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I don't know if you're looking at this during the stream, Tyler, but I can't hear you at all. I can hear Ron, Keith, and Margo. I don't have a Youtube account so I can't post anything in that chat.

Do you know whether they've considered crowdfunding, like LSG did with Apocrypha, to cover costs up front?

Only some thoughts (others will surely add more):

Replay to try out different characters (either from RotR or other sources)
Try the official Seasons or homebrew campaigns that use the RotR set.
Make your own scenarios.

The other three of the first four adventure paths (S&S, WotR, and MM) do require their respective Base sets, as they contain Location, Henchman, and Support cards that are needed throughout the entire path. They also contain different sets of low-level banes and boons (and Loot!). The plan with the new Core set forward is that you will combine the Core set with each new Adventure Path.

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As written an 18 in your example would exceed the difficulty (15) by at least 3, so you would not get an item.

If you flub a check with a 6 and have not exceeded the difficulty by at least three, then you get an item. (If success were a requirement then it would read something like "If the result of each check to defeat a bane you encounter succeeds and does not exceed the difficulty by at least 3, after the encounter, draw a random item that has the Alchemical or Liquid trait from the box."

Hope that helps!

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That means any time you are told to encounter the Danger (as by some barriers), you roll on the Critter story bane roster and encounter whatever you rolled. The story bane "Collapse" is not the danger in this scenario; it is a non-closing henchman as defined in the "During This Scenario" box.

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If that is the scenario setup rule, then A) is the correct choice. If the designers meant you to have no idea in which location Dusk-Taker was, they would have had an instruction to make it random and secret (like using blessings as you suggest).

The goal is to close all locations, which is usually harder than cornering and defeating the villain. This way you have a little extra help, which is nice because some party members might have trouble with blessing acquisition checks with the Sekrepheres.

That's right. The key is that each character must attempt a different check, so you probably only need to go for the 40's if you have 5 or 6 characters or if you have two characters that are great in either Arcane or Divine but none of the other skills.

You can check page 445 of the Core rulebook under Step 4: Determine the Degree of Success and Effect".

Essentially, statements 1 and 3 are false. Crits are determined by the result meeting or failing to meet a DC by 10 or more. If you roll a natural 1 or 20, the result is one degree worse or better than dictated by the numbers alone.

Hope that helps!

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What you're looking for is the "The Dragon's Demand Story Bane Roster", which can be easy to miss because it's on the reverse side of "The Onslaughts" Wildcard. That holds the table for determining random story banes.

Yes, I'm sure it's intended that way. You can also rearrange those cards you examine with it, including the Deck itself if you choose your own deck.

While I don't recall whether there's a similar suggestion in the Core rulebook, I do remember that the older rules had a part that read something like "if you find a bane that your group just can't seem to deal with consider replacing it with one of similar difficulty that isn't quite as impossible to overcome."

If the power reads something like "Reload to examine," then yes since you perform the prescribed actions in the order listed.

Welcome to the community and to my favorite game!

Page 17 of the rulebook tells you when to add the cards for each new adventure deck: when you complete an adventure. So you shouldn't have mixed in the deck 1 "The Worldwound Incursion" cards until you finished the base adventure "Into the Worldwound". Each time you complete an adventure you add all the cards for the next adventure and mix them with the cards already present. The Wrath of the Righteous adventure path card tells you when and how you start culling cards from the decks as you play.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask as many questions as you have! There are lots of friendly, helpful people on this forum!

I can't remember where to find Corrosion to check. Since the Boomcrown is an Item you may also play a Spell on the same check. In this case the Boomcrown defines the dice to use (instead of using a skill) and the spell just adds another die of the type specified (like a blessing).

Remember to add the AD # as a static bonus with the Boomcrown as well!

Hope this helps!

Hi Mike!

Per the Rules: Bless sidebar (p. 12):

"If your check doesn't use a skill because a power specifies the type of die to use, blessing the check adds another die of that type."

So blessing a check while using the Boomcrown would add another d8 (or d12 vs undead).

I felt an inclination to share my experience.

Having bought every base set, adventure deck, and class deck published so far I have seen a few problems across the entire library. Two that come to mind are the Runelords deck 4, which has a bit too much black ink in the printing of the card faces and Wrath deck 2, where the cards had a noticeable curvature I was not able to force out by weighting them down. Neither of them were unplayable and, though it hurt my desire for perfection, I decided to tolerate imperfection and not raise a fuss. (PACG has been my favorite game since one of my gaming buddies introduced it to my group and I've been a subscriber since The Skinsaw Murders).

There were at least two times I received decks with a major issue. Those had two sets of the same 55-card pack in the box. Paizo quickly and happily replaced those when I brought it up.

I use clear sleeves. With my Core and Crimson sets I do see a difference in colors on the card back when I compare them side by side, but I haven't segregated them to confirm that each color variation belongs to a particular set. I have decided not to let it bother me since it doesn't affect the gameplay and I don't want to try and figure out what card that is on top of the deck anyway. One of my Runelords cards has a small splotch on the back of it. I made the mistake of looking at the other side and though I haven't played that set in years I still remember it's a Blessing of Torag, so I know when it's coming up. One of my Core cards has a similar splotch, but I haven't looked at this one because I don't want to know what card it is.

April Fools!

Harrowing (Curse 3) is another spell that will be useless in Dragon's Demand.

I have also played Apocrypha all the way through. My game group isn't as interested in it as I am so I solo'ed a two-person team of Evangeline and Frank.

I also read through most, if not all of, and enjoyed wkover's postings about play sessions.

Frencois wrote:
Malcolm_Reynolds wrote:

It only allows him to bury instead of discard.

That, except that it's the opposite :-)

I'm out of practice with answering questions :P

Yes. If you choose not to play on your turn, the emperor gets ahead in the game.

It only allows him to bury instead of discard.

If the designers had wanted Valeros to be able to avenge any encounter, they would have given him a power such as "You may avenge distant enconters."


Have any of those brains come up with anything over the last three months?

Will there be a thread seeking character info for this adventure path?

Also the case with Frozen Touch (Curse 0), Harrowstrike (Curse 1), Sonic Blast (Curse 1), Deathgrip (Curse 2), Volcanic Storm (Core 3), Wall of Light (Core 3), Ice Strike (Curse 3), Death's Touch (Curse 4), Icy Prison (Curse 5), and Boneshatter (Curse 6).

I'm pretty sure it's just inconsistency in how it's written and the bonus dice are intended to be used for any of the listed skills. I believe all weapons list all skill options before the bonus dice are defined.

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Since the setup says to use Devil monsters from the vault and not "Devil monsters and Story Banes", I have been using the 3 Devil monsters and, after summoning them, returning them to the devil stack. The "Summon and Encounter" rules tell you to return summoned banes to the vault, but these three devils weren't summoned from the vault and I return them to the stack.

I know while I could be doing it wrong, this makes sense to me.

JimmyJinNJ wrote:

As in discard all of your hand, rather than bury them??

How do most characters play/survive this scenario?

No, as the end-of-turn check to bury would happen before the opportunity to discard.

I usually use a ship that allows me to discard blessings from the blessing deck to explore so as to maximize opportunities to empty my hand before the end of turn and minimize the number of turns per character.

Moar cards! Moar traits!

I note are still missing from doc:
Fighter (class)
Rogue (class)


Gray Maiden
Red Mantis
Guillotine (promo)
Spy (may remove Arushalae note)
Owner (now a trait)

You should always display the Danger. If the Danger is also listed as a Villain or Henchman to be shuffled into locations, proxies should be used instead in the locations. This way you always have access to the card you need.

Shade325 wrote:

Okay so finished 3C yesterday and moved on to CotCT. Read the rules noted above. So I'm assuming that the game should look like the following if completing DD & Moving to CotCT

Start CotCT at adventure 1 but # is considered 4


Shade325 wrote:
Add 3 Wildcards (are these permanent i.e. same ones the whole path or choose 3 each scenario?)

Per Core Wildcard rules (p. 18) you may pick or choose randomly before each scenario, so they can change each time.

Shade325 wrote:

All Core and CotCT cards 0-3 are in the Vault. New cards will not be added to CotCT adventure 4 (which will be considered # 7)

That sound right?

The DD storybook's AP award tells you to build the vault with all level 0-3 cards, so that looks right. Won't be culling anything until Adventure 4. Treat # as 3 during Adventures 1-3 (from DD) and throughout the AP increase # by the highest DD scenario you completed (3, per CotCT). So if you play the final scenario # will be 10. Looks right.

I have not done DD to CotCT yet, but I can point to page 3 of the CotCT storybook which says "also, increase # by the # of the last scenario you completed..." and to the Core rules p. 19 under feats "the maximum number [of a feat type] you may check is equal to the # of the last scenario you completed."

Together I take it to mean that CotCT essentially becomes adventures 4-10 and you can gain one of each feat type per adventure. It's not overpowered because you're also increasing # for banes and adding a wildcard for each adventure completed prior to CotC.

As for choosing the Blackjack role to replace your prior one, while I can't find the possibility mentioned in the rulebook I'd allow it in my games. I'd probably not reallocate power feats to the new role and make someone earn them one at a time as usual, but with one hero point per scenario that wouldn't take long.

Has the Undead trait but isn't immune to Poison or Mental. Should it be?

Damaged cards power is listed twice.

"When examined, suffer Poison damage..."

How much Poison damage?

In damage paragraph: "Instead, bury the 1d4 cards of your deck."

I'm sure "top 1d4" is what's meant.

Having sleeved every card of the Core, Curse, and promo sets I can attest that there are in fact 996 cards in total (440/550/6 as advertised).

Frencois, I have 21 proxies: 8 A, 8 B, 3 V (your count is 20).
You seem to have counted 3 Core level 3 Story Banes as level 2.

Thank you for letting us know! I wasn't sure whether I was overlooking something. Makes me wonder whether there's a riddle a la Mythopoeic Sphinx.

Thank you so much! That makes complete sense!

Assuming he has checked the first feat and has 1d8+1 for Diplomacy, yes.

Hakon does not need the first feat checked if you are using Strength against the monster already.

Though you mention combat, this is not limited to combat checks.

Yes, you are right. I'm not sure how to know whether "Add the level 2 cards" and "Add the level 3 cards" include the Core set cards.

Page 5: Draw Starting Hands:
If you didn't draw at least matching card" (should have "1" before matching).

On page 4 under Choose Your Character:
"Each player chooses a character to representing the character they're playing in the game." (Instead of "represent")

Each of adventures 2-6 say to add the level's cards. Only Adventure 1 says to include Core cards. Do you add Core cards to adventures 2 and 3?

Its type (Monster) is the "Story Bane" color rather than the "Monster" color.

I haven't been able to find how this Loot can be acquired in the Adventure 4 storybook area or cards. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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It's here! It's here!

Each new blog makes me even more excited!

That's it for now! Thank you!

Ah, yes, I could have been clearer. I meant cancel.


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