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Sanityfaerie wrote:

Your three party members are all primarily martials, but we're going to need a bit more in the way of build details.

- Is your monk planning on going high-strength (and thus playing with maneuvers) or not?
- Is the thaum planning on going primarily melee or primarily ranged?
- Is the thaum planning on covering all of the Recall Knowledge checks via charisma (like thaums do) or not?
- Similar for the magus - starlit span, or one of the more melee-based types?

That said... I probably would have suggested Bard if it weren't for your later note, as Bard tends to do really well as the sole caster in a party of martials.

Honestly, though, it doesn't sound like the party that you all are forming up really *needs* to be super-optimized. Given that, you're better off picking something that you personally will enjoy doing, and certainly adding a caster to this party would not be a mistake.

I believe the monk will go strength and possibly maneuvers. The Thaum plans to do a cavalier thing. The person playing the magus is still new but I believe they plan to be more melee based if they stick with the magus. Me I am having a hard time focusing in any particular direction.

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breithauptclan wrote:
Lunchbox3000 wrote:
What build would you run in this group? What is missing? How can I find something exciting for a character to play?

Those are three very different questions.

The first one is mostly irrelevant. What I would play isn't necessarily something that you would find fun.

The second one is somewhat relevant. But there are always a lot of things missing from a party. So there are plenty of options to choose from.

The third is something that you have to determine for yourself.


But to help you with the second question, what I notice first is that the party is rather low on in-combat healing. Cleric Archetype doesn't get Divine Font, so you are relying on the very limited number of spell slots for in-combat healing.

That can be mostly offset by having most or all of the characters picking up Medicine skill and Combat Medicine. But otherwise you are going to struggle a bit if anyone gets hit hard.

A Divine or Primal full spellcaster (Druid, Sorcerer, maybe Witch) or even Occult caster (Bard) with Soothe would not be a bad choice.

Other alternatives would be something with an in-combat focus spell healing like Blessed One or Champion.


And that is not even scratching the surface of what other interesting characters that you could come up with if you decide as a party to go with the limited spell slots of your Archetype Cleric and Combat Medicine.

Fighter for some more reliable high damage. Rogue for more skills. Champion for more defense and party survivability. Bard, or Swashbuckler with Marshal Archetype for party buffs.

Thanks. I think I lean towards a spellcaster as well. I have played a bard and while fun not sure I want to go back this soon. Druid has come up quite a bit in my musings. What are some ways the Druid could be fun and interesting and not just there for say heals?

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The party consists of fleshwarp monk/cleric, half-orc gnome thaum/cavalier, and some variety of magus most likely.
We are going to be using Free Archetype and Ancestral Paragon. I have gone over what seems like tons of ideas in my head. The GM is allowing almost any ancestry I don't think he really cares about the rarity on anything. We will be playing in Gatewalkers. To me it looks like we could use more magic and or some ranged capability. What build would you run in this group? What is missing? How can I find something exciting for a character to play?

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This sounds cool. Sadly both classes I am not quite up to speed with. I learn best by playing them. Imaginary weapon looks like an awesome cantrip though. How does that AMP work with spellstrike?

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I was reading a few posts and saw this pop up a lot as a good option. I am not very familiar with Magus but this sounds pretty interesting. I am curious using FA(Free Archetype), how would you guys build a Starlit Span Magus to get the most out of it? If it helps I believe we will most likely be playing the Kingmaker campaign.

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pauljathome wrote:

With that party I'd definitely go with caster as my primary role with a strong side line in healing (barbarians tend to need LOTS of healing and go down a LOT).

Personally, I'd probably (by level 5) take Order explorer. Primary would be storm druid, at level 2 take medic, at level 4 order explorer Leaf. at level 6 plan on taking the Order spell to get goodberry.

Max out wisdom. Nature, Medicine, Survival are your key skills. Religion because why not :-).

Skill feats all go to medicine. Battle medicine, assured medicine by level 6, ward medic, continual recovery, godless healing. Order depends on what others in your party are doing.

This is pretty much the character I'm playing in Extinction Curse. DEcent healer, good blaster, lots of utility. If you want you can even eventually add in wild shape as well and eventually get Dragon Form.


My group uses Free Archetype Variant. This is what I have built so far.

Ancestry: Leshy
Background: Herbalist
Heritage: Leaf Leshy
Ancestry Feats:
1: Leshy Lore
5: Leshy Superstition

Class feats:
1: Storm Order\Storm Born
2: Order Explorer(Leaf)
4: Order Magic (Leaf)

Free Archetype
2: Rogue Dedication
4: Basic Trickery: Mobility

Skill Feats:
1: Natural Medicine
2: Battle Medicine, Bon Mot
4: Ward Medic

General Feat:
3: Fleet

One thing I do need some additional assistance on is picking gear for this level.

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pauljathome wrote:

Before you do anything else, sit down with your GM and determine how wild shape is going to work at your table. There are a whole host of unresolved issues and they are very much going to affect how to best build a wild shaping character.

I presume by "edgewatch game" you mean the Agents of Edgewatch AP. One bit of advice specifically for that AP is that there are LOTS of times where the environment is going to restrict the size you can become (no real spoiler there, it IS an urban adventure after all). That makes Form Control very, very, very useful to you. All but essential.

I'd be planning on taking the monk archetype some time before level 10 so that at level 10 you can take flurry.

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish and what the GM tells you about how wild shape works at your table your best option for a wild shaper MAY be a martial of some sort taking a druid archetype. May be at least worth considering that alternative.

Again, depending on what you're trying to accomplish, druids make wonderful godless healing medics. You can build a character with (at level 5) Str 18, Wis 19, some dex, some con to flavour. Be a good spell caster when that is optimal, wild shape when you want to, use medicine to make a quite decent healer.

One key thing is to set your expectations appropriately. A druid wild shaping will still do significantly less damage than a martial does. Given all the benefits of your spells that is perfectly fine. But be aware that IS the tradeoff.

Oh, and if you're planning on being in wild shaped form a LOT then you'll want to get some kind of martial reaction in to add to your attacks. Attack of Opportunity is certainly a good option. You can get a lot of reach, might as well use it :-)

One last point. A druid is a very flexible class but any individual druid is far less so. Have a firm idea of how you're expecting to contribute to the group. A druid can make a quite decent healer, a quite decent melee character, a good AoE blaster, a good single target caster,...

I see everything your saying. The more I look the more I think maybe casty druid. Our party is barb with companion, reach barb, rogue, cleric champ and sometimes witch. Shapes look fun but melee is crowded. Indecisiveness is also killing me.

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Gortle wrote:

HalfElf Flurry Ranger

Because you asked ** spoiler omitted **...

I have a couple questions.

1. How soon does this come online? Would it be real good even starting at like 5th level?

2. Can you show me how the MAP gets so low? I don't play a lot of high levels.

3. How different would it be with the free archetype rule as that is what my group uses?

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We are in an edgewatch game and I am looking to making a wildshape druid after our party wipe. My goup uses Free Archetype rules. I was curious as to what my build should look like. Starting at lvl 5 but maybe what the future might hold. Also I am not sure what race I really want.

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We are using the free archetype rules. Its not technically multiclass.
I do contenplate maybe grabbing other archetypes after a few levels of rogue but idk.

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Hehe. I have cropped the picture to remove the sword. Still mixing with rogue because the flavor feels right. I agree fully on staying out of melee. Really appreciate the spell and feat suggestions so far.

Looking at Dread striker it seems I cannot get it until Level 8 under advanced trickery?

so for Rogue feats it looks like
2 rogue Dedication
4 basic trickery (Mobility)
6 adv trickery (you're next)
8 adv trickery (dread striker)

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Gortle wrote:

Why Rogue? Is it just for the skills or is there a concept in mind?

In the same vein why Draconic? Are you wanting to use true strike with a sneak attack bonus? Is there a weapon preference? Or are you wanting flight or breath weapon?

I wanted to try an arcane sorcerer. I went with rogue because I had an image I found with leather armor and such. It seemed cool. I liked this street urchin enrolled into the Edgewatch trying to prove herself concept that came from it.

I would add image her if I could/knew how from phone.

Here is link to reddit post with image. m_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

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Building the titled character and I could use some assistance with feat and spell progression. Its free archetype rogue sounds cool with my concept. Maybe another later.

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I guess other than the Apex item bit that Fuzzy answered so well my question is what are the levels certain items are more or less expected. Like it is expected you to get striking by level 4 or armor pluses by 5.

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I like to read builds to help me find stuff to try because I cannot help but munchkin a bit. I have a question about a couple things I was reading in another post about munchkin'ing a monk. One of the posters mentioned an apex item and having certain items by certain levels. Can you guys enlighten me on what items normal characters should I have by what levels so I can make sure the groups I play in are kept up to date I guess with monsters. The four games I am in are all pretty low level except one which we are level 8. While it is not high there are definitely some fights that are rough. And also what is an example of an apex item?

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Both of these sound good. I have kind of wanted to try Monk. I think building it soubds pretty fun. What archetypes would blend well with it?

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So everyone is in the early stages as just yesterday a friend is switching her 5e game to an agents of edgewatch adventure. I do not know what everyone is playing. I heard maybe cleric and lizardman fighter i think.
Looking for a fun concept/build as new ideas come slow to me. I do know we will be using the rule for archetype feats.

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This is resolved. Apparently a neighbor a few streets over held onto my package for weeks before dropping it to me and my local mail person is a buffoon.

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Lunchbox3000 wrote:
I am trying to reach out regarding my subscription shipments. This may not be you guys but I see the shipment was sent back in July. I believe the 10th of July it said my order was complete. I have not seen my book yet and I just got notification of the next item shipping. Can you please help me track down my item and where it might be? Thanks

Today I just received my August order but I have yet to receive the one from July with the first book in the AP. Please respond. Everytime I call the line just rings and the voice mail is full. Also emailing has yet to yield a response either.

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I am trying to reach out regarding my subscription shipments. This may not be you guys but I see the shipment was sent back in July. I believe the 10th of July it said my order was complete. I have not seen my book yet and I just got notification of the next item shipping. Can you please help me track down my item and where it might be? Thanks

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Hiruma Kai wrote:

I'm not so familiar with Golarian Lizardfolk lore.

As for stat spread, maybe something like: 18 Str, 12 Dex, 12 Con, 10 Int, 12 Wis, 14 Cha.
Plan to grab heavy armor and shield. Eventually trident with returning rune from Divine Ally would be cool.

Some combos that stick out at me immediately:
12th level Divine Wall + 9th level Lizardfolk Terrain Advantage = Any enemy adjacent to you are flat footed to you.

Cliffscale Lizardfolk + Gecko's Grip + Divine Ally Returning Trident = Be 20 feat up a wall and throwing your trident at enemies

Deity's Domain (Nature - Vibrant Thorns) + Lay on Hands + Devoted Focus = 1d6 per spell level of damage back to attackers every fight

If you want water flavor, then the swim speed ancestry is probably good, and then going down Marsh runner, swift swimmer and terrain advantage seems good.

As for champion, if you're going Gozreh, your only option is NG, which means redeemer.

Here's two paths. A Vibrant Thorns build to damage enemies attacking you:

1st: Deity's Domain (Nature - Vibrant Thorns)
2nd: Divine Grace or Weight of Guilt
3rd: Divine Ally (Blade or in this case, trident, and add returning rune)
4th: Light of Revelation (mostly for the extra 1 focus - could retrain to this at 10th from something else like mercy)
6th: Smite Evil
8th Quick Block
9th Terrain Advantage
10th Devoted Focus (This lets you use both vibrant thorns and lay on hands per fight, which means a round of 5d6 thorns damage).
12th Divine Wall

A second path might focus on the travel domain:

1st: Deity's Domain (Travel - Agile Feet)
2nd: Divine Grace or Weight of Guilt
3rd: Divine Ally (Blade)
4th: Mercy
6th: Smite Evil
8th: Advanced Deity's Domain (Travel - Traveler's transit which lets you fly at 9th)
9th: Terrain Advantage
10th: Quick Block
12th: Divine Wall

Thanks a lot for these. Can you explain the thorns bit for me? How do we get d6s? I thought some other thing needs cast in between or it's just 1 point. Then you mention it being 5d6.

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K1 wrote:
Lunchbox3000 wrote:
Gozreh's only good alignment is neutral. I believe this forces me into Redeemer. For divine ally my thoughts are to choose blade. I think this is really good as in a pinch I can throw the javelin.

Could be a good choice.

The returning rune will let you able to have a returning weapon since lvl 3.

On the other hand, about the javelin

This thin spear is well balanced for throwing but is not designed for melee use.

But I guess you meant the trident, as you stated before ( just wanted to be sure you intended to use the trident and not the javelin ).

I suggest you then

Lvl 2 - dedication ( for skills and maybe something else. Barbarian is cool for the rage too ) or divine Grace for saving vs spells ( but not magical effects ).

Lvl 4 - aura of courage is the best feat here. Some enemies has far aura which gives you frightened 1 on success and 2 on failure ( with aura of courage you instantly reduce the condition by 1 )

Lvl6 - smite evil, because of the extra dmg and good dmg ( pun intended ).

Lvl8 - quick block is excellent. 1 extra reaction for shield block.

Lvl 10 - radiant blade

Lvl 12 - dunno

Lvl 14 - divine reflexes. Best talent. Extra reaction for your champion reaction.

Lvl 16 - Dunno

Lvl 18 - celestial form ( flying speed. But maybe could be too Gross to see a flying lizardman ).

Lvl 20 - radiant blade

Totally meant trident. I think this is close to how I did it up in pathbuilder. The champion feats I felt like I didn't have enough and then the skill feats kept coming but nothing struck me as get that except medicine ones.

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Gozreh's only good alignment is neutral. I believe this forces me into Redeemer. For divine ally my thoughts are to choose blade. I think this is really good as in a pinch I can throw the javelin.

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K1 wrote:
Lunchbox3000 wrote:


We do intend to do a zero session to build/finalize any character ideas and mesh them into the story


I also suggest you to check how medicine works ( and how it can be Enhanced with skill feats )

Here you can find medicine checks, and on the feats page all the skill feats

I know I am pressing too much on medicine, but in this 2e is way to important since it would be the main ability during short rests.

Finally, here's the lizardfolk ancestry page

Thanks will definitely read through those.

I have been watching some oblivion oath and a little bit of knights of everflame and I have seen what medicine can do for you. I think I will just stick with core champion unless someone feels it is more worth it to MC and can help explain.

Wetland Iruxi Champion of Gozreh. Wielding trident and shield. Any tips or suggestions I should be cognizant of whilst building the character/leveling?

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We do intend to do a zero session to build/finalize any character ideas and mesh them into the story
@Hiruma Kai
Put that way it sounds simple and almost obvious. I am intrigued by the lizard folk. Any suggestions on building him out? Is there a good region or area he should probably be from?

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I really appreciate the feedback. I typically play caster or skill characters in games but I like a good DPS monstrosity every once in a while. Of the fighter/champion/barb, my big consideration was maybe doing a Giant Instinct Barbarian. Although Fury doesn't look far behind in damage. Maybe I need someone to point me at a cool story element or something that I might lean on to help influence a character.

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tivadar27 wrote:

I'd been looking into a similar build either with a leshy or goblin, so I might have some help:

1. Regarding 1st level, consider just wearing heavy armor without the proficiency. That's an AC of 15 or 16 (if you can afford full plate at some point) plus shield, which is going to be better than unarmored with your terrible dexterity.
2. My cleric was looking to be a blaster and follow Sarenrae. Turns out Fire Ray is some of the best damage in the game when it comes to 1st level scaling spells, 2d6 + 2d6 per spell level, with a ton of persistent fire on a critical. Not saying you should go that way, but definitely look into touch spells, as they target AC and can benefit from flanking. If you go this route, also consider MC Sorcerer for Dangerous Sorcery. It'll boost your Lightning Bolt Damage and you'll meet the requirements already if you've taken champion.
3. What feats are you thinking of from champion? My thought was Lay on Hands for the extra FP/additional healing and Champion's Reaction (NG) for a good reaction to prevent damage.
4. Think about your action economy. Most spells are 2 actions to cast and raising a shield takes an additional action (unless you can squeeze in Reactive Shield). That doesn't really give you much flexibility in terms of moving and whatnot.

I think that's about it. If you have additional ideas/thoughts, I'd be curious to hear them.

I am still trying to figure this all out. To be honest I do not know much about each class yet. Really I am in the planning stages and intend for my healing mostly to be out of combat as I believe things should be killed fast and then out of combat do the fixing of people. My first thought was Monk it was the first thing that sold me until I found that the person joining our group who had never play any rpg wanted to try monk. Thats when I was trying to think of something fun to play that could tank as the group really lacks them. I have not read the book completely. I have just read most of the adventuring/combat chapter. I have been skimming characters for ideas. My main thought was to be a frontliner to help the squishies. My typical characters tend to be casters/skill guys. Someone had suggested me taking cleric then MCing champion and I thought it might work. Skimming through abilities and such pointed m to Gozreh and I pictured a trident wielding lizardfolk.

I hope thats not too much rambling. I just wanted to give you an idea of how I came here. Sadly I do my characters backwards to most people I find cool mechanics then make it. In this I don't know the mechanics so well just trying to find a good fit for the party.

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This is true. Hence the I have to survive past 1st to get me some armor from Champion

My other thoughts were maybe going with a fighter, champ, or barb. Truth be told I am very undecided and I am glad I have two weeks till session 0

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K1 wrote:

Lvl 1 is not that hard. You will simply go down if they happen to crit or hit you too much.

Remember that being a healer and a tank is pretty hard because of aoo which disrupting your actions.

Remember also that in this version tanks are used to be hit. They can mostly work towards not being critted than not being hit.

Better focus on healing an let melee to take dmg. Eventually you could use your champion reaction too. But if you have to heal stay back.

See I have heard numerous things going back and forth trying to come up with what I want to play. The party's only melee guy before me is the monk. The Ranger intends to stand back and shoot. The sorcerer is planning on being a Hag

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I wan to build a Cleric(Cloistered) of Gozreh. I am most likely the tank and healer and this will require me to survive level 1. My thoughts lean to Iruxi as an Iruxi climbing out of the water with trident and shield in hand seems very fitting. My question is how would you guys build this? Would it be viable? The rest of the part will be Monk, Sorcerer, and Ranger.

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Ravingdork, What do you use for those character sheets?

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I called and a lady resolved the issue.

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I am trying to start an adventure path subscription Hell Knight Hill. Every time I start the checkout process I select Hell Knight hill. Then I proceed through shipping and order steps 2 and 3. I get to step 4 and it automatically has switched back to the module 2 adventures ago.

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Well my Dragonkin was shot down. What are your thoughts on the skittermander? I think it could work though I am worried about losing skills. Also he will be a space pirate because he is fierce.

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Thanks. I skimmed through most of your guide. I really like it and appreciate the input. Part of me contemplated trying to take one of the Dragon Glaives and I think that is part of what makes this difficult. I noticed the melee build you forgo Graviton for more photon stuff. Doesn't that hinder you trying to get your abilities going.

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I've played quite a bit of games but my home group will soon be trying Starfinder. I saw Dragonkin and really want to play one. Not having read all the rules yet is probably making this harder but I want to make him a Solarian and crush people in melee. I could really use some help in how to build him and knowing what's good and bad about Solarian and how to mitigate the bad. I do plan to bond with the operative in the group whom has like +10 init.

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So I stopped playing Pathfinder for a while as we started playing less mechanically heavy systems. I feel a bit out of the loop but I want to build a Witch for a game coming soon where we will be exploring The Emerald Spire. Any recommendations? Is there any new hotness? Is there another class that could do better? I think the last book I read was Advanced Class Guide although to be honest I did not get far in it. So yeah my thoughts are playing some sort of witch nothing particular in mind about it other than shutting people down like they do.

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Should I combine both fire bomber and winged marauder? Any build recommendations?

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Why would a Goblin in Irissen join a group? What is his motivation and why would he follow these people?
The party is a summoner, sorcerer, and hunter with a mammoth. I do not know what races.

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I will be joining a small group playing in RoW. The GM got pretty excited when I mentioned the thought of an Alchemist and is nudging me in that direction all though I looked at many options.
He is letting us use any non 3rd party books. 25 point buy. I will be joining at 4th level. Wanting to weigh the pros and cons of either Tiefling or Goblin.

For RP the goblin would be fun but I will also need some good reason for him to join the group. The Tiefling has some cool factor because wings, tail, and such.

What are your thoughts?

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So... our last campaign abruptly ended after a party wipe. So we are going to be playing in Skull and shackles again. Starting at about level 4. Through some hurried decision making and the fact that all the other characters are melee focused I decided to go with a Human Tattooed Stormborn Sorcerer. I am looking for advise on how I should build him and feats or spells to pick. As characters were made quick I may be able to convince him to let me change a few things.
So far feats I picked Spell Focus (Evocation), Spell Penetration (Evocation), and Improved initiative.
For spells I chose Magic Missile, Grease, Mage Armor, and Obscuring Mist.
So like I said I am curious as to possible suggestions or improvements and ways to go moving forward.

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Domestichauscat wrote:

Phalanx fighter is my favorite. Grab three levels of this archetype and then you can hold a polearm in one hand while holding a shield in the other. So go two weapon fighting (preferably via two levels of ranger so you don't pump a lot of points into Dex) and the shield slam feats. Then when you hit with your shield and free bull rush the foe, you get a free attack with your polearm in addition to your other attacks. And even if you don't bull rush him, you can 5 foot step away and still spear him. And if you're cornered, you're fine because you can still bash that dude with a shield.

Very fun fighting style, I'm having a ball with a hellknight that rolls this way.

That sounds totally cool. Care to share your build?

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Well look at that. I hadn't even contemplated that. We always play that we go in the same initiative, but readying that attack should work. Thanks

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I just wanted to say that I played this build today and I loved it! The only issue I noticed is that the first attack from my T-Rex seemed lack luster as it was hard to land without the teamwork bonuses. We were also only level 3 so that may be part of it.

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I don't know if I am up for multiclassing. My character is pretty good, but I do have a couple questions before my game tomorrow.
1. What are some pros and cons of bodyguard archetype for my character here?
2. What are some spell recommendations? (Right now I took lead blades, cure light, resist energy, and magic fang)

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Lol true. Part of my original thought before I read up on the group was that my love had been part of the group and I was attempting to atone for betraying her and her death, by putting them ahead of my own needs. I haven't even totally thought of why she died or how that happened. Given the situation my guess is she will have been an elf.

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So I am not the GM of this campaign however I am working on some back story. So please no spoilers. I am playing a half orc hunter with a T-rex. So far I had the thoughts that his actions had lead to the betrayal and death of his love. The gm said he would be part of this mercenary group. Upon looking some stuff I find they are all elves. So why would they let a half orc into their midst and why would he join snobby elves?

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QuidEst wrote:


Oh, first level? … Extended Prestidigitation.

Realized I couldn't read either just now. I would go with enlarge person.

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Is asking for Wish or miracle wrong?

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I say make him blind for awhile or at least from the one eye at least until he finds a cleric or something to cast like restoration or remove blindness maybe. Now he has a new quest. I often have fun with spontaneity.

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