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Can the magic weapon special ability called "Training" be added to an Amulet of Mighty Fists? to give you a combat feat basically.

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I've got a Kensai Magus, currently 18th level, who will be using Sense Vitals spell in a battle with a dragon.

What are some ways I can get Sneak Attacks in, besides flanking, against an Ancient dragon? I know about the Magus Arcana Prescient Attack already and will be using that too when I can. I also hope to use Gang-Up feat to help get flanking easier.

I'll be getting melee help from a 2-handed weapon fighter and an Unchained Rogue.
Also have a Skald and Wizard in the group.

Also looking for help on ways to overcome the dragon's spell resistance.

Can someone refresh my memory on how Bladed Dash, Telekinetic Charge, Force Hook Charge and Flash Forward spells work with the Magus on his Spell Combat ability?

So been away for a few years from this but is Paizo still going to make 1st edition stuff or only focusing on 2nd? I've done their playtest stuff where I bought the paperback book and didn't like it at all.

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Thanks everyone for the help!
I'm going to find myself some Soulsight Goggles and Wands of Faerie Fire and Glitterdust.

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MrCharisma wrote:

I mean, that's gonna be rough anyway. Even with See Invisibility active it's perfectly possible for the enemy to simply hide and summon monsters to attack you.

One higher level trick (which you'd need Spell Blending for) is the spell SUMMONER CONDUIT.

EDIT: It's a 5th level arcane spell, but if you have a good UMD (or a divine caster in the party) you can get it in a wand.

Can I use Spell Blending to gain spells that are labeled as Occult Rituals like Summoner Conduit?

That's a mighty fine looking spell if I do say so myself.

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Should've mentioned already that I knew about Glitterdust but Thanks for reminding me about True Strike.

I need something that can keep me from missing out on a spying enemy or someone controlling a summoned monster while invisible. Ran into this problem this evening and by the time I was able to move close to his location, he teleported away when he lost his invisibility.

I was planning on a Ring of Spell Storing at some point in my future.

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Like the title, what options do I have besides Spell Blending to get spells like See Invisibility? Is there any items out there that allow for seeing invisible creatures?

I know True Seeing is available as a 6th level spell. Looking for lower level spells or items.

strayshift wrote:
Improve that will save.

Yeah, that's going to be bad, I'll need to buff that up a lot.

I really like both Dampen Presence and Offensive Defense.
Both of those would be good choices.

Might need to look at something that wouldn't slow me down in difficult terrain etc... as well.

Thinking about this 16th level character idea, mainly because it'd start at this level in our campaign.

Half Orc 7th level 2 Handed Fighter (Nodachi for weapon) & 9 levels of Scout/Skulking-Slayer Rogue. Sacred Tattoo of course.

Other than Fate Favored, I don't have another trait picked.

Feats picked out and I think I need 1 more Rogue talent.

Feats: Power Attack, Furious Focus, Cleave, Great Cleave, Cleaving Finish, Improved Cleaving Finish, Vital Strike, Weapon Specialization, Combat Reflexes and Improved Surprise Follow-Through.

Talents: Weapon Focus, Improved Vital Strike, Surprise Follow-Through, still need another talent.

Need a ranged option, maybe a sling or returning javelin. Something to really utilize my strength of 24.

Basically I'm charging to sneak attack to get into melee or moving 15ft to improve Vital Strike sneak attack or grabbing several enemies clumped up for Cleave/Surprise Follow through.

Will want to have a keen & culling Nodachi for sure.

I've been away from Pathfinder for a bit and don't know if there are any other feat choices that would compliment this build.

Other than a STR belt and the magic Nodachi I haven thought of any other items

Thank you everyone for the advice and links!
I'm going to hang on to the Quicken Arcana.

Still kinda on the fence with Elemental Spell though.

Boosting my AC with Ring of Protection +5 so now I'll be at 36 before Haste and shield spell or mirror image or blur etc. Hopefully I'll have chances to self buff before hand and I could cast Blade Tutor's Spirit and use my Combat Expertise if needed.

I've got a 16th level Magus character made but I'm hesitant on taking Quicken Arcana. It seems that 1/day is pretty limiting but on the other hand it seems you might be glad you've had it.

Has anyone really found that the Quicken Arcana has really saved their character or party? Or has it been just situationally useful and not a deal breaker?

I have magical lineage Shocking Grasp, Intensified Spell and Empowered Spell but I'm on the fence with Elemental Spell. How often is there creatures resistant to Electricity damage? If I do need it, is Acid the better choice here?

Next question is if a 31 AC on a Kensai Magus is good or barely adequate? Are saves of Fort 17, Ref 18, WIL 17 good or do I need higher?

Lelomenia wrote:
Taja the Barbarian wrote:
Instead of VMC, take the Nature Soul + Animal Ally feats? Since Animal Ally stacks with subsequent Hunter levels, you should have a full strength companion at the cost of limited AC choices...
that build won’t meet the prereqs for Animal Ally. And the VMC description says that those options are intended to be used instead of traditional multiclassing, not in addition; though I’m not sure what the normal views on that are.

Yeah I'm not going with VMC anymore. Just the Animal Ally route

Name Violation wrote:

HUNTER/SACRED HUNTMASTER isn't eligible for Monstrous mount

divine bond (mount), hunter’s bond (animal companion), or mount class feature

They don't have any of those.

Inquisitor with chivalry inquisiton can get a mount

Thanks, I guess I was looking at the name Hunter's bond and thinking I had that. I'm feat starved anyway so I'll just go with a small cat. Didn't really want it for a mount to begin with just a melee partner

Yeah, that could work, I'm still thinking I'd have to use Boon Companion though to get it at exactly my level. But even then, I'm still ahead in feats vs. VMC route.

Making a new character at level 16 and I'm wondering if this build idea is viable.

Going Magus Bladebound up to level 12 then grabbing 3 levels of Hunter or Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor then Magus again. But I want to Variant Multiclass Druid alongside to have a fully leveled animal companion.

I also would like to use a feat to grab Monstrous Mount for a Worg companion and be able to share Teamwork Feats with it, but that's not necessary.

I'm going to be feat starved I think and I'm wondering if overall it'd be worth it or possible.

Magic Fang the 1st level Druid spell also doesn't work but it should. The spell description says it gives an item bonus. So with the new rules update you need to wait until 8th level at the earliest so your companions attacks to count as magical.

Thanks for responding with the page on mounted combat. That's something I didn't know.

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Lavieh wrote:
Eigengrau wrote:

My main attack schtick is casting Shillelagh on my Great Club. And using the Work Together Bear benefit of 1d8 slashing damage from the bear getting 2d10 Shillelagh and 1d8 slashing per hit. Next comes in Savage Slice to grant me another attack doing 3d10 Shillelagh and 1d8 slashing, this routine can last for about a minute.

Is this a loose interpretation of Savage Slice where the Work Together Bear Benefit makes your Weapon strike Slashing? I took it as the 1d8 was additional damage but not the strike itself, which is still blunt. Pretty sure Savage Slice has that specific requirement to prevent any use with Shillelagh.

Also really curious to where it states that you and your pet share the same multi-attack penalty.

Yeah that's how I'm interpreting it.

I don't think my animal companion would ever share my multiple attack penalty. I've found nothing in the rules that remotely even hint at that.

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pauljathome wrote:
Eigengrau wrote:
My next character is going to be a 4th level human druid with a bear companion ...

Hmm. Its scary how similar to my druid this character is.

One data point isn't enough to draw conclusions from but it makes me wonder how many "optimalish" characters there really are.

1st level human cleric of Gorum choosing Zeal Domain. Take your 1st level ancestor feat for a general feat of Toughness. Max out Strength. Use Magic Weapon spell for your Greatsword. Use Zeal domain power for Weapon Surge. Now you have an attack that does 3d12 damage plus strength. Lots of healing too.

Halfling cleric using his sling staff and worshipping Iomedae for Zeal domain and Magic Weapon spell makes for a heavy hitting archer in the back lines. 3d10 damage up to 80ft. All of this at level 1.

My next character is going to be a 4th level human druid with a bear companion for the 2nd part of the playtest adventure. It sounds like I'll be the main front line character for the adventure. Which is bad.

Going human for the free ancestry feat that gives me a free General feat. Choosing Weapon Training to get trained in martial weapons. Now that I have that, I'll use a Great Club or Bo-Staff.

Next I'll choose the Animal Companion druid order to get the bear companion. My 2nd level class feat goes to Savage Strike and my 4th level class feat goes to Full size companion. I'll take Medicine as a skill to start and grab the Battle Medic Skill Feat at 2nd level. At 3rd level I'll increase my Med skill to expert. I'll take Toughness as my 3rd level General feat and 4th level skill feat is Natural Medicine.

My main attack schtick is casting Shillelagh on my Great Club. And using the Work Together Bear benefit of 1d8 slashing damage from the bear getting 2d10 Shillelagh and 1d8 slashing per hit. Next comes in Savage Slice to grant me another attack doing 3d10 Shillelagh and 1d8 slashing, this routine can last for about a minute. My bear gets either a move or strike for free at 4th level too, so even if I don't have actions left, it can still do something.

Mainly taking Heal and Shillelagh spells and Magic Fang.

The Druid feat Savage Slice, its requirements state that your last action was a weapon strike that did slashing damage. It the tells you to make another strike with the same weapon and if it hits add an additional die of damage.

Other feats specifically call out multiple attack penalty and some feats state that they count as 2 actions etc. Savage Strike mentions nothing about penalties or actions etc. Is this another action to get a strike and not have multi attack penalty?

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:

You are correct, they do not stack.

Playtest Rulebook pg 323 wrote:
You can be simultaneously affected by multiple persistent damage conditions so long as they have different damage types. If you would gain more than one persistent damage condition with the same damage type, the higher amount of damage overrides the lower amount. All types of persistent damage occur at once, so if something triggers when you take damage, it triggers only one time.

So all I could do with a Bird companion in combat would be to either Dot/Bleed as many targets in combat as I could OR continue adding Bleeds to one target until I get a high enough or maxxed Bleed roll and then switch to another target.

Thanks for responding by the way.

I was thinking of getting the Bird companion for its ability to let me add Persistent Bleeds on an enemy. However I don't think that I'll be able to get more than 1 bleed of 2d4 damage on one enemy at a time. I don't think that my bleeds stack. Am I correct that they don't stack?

If they don't stack I guess I could just target all the enemies I can in a round to DOT them up with bleeds with archery. Or find a different companion, if the bleeds aren't that viable.

I'm confused on how the feats for Fighters work with multiple attacks in the same turn.

For instance, Double Shot:make 2 strikes, each against a separate target and at a -2 penalty. Apply multiple attack penalty to attacks only after the 2nd strike. So if I make a 3rd attack that turn, what is the penalty for it? If I don't make it, are my only penalties for the double shot -2 each? And Double Shot is a 2 action feat correct?

How does Triple Shot work? The wording confuses me, if I can add an additional action to Double Shot to make 3 strikes at -4 each, how can you or why would there be a multiple attack penalty after the 3rd attack if you only have 3 actions?

Nothing so far in this playtest edition seems streamlined for a beginner or easier than 1st edition pathfinder.

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Yeah Volley is one of the worst things i've ever seen in game rules so far. Compared to actual realism of course.

Is Battering Blast a spell? I'm unfamiliar with it.

Mage Armor, Shield.
True Strike with Pilfering Hand.
Blood Money & Masterwork Transformation.
Ravens Flight? Not sure if its arcane.
Grease, Glitterdust, Rope Trick.

Been a while since I've looked at arcane.

Eldritch Archer is totally worth playing. You'll still want to upgrade to a strength rated composite longbow and increase your strength to at least an 18 by way of magic items or your leveling ability score boosts.

The Eldritch Archer gets to treat his bow as an Arcane Bond, meaning you can spend gold at a discount to upgrade its abilities just like if you had Craft Magic Arms & Armor feat.

Going this route you'd have 4 feats. I'd pick Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Deadly Aim and Intensify Spell. The last feat won't benefit you a lot at your level but it will allow you to cast 6d6 Damage Snowball spells out of your 2nd level slots through Ranged Spellstrike/Ranged Spell Combat. You will still be using 5d6 Snowball spells in your 1st level slots.

Some wouldn't recommend taking the Myrmidarch archetype alongside Eldritch Archer but I would. You give up 1 spell slot per level but gain the Fighters Weapon Training feature. That will give you a +1 to hit & damage with bows and if you get some Gloves of Dueling that will increase to +3/+3.

Thanks folks

Like the title says. Currently we are just kinda looking at the 5e version of mind flayers to use. Not sure if anyone has a 3rd party or something.

Its to use against a party of 6 players all level 6 with 1 mythic tier.

Another option is to retrain some or all of your levels into Eldritch Archer Magus. You've got the intelligence for it.

It looks like he's going for the static damage boosts from Horizon Walker and its terrain mastery & favored enemy stuff. Also Bane from Inquisitor.

As it stands now you need to spend all your future gold on getting your strength to at least 18. Then getting a magic composite longbow with Adaptive on it. Others have mentioned the feats you need, and I also suggest to get rid of Focused Shot soon.

There's the Beast Rider feat for 1/2 orcs & orcs, it can be used with the Gorthek I think its called from Monster Codex.

There's also the feats Spirits Gift and Totem Beast that can boost your companion.

There's a few things in Mythic rules as well.

An animal companion with an intelligence of 3 or more can take Possessed Hand, Hands Autonomy, and Hands Detachment feats provided of course they have hands. There's also some feats that allow you gain a familiar too. I think they were in Familiar Folio.

There's also Monstrous Mount and Monstrous Cohort.

There might be a way for your companion to have class levels and then it could get its own companion And familiar.

Erastils Evangelist boon can kinda clone/duplicate your companionfor a time.

Wow then the Legendary Teamwork mythic feat will really beef my bonuses quite a bit then.

I'll have a Valet Familiar and an Animal Companion that share my teamwork feats plus I'll also have Fighters Tactics. So if one of my other allies happens to be near that's going to be awesome.

With my 2 pets, I'll get +4 AC & +4 to saves, +5 to hit on flanking and +5 to hit on AoO's too. As long as everyones adjacent of course.

Any thoughts on going with the mythic Legendary Item path ability instead?

Anyone have thoughts?

I'm torn between a Empiricist Investigator / Kensai Magus / Inspired Blade Swashbuckler or a Zen archer/ Weapon Master fighter (who gets advanced weapons training Focus Weapon to scale damage as a War priest) and Eldritch Archer Magus. The last one has tons of feats, great base archery damage, bonded arcane weapon, spells etc...

Unless of course nobody thinks that the Legendary Teamwork is worth it. I'm hoping it doesn't just give me a flat +1 to whatever, no matter how many allies are adjacent to me.

By the time I have (or not) the Legendary Teamwork feat I'll have Fighters Tactics, a Valet Familiar, an animal companion, Swarm Scatter, Shake it Off, Outflank, Paired Oportunists, Pack Flanking and Broken Wing Gambit for teamwork feats.

Let me explain that I'm in a Mythic campaign first and I'm a Hunter/Fighter multi class. I plan on getting the advanced weapon training ability called Fighter Tactics that works like the Inquisitor Solo Tactics in a few levels.

I've been looking at the Mythic feat Legendary Teamwork and wondering it could be great enough to take. The problem I'm having is how the feat would work with Swarm Scatter and Shake it Off teamwork feats. If the mythic feat would make those teamwork feats I mentioned give me +2 per adjacent allies then I might have to get the feat at my 3rd mythic tier. Any help would be great.

I think I've been doing skill ranks for a 6th level companion wrong. The chart lists that I've got 6 total skill ranks at this level. What I've been doing is dividing up those 6 ranks into skills. Basically I've got 4 skills with a grand total of 6 skill points not 6 ranks in each but total. Should I have been able to put 6 ranks into each skill my companion knows?

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Quantum Steve wrote:
Animals aren't proficient in any weapons, either, so it would have to take Simple Weapon Proficiency as well.

Not sure how this even relevant, there is no prerequisite to get Improved Unarmed Strike.

@ Melkiador, my cat does have an Int of 3 currently.

Why I'm asking this is because of my Bobcat companion. If anyone has seen cats fight, half the time they're fighting they are rolling around on the ground clawing/biting and jumping etc...
What I'm after by hopefully getting IUS, is Monkey style and Monkey Moves feats. To me it matches up with how I think cats would fight.

The croc was killed by a few small fireballs, a few arrows and mainly slashing attacks. I've got Survival, Knowledge Nature and Craft Leatherworking and Profession hunter/skinner. I've been waiting for an opportunity for a creature like this to harvest the hide & teeth etc...

I figured that the sheer size of this thing would produce a lot of hide for someone to make clothing, armor and baggage out of it.

Thanks everybody

What is your opinions on how much gold a Dire Crocodile carcass could be worth?

It says under the description of the Amulet that it doesn't need an enhancement bonus first to add on a weapon enchantment. In this case, Menacing, now if I have a Menacing Amulet of Mighty Fists, are any of the attacks made with them considered magical attacks for DR? Or am I just going to have buy a regular amulet +1?

What does the Hunter class get?


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