Inquisitor Gestalt with...? Advice for Mummy's Mask (No spoilers, please)


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For sheer power: Cleric or Druid

For Ranged expert: Zen archer monk or Gunslinger

For Melee Dominance: Warpriest, slayer, or Ranger

Is there a write up on Osiris (Osirian god) anywhere?

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Kryzbyn wrote:
Is there a write up on Osiris (Osirian god) anywhere?

Yes. He's found here among other places.

Oh, I meant fluff. Thanks though.

Soulknife would be a good pair (possibly Gifted Blade archetype for more casting/mainfesting with your melee), and has good Stat synergy (similar to ranger).

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Kryzbyn wrote:
Oh, I meant fluff. Thanks though.

Well, first there's the place that mentions (AP #80...which should be easily accessible if you're playing it).

That's the only Pathfinder source, but for fluff...he's explicitly the same guy as the Egyptian mythological deity of the same name, so there's basically the whole internet, starting with a wikipedia page.

Ahh, thanks. I figure if I'm gonna be an inquisitor of his, I should know his tenets, dogma, etc.

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Kryzbyn, I've been contemplating your options for a few weeks now, and I think the Inquisitor blends best with Zen Archer Monk.

The Wis Synergy is pretty good, but if you pick the Feather domain you can have some incredible Perception checks. Furthermore, you're bonus bane arrow damage will stack incredibly well with flurry of blows. At 8th level, with the following equipment (You should have around 33K):

+1 Adaptive Longbow (+3 Str)
Bane Baldric
Headband Wis +2

Haste yourself as a swift action and fire the following Arrows:

+20/+20/+20/+15/+15 to hit, 1d8+4d6+8 damage per arrow (greater bane, not including judgments)

At 8th level the average monster should have an AC of 21. That's right, you should hit 95% of your initial attacks, and 70% of your iterative attacks for 26.5 average damage. Roughly 112.6 damage per round on average.

At CR8 critters also have 100 average hit points. You could solo combats from 110 feet, with +11 initiative (before traits and feats). Be a human, take focused study for skill focus (Perception) at 1st level and skill focus (Stealth or Sense Motive) at 8th level.

You could easily have +25 Perception and Sense Motive at 8th level.

That would be some inquisition action right there! If you go stealth for your second skill focus, name your guy Jimenez. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

The Zen Archer can pump out a lot of hits, and the bane/greater bane ability to stack damage just begs for a high attack rate.

Scarab Sages

Inquisitor/Bolt Ace as a gestalt fixes a great deal of the Bolt Ace problems by the inquisitor having proficiency in Repeating Crossbows. You'll have great wisdom synergy, and be able to have great damage. Once you get signature deed at 11 you'll be targeting touch ac vs everything in 120ft.

If you really want to go over the top, use Sacred Huntmaster for your inquisitor half, although Sanctified Slayer is good too.

We already have a guy who is goin ranged. Marksman (DSP psionics)/Zen Archer Monk.

The Sacred Huntsmaster is an awesome archetype for the Inquisitor that you shouldn't pass up in a Gestalt game. Would be perfect with a Cavalier or Swashbuckler or a Ranger.

I built a Sacred Huntsmaster a few days ago for a friend of mine. He was so excited about it and then after all that work putting it together and explaining to him how it works, he went and built a Barbarian build with his brother and won't talk about it other than to say it's awesome...

I can't think of any Barbarian build that would have a wide range of options that outshines a Sacred Huntsmaster. That big dork.

Forget the Cavalier, go Sohei all the way. Great saves, Evasion + Stalwart, Weapon Training, Ki Weapon, Flurry with Lance, Monastic Mount on your Animal Companion, etc. More importantly though, early access to important feats (Mounted Skirmisher at 6 when I can Lance-Flurry? Yes please).

Silver Crusade

nothing says badass like a gunlsinging inquisitor.

Go ahead, make my day While holding a barrel point blank at some poor sods face. If that doesn't get you GM bonus points for intimidation IDK what will.

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