Monkey business

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A cavalier walks through the market area, sees a merchant with some monkeys. Cavalier buys 1 of said merchants monkeys. Than begins to train this monkey to carry around a cure light, and wen ever he falls unconscious, the monkey feeds the potion to him. Thoughts, comments, critiques, advice?

Silver Crusade

I'd be fine with it. Just make sure the monkey zaps him with the wand if he Is sleeping and the monkey is awake.

Silver Crusade

Err. Or have him force feed the potion to him while he is sleeping (using up the potion)

Didnt think about that part, might have to buy a cage than.

Liberty's Edge

Or try and teach him when he can do it like guarding. Or take the potion back.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

We had mentioned that he might poor the wrong potion down his throat like that bottle of alchemist fire.

sure why not monkeys are probably smart enough to do that

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