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My balazar just graduated summoning school by finishing adventure 3 and hes ready to specialize.

If he becomes an Eidolomancer, does he have to add the powers in the order listed. For example for his first powers once he gets the role card could he immediately check off the discard a monster to reroll your dice?

Powers in parentheses immediately adjacent to each other must be acquired in order from left to right, so no, you could not take the reroll power first.

If you do choose eidolomancer do share your experience - it's a puzzling pick that my group didn't really know what to make of. Tyranno seemed too straightforward.

I picked Tyrannomancer because I thought it would be much more powerful (and I still believe it is), BUT I discovered a massive downside when I ran into scenario 5-1. if I had picked Eidolomancer I woudn't have had the problems with the Rites of Heraldry and the Lady of Valor I described in another thread. So I think both roles have their merits (as usual for PACG).

I guess I see it as do you want to go more support/versatile (tyranno) or pure attack more solo reliant (eidolo)

The ability to have your strength take over con/fortitude checks is very strong, as well as the ability to use monsters to reroll failed combat checks.

Tyranno makes monsters even more useful, but im not sure it really does enough. The most useful Tyranno power to me is the ability to capture summoned monsters. At this point giving an extra D8 to other characters against summoned monsters wont really make much of a difference since everyone seems to be quite overpowered in combat, although I can see it helping against banes like the armies since it helps with any check.

I don't see it as a clear cut win for Tyranno. Depends on the group.

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The reroll on the Eidolomancer is intended to be that sexy some day feat, not the one you pick up right away.

That said, who doesn't want to spend the feat to let you mount Padrig (moving after an encounter).

The thing that makes Tyrannomancer better is the ability to recharge spells to draw monsters instead of discarding them. At least that's what made me take it.

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Balancing the two roles to give them each very particular niches was one of the more fun puzzles in Wrath.

For example, the Eidolomancer shines a bit more in smaller parties, where the ability to pick up more skills (including two of the most common Before you act checks) and rerolls is most valuable.

The Tyrannomancer does have the best name, though, and recharging spells is definitely sexy. In Wrath (though not necessarily other sets), the two summon feats are a super tempting too.

Honestly one of the reasons I like Balazar is that I like all his Power Feats. I choose Tyrannomancer because I wanted to recharge my spells and spend discarded monsters (although not with Padrig). The summoned monster feats are tempting but less so in a party with Adowyn.

Not going Eidolomancer was tough though, being able to pass basically any check is very tempting. Super charging basic blessings is could also be really strong.

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