argument should die in a fire

Snuf Wheeler wrote:
Entryhazard wrote:
Spell-like abilities do not have somatic or verbal components so you should be able to use them
PRD wrote:
A spell-like ability has a casting time of 1 standard action unless noted otherwise in the ability or spell description. In all other ways, a spell-like ability functions just like a spell.

The emphasis is mine. Since GMs in the past have considered speaking or casting to be show-stoppers to using SLAs, I've decided to avoid using them entirely for this build. Also, (while possessing an object) this is especially true when the SLA's description reads "this works just like the spell, ____". I've overlooked some Su-powers too, if their descriptions conflicted with one of these two factors. YMMV.

The question you have to ask is "Will my mech come to a screeching halt because the GM determined I can't use this SLAs while possessing an object?". If your answer is 'meh' and being able to occasionally get that combo off is good enough, then go for it.

From the same rules:

PRD wrote:
A spell-like ability has no verbal, somatic, or material component, nor does it require a focus. The user activates it mentally.

Which means a SLA do not require to speak a word or any movement

While we're at it, it also comes to minde that all the spells without verbal and maybe somatic components are usable, so the whole can of Psychic Magic is also open

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Not agreeing on a straight deduction just means that the other side is wrong

They're not arcane, but Kami Medium (psychic) and Omnyoji Spiritualist (divine) use paper talismans.

You could look their mechanics for inspiration

Snuf Wheeler wrote:
Gravefiller613 wrote:
Unless my understanding is wrong. Aren't Hex's Supernatural abilities. Perhaps I missed an errata.

Hexes are supernatural (Su) abilities, but that is exactly the point of choosing them or other magic abilities. While possessing an object, one can no longer speak or cast "spells" , which would also affect spell-like abilities (Sp) And yet, (Su)-powers and exceptional (Ex) abilities are not impacted unless they are directly tied to your original form, like the low-light vision inherent in some base-species would be..

ProximaC wrote:
I feel like there needs to be some way to make this with a Vigilante, for that full Power Rangers experience.

I feel that way too. I plan to dip avenger for the "Nothing can Stop Me (Ex)" and the "Assault Training (Ex)" talent/abilities and the martial weapon proficiencies. It also, fits the "Tank" feeling I aspire to, along with the "Cut Your Losses" feat which I will take at 17th level. Yep I plan to push this character all the way to 20th level.

"Please, drive on thru."

Spell-like abilities do not have somatic or verbal components so you should be able to use them

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James Risner wrote:
I think the theory I like better is they are liquids, just not what that feat is thinking about when it says liquids.

Feats don't think, you silly

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Diego Rossi wrote:
Inner Sea Gods wrote:
Aligned Class (Ex): .... At 2nd level, the evangelist must choose a class she belonged to before adding the prestige class to be her aligned class.
A class, not a prestige class. When an effect of a prestigious affect a class it can't target prestigious classes.

This is not how subsets work

Otherwise poodles aren't dogs

The nice thing is that after the latest episode of Little Witch Academia cool mechas piloted with magic are a legitimate thematic choice

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Arcane Enlightment is a class feature. Thus the wizard spells are added to the caster's list. But while the shaman can prepare his spells everytime, the Oracle is locked to his spells known, thus he cannot cast those spells immediately despite those being added to his list. On the other hand he theoretically can use them with items like Page of Spell Knowledge of the divine type or Spell Lattice, and can use Divine Scrolls and Wands.

Now the interesting thing: the Oracle at some levels can change the spells known, and so he could add those spells at such times.

XyZiron wrote:
The new Dandy Archetype for Ranger also gives them bard spellcasting, so you can be a ranger then go into dragon disciple.

The dandy is still divine

But a Kobold (or a Racial Heritage Human) with Scaled Disciple still can

Chess Pwn wrote:
Oracle's TWF using CHA for attack, damage, and AC. The oracle can be 7 str and 7 dex but get everything those control over to oracle with a dip into swashbuckler.

To pull this off you need so many feats that not even at level 20

Talonhawke wrote:
Entryhazard wrote:
Any Divine spellcaster who worships a Deity gets spells from said Diety, it isn't that hard
That's not 100% accurate. Both Rangers and Druids can worship a deity without getting their spells from one, and oracles are their own kettle of fish.

It's the other way, Druids and Rangers are allowed to not have a deity as Nature fills in as a deific source in that case, but if they DO have a diety they get spells from that deity, and according to JJ this applies to every Divine.

If you want some more solid evidence, for example Rangers who worship Sarenrae have Daylight added to their spell list, while Druids who worship Gorum can cast spells while wearing metal armor

Regarding oracles, the DO receive spells from a deity, the differentiator from other divine casters is that are not necessarily willing receivers of that power and may not be aware of which deity gave them powers, but the Mystery section of the APG associates Mysteries to Deities much akin Cleric Domains.
So if an Oracle worships the deity from which has been bewstowed powers it does apply

Any Divine spellcaster who worships a Deity gets spells from said Diety, it isn't that hard

Chess Pwn wrote:

No, it never becomes an int requirement you need to qualify with.

You have an int requirement, you can use int or con to fill that.
You have a dex requirement, you can use dex or int to fill that.
But there's no "dex to new int that you can now sub con for". Cause to qualify for the feat you need dex, and can use int with that feat. Since you don't need int to qualify for the feat there's nothing to sub con in for.

Technically Kinetic Warrior never talks about feats requiring int but ising int to satisfy requirements

On a related note, it should also work with a Swashbuckler using CHA instead of INT

Because it's cool

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You could use a very large bag of holding or a very large portable hole

Samsaran can take Form of the Exotic Dragon from the Druid list

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Charles Scholz wrote:

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this.

Everyone is making the same arguments both for killing and not killing.

I'm pretty sure that at least one of the sides is wrong

I can find an arcane version of every spell anyway

So now I can finally make a Magus Maagambian Arcanist to use Shillelagh or Flame Blade

A Ring of Spell knowledge is totally possible as a Witch with the Strength patron can make it

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