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If you fail to aqquire a card where does the card go?

The card is banished. (Banished means to return to the Vault and the Vault is all the cards you are using to build the decks for scenarios.)

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I mean, if we are arguing thematic justifications, one of the checks to defeat the Sick Child is Constitution/Fortitude. Just being resistant is enough to defeat the barrier and having drunk an antiplague seems like it would help against that.

Just one of the things I've found is that lots of the Disease keyword stuff is not very useful since basically nothing has that trait. Not even Plagued itself have the Disease trait. An Antiplague does not give you a bonus against the check to acquire Plagued from one of your allies.

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Our team has Fumbus who has been running the Antiplague item. One of the strange situations we have run into is why the antiplague can't be used to help the Sick Child barrier. The child is literally sick with the Blood Veil (since you summon it when fail to defeat the Sick Child) so shouldn't it also have the disease trait? Then Antiplague would give 1d8 against it.

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They are also trained in barding so you can equipment them with the barding on page 295. Barding can give +1 or +3 ac.

EDIT - Although it should be noted that barding is rather expensive for starting characters.

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For the second problem I like to imagine that the Alchemical Drudge was not her initial plan. It is something she improvised because her home is being invaded by the pcs and she wants to be as certain as possible that everybody in Etran's Folly dies.

Given that she doesn't want to die to her own plague her initial plan might have been to let Hallod trigger it since he wouldn't be suspicious. Sure he would probably die from it too but that would just clean up her loose ends.

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Math Incoming

Lets say you are a level 4 Alchemist who just bought this feat. You and your team have some downtime before heading out into a desert and you want to craft 8 Lesser Salamander Elixirs (which seem useful to you).

If you have Efficient Alchemy you can work on all eight simultaneously. You spend 4 days and 60 gold pieces preparing and then you start your work. You are level 4 and are expert in crafting so you progress at 8 silver pieces per day. It would take you 75 days to finish paying off the rest of the crafting for a total time of 79 days to finish.

If you do not Efficient Alchemy you can only work on four simultaneously. You spend 4 days and 30 gold pieces preparing the first batch and then you start your work. You are level 4 and are expert in crafting so you progress at 8 silver pieces per day. It would take you 38 (37.5 rounds up to 38) days to finish paying off the rest of the crafting. You do this twice for a total time of 84 days.

There is a difference of 5 days of work between the two (or about 40 silver).

Another Example:

You are in a remote desert town with no access to an alchemy shop. You need to head out into the desert as quick as possible save the world but really need 16 Lesser Salamander Elixers before heading out.

The Efficient Alchemist takes 4 days and 120 gold pieces to make 8 Lesser Salamander Elixers. They do this twice for a total time of 8 days.

The normal Alchemist takes 4 days and 60 gold pieces to make 4 Lesser Salamander Elixers. They do this four times for a total time of 16 days.

TLDR; If you are using downtime crafting to make money this feat does not help a lot. If you regularly do not have alchemy shops and need to quickly craft alchemical items it does double the speed.

I believe the math here is right. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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From my look over of this feat (Efficient Alchemy) it does look bad if you are just considering money made and saved. However if you are making things that you can not purchase and are willing to pay full price for them it literally doubles the speed you make them at.

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I am using the tables on page 489 to get all my numbers.

You have a party of level of 2 so level 1 wolves are worth 30 experience. (Since they are one level lower than the party) If you had 4 characters in the party this would be worth 60 experience and all characters would get 60 experience. This is a low threat encounter.

However you have a party of 5 PC so the numbers are slightly different. This is instead equivalent to around a 48 experience encounter (Between Trivial and Low). The character adjustment column is how much XP in monsters you would add to an encounter per character above 4 to get the same amount of challenge (and not give any extra xp).

The quick answer is if you have a party of 5 PCs multiple the XP sum of the encounter by 0.8 before giving that amount of experience to all the members of the party.

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imposeren wrote:

Another stupid question:

> Duration: until the next time you make your daily preparations
Can we kill the caster to make "light" permanent? :)

"If you are dead or otherwise incapacitated at the 24-hour mark after the time you Cast the Spell or the last time you extended its duration, the spell ends" - Page 305 under Long Durations.

I was actually a bit surprised this was covered by the rules but I did some searching and here it is.

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I view the second tenet of good as the big wiggle for what a Champion can do. A normal Paladin could justify lying if it prevented an innocent from being harmed since the second tenet of good is more important than the Paladin tenets.

However a Torag champion would be in a different position. Since lying is an anathema to Torag it instead falls under the first tenet of good. So for a Paladin of Torag lying to protect the innocent is wrong.

At least that is my take on the priorities. Unless there is some god which allows good champions and has an evil anathema I don't really see any conflicts within the first tenet of good.

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Severe 3 means that it is a Severe encounter for level 3 characters. The chart on page 489 shows this information. (Severe 2 would be a Severe encounter for level 2 characters)

For level 3 characters a level 3 enemy is worth 40 xp and a level 5 enemy is worth 80 xp. Since that combines to be 120 xp that is a severe encounter.

Also xp is not divided among the party. If you have a 120 xp encounter then each PC gets 120 xp. The only time this is not true is if you have more or less than 4 characters. (If the severe encounter example, for 5 characters you would add an additional level 2 enemy to the encounter but each of the players would still only get 120 xp) This is spelled out clearly on pg 507 where it says that any xp awarded goes to all members of the group.

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There are not completely identical. Full Plate has a higher level which some characters care about. Although they do seem to have the same powers.

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Longshot11 wrote:

... so we're probably looking at least at 2+ years before another PACG set. There's my opportunity to work through some of the Organized Play campaigns.

I highly doubt it will take that long given they went through all the trouble of making a core set. At most I would put it at a single year for another product like Curse to come out. (This is just a guess)

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I got my email too. I feel like I have been waiting forever for the new Set.

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People keep talking about moving when a location closes to be purely bad but I don't see it that way. As a player who commonly plays support characters that uses cards which can only be played targeting characters as my location (or local characters now) being able to move when a location closes and keep supporting people is a huge boon.

The is especially true if I would happen to close that location, get a new hand, and actually get to use that hand supporting characters. Sure this change might be a bit more risky but it is also lets players interact more.

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ryric wrote:

Sorry, your example just moves the issue back one step. I'm fine with characters not knowing odd sword techniques from distant lands, but when the player wants his next character to be from distant lands using said odd sword techniques, I need a better answer than, "No, that's for NPCs only." An option that a human fighter can take is an option that a human fighter can take, and whether they are a PC or NPC should not matter because the game world doesn't know what a PC or NPC is.

PF2e already has a great mechanic for restricting things based on culture with the rarity system - the GM can declare the oddball technique Uncommon or Rare and now the player needs a justification to take...

I'm generally good with just making up custom content in my game. If there was some odd sword technique that an NPC had and a player expressed interest in it I would probably guess at how many class feats it would be worth and then require them to go get training to get access to the uncommon feat.

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JDLPF wrote:

The rules on p. 279 state "once you have the dedication feat, you can select any feat from that archetype in place of a class feat as long as you meet its prerequisites."

I'm pretty sure that this means you can take one of the Archetype traited feats (in this chapter) as a class feat. So you could take a Fighter Archetype feat, not any Fighter feat.

Although I might be wrong but that is how I read it.

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Sure 15 days might seem like a lot to restock 4 lesser healing potions but how often are they actually purchased? Is there likely going to be another group of adventurers through the same place within two weeks? For small towns that seems unlikely.

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Arakhor wrote:
Arakhor wrote:
Angelic Form on p111 grants you both darkvision and low-light vision. Why is this?

Acute Vision on p57 does this too. I still don't see why you would ever need both.

I suppose having both lets you see colors perfectly fine in low light conditions? Since darkvision is explicitly black and white.

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Yeah, you probably fell, but ~6 feet of falling damage isn't very high. I recommend just dealing with it. I recommend lay on hands.

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I am able to download pdfs now. Whatever you did, thanks!

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I am also having this issue.

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One of the things I've always found annoying in the game and wish was different was the Attack trait. When trying to explain the game it is super confusing. "No, you are not using Attack, you are using a weapon. Attack is for combat spells"

I really would like it to be called basically anything else.

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My strategy will be to let him fill in the gaps of the team. Don't have a Divine caster? Mavaro can do that. Don't have a ranged weapon user? Mavaro could use those.

He could fill any role that you need him to fill. Sure he won't be as good as a dedicated character in that role but he is also probably better at doing random odd jobs.

Edit: One of the weirdest features about Mavaro is that he actively doesn't want Loot in his deck because they don't have checks to acquire.

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I just thought I would mention that this ruling means that his last ability on both of his roles is significantly worse than I initially thought. It restricts the use to his natural Intelligence, Knowledge, and Disable (and potentially Arcane & Divine on his channeler side).

These abilities are...

[] On your Intelligence check, after the roll, you may bury ([] or discard) a weapon, an armor, or an item to add or subtract 3.

[] On your Intelligence check, after the roll, you may discard an item to reroll the dice; take the new result.

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Got it! Thanks!

Mavaro was just weird (and cool) enough that I wasn't certain how the finer points of his ability worked. Thanks for clarifying.

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More questions that are Mavaro related.

1. Does his gained skills also count as intelligence? The wording makes this unclear. It it equivalent to getting Arcane: Intelligence +0 or is it closer to gaining 1d10 Arcane skill that isn't linked to anything. It depends where I could use Embalmer (recharge for +1d4 on an Intelligence check) for all his weird checks.

2. Can get gain Strength, Dexterity, etc using his ability? I think so because everything is a skill and there isn't really a distinction between Strength and Arcane in what they count as. Combined with question 1 does this let him make an Intelligence & Strength check?

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Mavaro has the ability:

You may display a card to gain all skills listed on the check to acquire for that card qual to your Intelligence until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, recharge the displayed cards.

My question is can Mavaro display a card during an encounter to gain the skill needed in the encounter or does he have to display it before his encounter?

For example Mavaro encounters Find Traps which is a Wisdom/Divine 6 check to acquire. He has a Flame Staff in his hand which is an Arcane/Divine 4 check to acquire. Can he display Flame Staff to gain Divine: Intelligence +0 during the encounter?

Second question. If he can display during the encounter could he also do the same in for a ranged combat check? During the encounter could he display a Kopis to gain Intelligence: Ranged +0 and then immediately play another Kopis to use that skill in combat?

I know there are some restrictions about what is valid to play during the encounter and I'm not certain whether his power lets him trigger it during an encounter or not.

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He could also add it to his hand by drawing it randomly from the box when discarding a spell to draw a random monster from the box. (I know this isn't what you meant but it is a way for him to get it in his hand)

(Nitpicking words time - Balazar never technically 'acquires' monsters. He adds them to his hand or draws them from the box. This distinction probably never matters but it is possible.)

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Andrew L Klein wrote:

Ranzak is the little kid who has to touch everything and demands that every toy is his. But if anything bad happens, it's your fault.

It's why I love him!

We beat the Hurricane King and Ranzak insisted on taking his crown... along with basically every loot card we got throughout the game.

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Because exploring is not mandatory.

Speaking of examining cards, it is an ongoing joke that every time Adowyn has a good hand for exploring a location she immediately examines the boss of the scenario and decided it would be better not to encounter it.

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I kinda want to play a Menhir Savant Lini just because it is so strange and I want to know how it plays.

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Zhayne wrote:
I don't know why, but it's been very hard for a couple people not to get that the list of skills are all independent entries. Someone playing the Swashbuckler in Shackles came across some barrier with Strength - Melee (and a couple others I can't recall) and assumed he couldn't try it because he did melee off of his Dex, as he was reading it like Strength(Melee) or something.

To be fair they probably couldn't do it anyways. The Swashbuckler (Jirelle) only has Melee if the check has or is against a card that has the Finesse trait. Generally that makes to rather hard to roll Melee against a barrier.

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KennedyHawk wrote:

I read in the rule book that each hero is able to use no more than one card type per check...

We ran into this last night (on our first mission).

Lini had a spell and weapon in hand that she had picked up earlier in the scenario. Is she able to roll dex + weapon die and divine + spell die by using both the weapon and spell card? Or is she only allowed to use one for the combat check?

You can only use one card that says "For your combat check".

KennedyHawk wrote:

How does revealing work. Lini again is able to reveal a animal traited card in order to add a 1d4 to any check. Can the same animal be revealed twice in a turn (say you continue exploring). Can the animal that was revealed be discarded to continue exploring if that's a card effect. We weren't sure if it was a once per turn thing. In another light if you have two animals in hand can you reveal both for a 2d4 bonus?

Yes to everything except the last one.

You can use each card or power once per step or check. This prevents you from using that power to reveal an animal and then do it again.

KennedyHawk wrote:

What happens to undefeated monsters are they shuffled back in the deck or returned to the box like boons after an unsuccessful check?

Shuffled back in. This applies to Barriers as well.

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The only thing elite does is mark cards that get permanently removed during adventure 5+. (See the Adventure Path card for the actual rule)

There are no deck building rules regarding Elite cards so you have to acquire them to add them to your deck like other types of cards.

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Indeed you are right (And Vic is always right).

Although in my opinion the "Remember that" part of the sentence is a tiny bit confusing since it implies that it is referring back to the rule about Encountering a card not extending that rule to also apply in all checks attempted. (But that is just rulebook phrasing minutiae)

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Vic Wertz wrote:
Why would you think you could only recharge one such armor at the end of your turn?

The rules in "Encountering a Card" say that "Each player may play no more than 1 card of each type during each step". Since this generally applies during other steps of the game as well (because if it didn't then you could play any number of blessing to close a location, for example) it could also be inferred that could could only play one armor while resetting your hand. So if recharging the armor is playing the armor when you could only play one of them.

At least that is where I am getting that restriction from (Since I brought it up in this thread so I thought I would mention why).

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My opinion is that using the recharge effect on the armor does qualify as playing the card. I would think it qualifies as the "Performing another action specified by that card" which is exactly what you are doing.


I guess that would also means that you can only recharge a single armor when you reset your hand because you can only play one armor card during that step. Putting it that way makes me feel like this is wrong.... so maybe it doesn't count as playing that card.

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skizzerz wrote:
Ilpalazo wrote:
For question # 4 does that mean that Imrijka, who's divine goes off of wisdom, can use non combat wisdom blessings against divine checks such as picking up a cure spell or a blessing.
Yes. Any Divine check is also a Wisdom check for her, so you can play cards that affect either.

Imrijka is actually one of the few characters where this is not always true. Since she can recharge a card to add a 1d4 and the Divine trait to any check against a monster so can actually have a Strength, Ranged, and Divine check which is not a Wisdom check.

(Note this is still true when doing spell stuff. Her normal Divine check is also a Wisdom check. I don't want to try and confuse people with technicalities.)

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Well, you have to test your new weapon on something. Better another character than yourself. :D

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Honestly one of the reasons I like Balazar is that I like all his Power Feats. I choose Tyrannomancer because I wanted to recharge my spells and spend discarded monsters (although not with Padrig). The summoned monster feats are tempting but less so in a party with Adowyn.

Not going Eidolomancer was tough though, being able to pass basically any check is very tempting. Super charging basic blessings is could also be really strong.

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Well, they can always go Tyrannomancer Balazar, There is a power feat on that role that lets you recharge the spells you discard to gain monsters.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Just to be super nitpicky... By RAW I think the Lady of Valor always stays in the discard pile even if you do encounter her.

Since when she is discarded a character summons and encounters her the "shuffle Lady of Valor in the blessing deck" is ignored because of the general rule for summoned cards to "never put it anywhere other than back in the box unless the card that caused you to summon it instructs you otherwise".

Obviously that is not what is actually supposed to happen but it should be brought up if we are getting into the evading summoned banes territory.

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Just play a Mythic Champion and enjoy your free boons when encountering the boss.

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Mongrels are actually Elite, strange but it is true.

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Another in this vein is a non-caster (that can get spell card feats) displaying spells (like Ghost Wolf) and then ending the game without having had to banish them. Do they get to keep them in their deck?

Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber

Is that location actually used anywhere except the special text on the monster Deacon of Death? (I haven't gotten set 5 so it might be used there)

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You could take Hierophant and then add one combat spell to deck. That way when you really need to roll a bunch of d20s then you can still do that.

Our Adowyn took Hierophant which makes certain she recharges all her spells and made sure we could actually succeed at Rallying Cry. While she is less good at combat then the other members of the party we just spend blessings when she runs into anything nasty.

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The reduce combat damage by making an Acrobatic test seems really lackluster. Maybe if it was any damage or if the damage reduction started at 2 then it would be considerable but it seems like a lot of investment for very little effect. (For example RotR Amiri can just get damage reduction 1 for combat damage for one power feat)

Also I would make it Dexterity or Acrobatics so you could conceviebly pick it or the Acrobatics training up in either order.

And I agree that Elite seems like a weird trigger. Maybe "non-Basic enemy with an adventure deck number equal to the current scenario"? Then he would get an additional exploration for defeating tougher monster.

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Here is our team:

Character Name: Adowyn
Role Card: Blight Scout
Skill Feats: Strength +1, Dexterity +2, Constitution +1, Wisdom +2, Charisma +1
Power Feats: +1 hand size; At the start of your turn, you may search your deck or discard pile for a cohort (* or a card that has the Animal trait)(* or a weapon) and put it into your hand, then recharge a card; You may recharge a card to evade a summoned bane (* or discard a card to allow another character to do so)
Card Feats: Spell +1, Item +1, Ally +1, Blessing +1
Weapons: Javelin, Demonbane Light Crossbow +1, Corrosive Dagger +1
Spells: Cure x 3
Armors: Celestial Armor 
Items: Archer’s Bracers, Manual of War, Scale of Resistance
Allies: Demon Hunter x2, Warhorse, Thylacine
Blessings: Blessing of Shelyn x 2, Blessing of Shax, Blessing of Baphomet, Blessing of Deskari
Mythic Path: Mythic Hierophant

Character Name: Balazar
Role Card: Tyrannomancer
Skill Feats: Strength +1, Dexterity +1, Constitution +1, Wisdom +1, Charisma +3
Power Feats: +1 hand size; You may discard (* or recharge) a spell to draw a random monster from the box; You may banish a monster from your hand to draw a card (* or add 1d4 to any check to defeat a barrier)(* or to any check to acquire a weapon, an armor, or an item)
Card Feats: Spell +2, Item +1, Ally +1
Spells: Enchanted Fang x 2, Skitter, Agility, Good Omen, Mirror Image, Glibness
Armors: Armor of the Pious
Items: Wand of Cancellation, Wardstone Fragment, Banner of Valor
Allies: Retainer, Apprentice, Wolf, Fortune-Teller
Blessings: Blessing of Iomedae x 3, Blessing of Shax
Mythic Path: Mythic Marshal

Character Name:[/b] Enora
Role Card: Eldritch Savant
Skill Feats: Strength +1, Dexterity +1, Constitution +1, Intelligence +2, Wisdom +1, Charisma +1
Power Feats: When you attempt a check to acquire a spell (* or an item), you may use your Knowledge skill in place of any listed skill; Discard (* or recharge) a spell to reduce Cold or Fire (* or Acid, Electricity, or Force) damage dealt to you (* or to any character at your location) to 0.
Card Feats: Spell +2, Item +1, Ally +1
Spells: Life Drain, Fiery Glare x 3, Ice Strike, Good Omen, Hellmouth Lash, Force Missile
Items: Black Robe, Demon Hunter’s Handbook, Ring of Forcefangs, Wand of Paralyze
Allies: Interrogator, Carbuncle, Frog
Blessing: Blessing of Abraxax, Blessing of Torag, Blessing of Sarenrae, Blessing of Pulura
Mythic Path: Mythic Archmage

Character Name: Arueshalae
Role Card: Redeemed
Skill Feats: Dexterity +4, Constitution +1, Charisma +2
Power Feats: +1 hand size; You may evade your encounter (* then if it is your turn, you may move); When the cohort Arueshalae's  Gift is displayed next to a character’s deck, add 1d4(*+1) to his checks that use the marked skill. At the start of your (* or any) turn, you may add Arueshalae's Gift to your hand. 
Card Feats: Item +2, Ally +2
Weapons: Flaming Spear +1, Starbow, Spirit Blade, Skirmishing Spear
Armors: Sniper’s Studded Leather
Items: Spherewalker Staff, Scale of Disguise, Scale of Sacred Weaponry, Swallowtail Bracers, Sacred Prism
Allies: Druid of the Storm, Druid of the Leaf, Lann, Kimroth Otai
Blessings: Blessing of the Starsong x2, Blessing of Sarenrae, Blessing of Nethys, Blessing of Abadar
Mythic Path: Mythic Champion

Redeemed Cards: Black Robe, Ghoul Hide, Stalker’s Crossbow

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