Ok so me and my friends rotate in and out for the position of DM. The next guy up is doing a god mode campain the basics are as follows. We start as level 40 colossal sized beings we can't double up on alignments or domains so I chose chaotic evil 7 headed 7 tailed black dragon that caries the name of creater of dragons and father of sin. I am the Inbodyment of the seven deadly sins now out off all the guys I play with I'm neither the best or the worst at making characters I have most of the Dragon done and have taken 22 levels in dragon and 18 levels in sorcerer. What I haven't started on yet is my secondary character. A level 40 half dragon human and 18 levels in sorcerer. Basically during our fist fight with the head god we loose all our powers (kinda) then have to take on each other's creations to get our powers back. The reason why I need help is I know I'm going to be the first one to be takin out by my comrades not only have I ben told this but our best character creater hates how I play chaotic evil(I'm a very sick disturbing kind of evil) so my goal is to have a character that when they try they have to fight for it and I take at least one with me.

only rule
there are no rules we can use any material.

If u are interested let me know I will try to post what I already have done tomorow once I see that I have some interested people. Thank u pathfinder community roll well and fight hard.

If you can, try to use the mythic rules. Each mythic tier increases your CR by 1/2 and add very powerful abilities, as the option to have an additional standard action per round, or to improve your spell casting (d10 x lvl fireballs for instance). I think that mythic could be more powerful than going epic level sorcerer (more than CL 20 isn't that useful by comparison).

I am not very familiar with that absurd level of power, so I can't help you more than guiding you toward mythic rules.

Unfortunately and this is a bad on me for not mentioning this we are not allowed to go mythic

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Epic regeneration, ferocity, and immune to staggered?

I wouldent put too much energy in to it this game is not gonna last very long. the bookkeeping alone is gonna kill it. Not to mention that the mechanics dosent work at that level. But if i am wrong i am very interested in Hearing how you guys pull if of. :)

I admit the idea seems crazy as well as this is the the DM first attempt at a campain so I agree I don't think it will last long or run well

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Wait, levels in dragon? Racial HD technically aren't "levels", so how does that work?

I just want to say good luck on this..kinda way out there for me, but I am
Personally I think you may get more mileage with beating each other senseless with pool noodles in the back yard.
Cause I see alot of rule problems in the future. :)

Good luck anyway.

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