[Player here, plz no spoilers] Third session with the first book, getting bored

Skull & Shackles

So far we've only been railroaded into a daily routine in the ship with not much in the way of plot advancement of any sort, with chores and drudgery around every corner. The most fun we'd had was fighting rats.

9th day on the boat so far. Does this ever pick up pace?

Also, we'll we ever get a chance to get good armor in this book?

The timing is because it is expected of the PC to make friends and swing the other crew to their side. If you are really finding it boring, just ask if you can skip ahead to the next day that something happens.

Yes, the pace does pick up.

If you're looking for heavy armor, this is not the campaign for you. Light armor and even medium armor is popular with pirates. If you're looking for something more, ask the GM if you can buy what you want from the armory.

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Patience friend!
the first half of nearly every AP almost always has little to do with the actual plot of the AP as a whole.

I dont spoil treasure (especially since thats the first thing a GM should change to accommodate his party) so i guess you'll just have to wait and see:-)

have fun, it picks up, you won't always be Mr. Plugg's b~@!$:-p

Yeah, just a friendly tip for GMs, don't take three sessions to move this adventure along :7

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Yeah 3 is too much for 1st nine days, how many in your party

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The first few sessions are there for you to feel oppressed, trapped and build up a hatred for the captain and his crew. There should also be the chance for exploration and for lots of interactions with the crew; make use of it!

But three sessions could be a bit long, unless you are a heavy RP group.

Don't worry, soon you'll wish for those boring days aboard the Wormwood.

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Yeah, 3 sessions for 9 days seems really slow. In 3 sessions with our group (5 players, each session is about 6 hours) we got through about 20 days.

Depends on how much RP the GM/players are doing each day, or how long it takes people to decide on their tasks, etc.

Heavy armor is doable during the land sections of the AP. PCs might want a suit for boats and another for land.

Yeah, that is a ton of time sitting around doing mostly nothing except for tedious skill checks and the like. I think we were in the next adventure by our third session. Of course, our sessions run pretty long compared to most people though. It will definitely pick up later down the road. The adventures as written do have some decent armor, but I can't think of anything too amazing in them. Like somebody said up-thread, it mostly consists of light and medium armors.

Yeah, we got past the chores on the ship bit in about four hours.

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We introduced liars dice From potc,so for a while there we were going along at 2 days per session because everyone loved the pirate games so much

The first month on the ship is where roleplaying groups are better than rollplaying, as you're supposed to befriend the crewmembers. My group had a lot of fun, because I took the time and effort to make each character unique and interesting

I'll be honest, I found the first 3 sessions torturous, because while a lot of the roleplaying is a lot of fun...I was playing an Int 8 swashbuckler, and I sucked at virtually every skill check, which was the only thing we got to roll. Mostly, while I understand the logic of "get the players to hate the officers and plot their freedom" thing, I dislike having next to no agency, being bereft of weapons and other gear.

Yeah, I'm a Besmaran Inquisitor with good ranks on Profession (Sailor), Acrobatics, Climb, Swim, Stealth, Perception... but I suck at all social skills, so I feel pretty useless most of the time, not having enough STR to participate in gambling or tossing, having only okay Fort for drinking games but not enough to ensure success, and being literally useless at everything else...

Heh, you should try it by PbP. It's been five months and we only just had the GM dispense with the daily checks. I actually liked them a lot, as well as the options for night-time activities.

We are slowly working our way through the crew, making them either Friendly or Helpful....

Those days aboard the ship are to be used making friends and allies among the other crew which you'll need later. You can also sneak around at night to scavenge for gear. Maybe your group isn't aware of all of your options during these days. It's also a fantastic role playing experience and can be used by a GM to build up a huge amount of tension and apprehension on the ship. By the end of the time on the Wormwood, my game had a real pressure-cooker feeling for the PCs.

If your GM or your group doesn't enjoy role playing and creating or being a part of that kind of atmosphere, yep, the first part of "Wormwood Mutiny" is a total grind. Especially if it's reduced to simple dice rolling. Some people recommend skipping ahead in those days. Although I wouldn't have done that for anything, it might work better for some groups.

As far as getting armor or items in general, there are definitely some chances to get loot (sneaking and stealing and scavenging at night) as well as rewards from Captain Harrigan and loot hoards later in the book but you're not going to be seeing a settlement from which you can buy things until "Raiders of the Fever Sea".

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Keep in mind that you're not required to stick to the book *exactly* during that first part.

In my group, I spiced things up a bit with a more robust set of ship's entertainments to keep things more interesting in the evenings, but also by shaving a few days off (admittedly, my group has five PCs so that was mostly in the interest of keeping the total ship actions where they should have been) and adding my own slightly-modified version of Dudemeister's mod of 'Salvage Operation' from Dungeon #123 around day 10 or so.

I also took the time to throw a d6 about 200 times and a d20 about 500 times and work out not only what job each crew member is doing each day, but also whether or not they succeed at it, so that my players can know who's available to interact with during work, and so that there's more than just the five of them getting roughed up during Bloody Hour.

Above all else, remember that as a GM, your primary job is making sure that everyone at the table is having fun. Don't hold to the script if nobody's enjoying it, and don't be afraid to ask the players for input between sessions so that you can bend things into a better direction.

The first section is supposed to be about role-playing, building alliances, exploring the ship, and general non-combat stuff. In our group, we had a tremendous amount of fun with it. It's a very open, free environment. Sneak around, make plots, encourage NPCs to support you, and that sort of thing. There's a TON to discover on the ship and with the NPCs.

You are kept low on wealth until level 2. This is a known issue of the AP, but it helps the story. Once you work for yourselves, things pick up. Both WBL and action.


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