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Iron Gods

This never happened and we were never here.

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The basics,
we play tonight i hope to have campaign journals up (depending what the players write up, i made them aliases so they don't have that excuse:)
the party are all affiliated with The Twilight Talons, the super secretive supposedly non affiliated branch of The Eagle Knights of Andoran

Galileo Quartzhammer (CG Dwarven male Oracle (Stargazer) Curse: Haunted Mystery: Heavens
Kaleigh Jeggare (CG Chelaxian female Magus (Hexcrafter)
Daffodil Oakleaf (NG Elven female Ranger)
Ciro Oakleaf (NG Elven Alchemist)

Biographies tonight then a in few days a run down and hopefully some journals, super excited! (so excited in fact i'm not even waiting to get book 2 or any of the other essential books like the tech guide (i love the PRD, thanks Paizo!)

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A Jeggare as part of the twilight talons? WOW
A woman of the Jeggare as part of the twilight talons? double WOW

The Chelaxian nobility won't be happy when she learns that.

EDIT: And it's a hexcrafter, Oh! the scandal

My name is Daffodil Oakleaf I have a brother named Ciro Oakleaf and a sister named
Daisy Oakleaf. Daisy got abducted and we'v ben looking for her ever since.


to say Kaleigh has been a disappointment to her parents is a lot like saying Goblins love Fire, both are a huge understatement and well known facts.
Born to Aracelis and Dalmacio Jeggare, Kaleigh was afforded every opportunity and as far as her parents are concerned squandered every one of them.
needless to say, it was a shock when she was recalled from her magical studies in Korvosa and told she had been accepted into the HellKnights as a Signifier, not wanting to cause a conflict she relented.

while she did exceptionally well in her studies it wasn't long before her rebellious spirit resurfaced and she ran away. this time her Mother was beyond livid and banished her to Irrisen as an apprentice to the Winter Witch, Finolay Birgit, an angry, bitter hedonistic woman. Kaleigh had learned a lot from Finolay in their half a year together, however when they were suddenly dispatched to Hajoth Harkados in Numeria for, as Finolay put it "Reasons" she seized her chance! her parting memory of Finolay, Sitting in the corner of their Inn room with some mysterious needle in one arm and muttering about "Big, Big plans!" and "the world is gonna be covered in Ice!" was perhaps her favorite memory of the bitter old witch.

this of course was the final straw and her Parents have since cut her off completely, the only place left was Andoran and The Eagle Knights, of course they can't go around with a Jeggare in the regular Eagle Knights and her specialized training made her a unique fit for The Twilight Talons, so here she is, back in Numeria as "The Local Expert" with these weirdos.

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as will happen, the party you make first, isn't always the party that starts:-)
so here is the changes, they are somewhat big:-)
Kaleigh Jeggare is not along anymore, so disregard that:)

The Party:
Galileo Quartzhammer (CG male Dwarven Oracle (Stargazer) he stayed the same:-)

Ann (N female Android Fighter) still has disjointed memories of her prime directive "Kill All Humans!" as her player says, "she's still working up to trying it"

Jak (CG male Android Diviner) so far he likes to say "oh, this isn't going to be good...." every time they enter a room, and then "i told you so!" when it inevitably goes south

Poe (N female Savage Elf Rogue (Numerian Scavenger) the "Tech Expert" somewhat inspired by Tankgirl, in case you couldn't tell:-)

i will try to cover the Twilight Falcon connection tomorrow when i can:-)

“Whats your name!”
“Why did you try to assissinate His excellency?”
“Who? What!?! i didn’t…”
“Jak! my name is Jak!
“Well, “Jak” you’re in big trouble!”

So began the life of Jak, Twilight Talon of Andoran. it would seem whoever had his body last was an assassin plying the waters of the Sellen River, perhaps realizing he was nearing the end of his life cycle he decided he would undertake one last suicide mission, the assassination of His Excellency, Codwin I of Augustana, Supreme Elect of Andoran,
alas it was a mission doomed.
after the failed attempt he was able to flee, making his way across Andoran trying to get back north to the river kingdoms, he never made it.

he did however make it to Falcon’s Hollow before being captured, it was during the trip home when he purposely underwent his Renewal, finding their prisoner dead one morning was shocking to the guards escorting him back to Augustana, but not as shocking as what happened next,
in the week it took them to get the body back to Augustana to interrogate the Corpse with Speak with Dead, a new soul had already taken residence, Jak.

as you can imagine, the only thing more shocking then dead person suddenly sitting up was when the divinations revealed that while this was the body of whoever tried to kill His Excellency, it was not the same person at all.

the government was then met with a moral quandary, since technically he didn’t do anything wrong they couldnt try and sentence him, however they couldnt simply let someone that at least in appearance had tried to assassinate His Excellency.
so it fell to The Twilight Talons and Marshal Helena Trellis to try to unlock whatever secrets might be hidden in the furthest recesses of his mind.

Jak of course was highly receptive towards anything taught or introduced to him and had a natural affinity towards divination ("i just Know things!" he would say). recently assigned to fellow agent Galileo Quartzhammer and tasked with uncovering the mystery of Torch, Jak is just happy to finally be out in the world he’s read so much about.

he was especially excited to find that their "Hired muscle/Local guide" Ann is of a similar species ("The Constructed" they called him in The Twilight Talons) and he is quite surprised that people find Dwarves so Gruff and Stand offish as Galileo is quite friendly, out-going and festive. he is still unsure of what to make of Poe who isn't like any Elves he'd Ever met in Andoran, although he finds her attitude quite refreshing, and is fascinated by her embrace of "Magi-Tech" as they call it in The Twilight Talons.

The day Galileo was born was the proudest day of Brondurr Quartzhammer’s life, the father of four daughters had always wanted a son!

when Galileo came of age and said he wanted to follow along in his father’s foot steps as a Banker of Abadar in the city of Carpenden it was the second proudest day of Brondurr’s life.

however that night when Galileo went out drinking with some companions and disappeared and went missing for 3 months, then when found was dehydrated and muttering crazy stuff about societies on other planets, and Elves being extraterrestial wanderers it swiftly became his darkest.

for Galileo it was the greatest most magical time of his young life. when he became seperated from his companions he fell down a river bank and broke his leg, despite his best efforts that night and the next no one found him and he could not move much more then a few feet in the muddy ground.

despite things looking grim Galileo never gave up, even when, on the third night, the wolves came. it was then that there was a flash of light and what looked like a gate near the river, before he knew it a tall elfen women with what looked like butterfly antennae sprouting from her hairline.
she was on the wolves in barely a second! the wolves quickly fled.

she quickly helped Galileo up off the muddy earth, and guided him towards some nearby woods for shelter, where she used her strange poers to heal his shattered leg. for Galileo, it was love at first sight! he found out her name was Amaryllis and she was an Oracle from a Planet named Castrovel not unlike our own dominated by her people, the Lashunta and Elves. fascinated and lovestruck Galileo listened as they wandered the woods for 3 months and she taught him the secrets of the heavens and told him tales of life on other planets and amidst the Stars.
wehn she disappeared one morning it devestated Galileo, even though he was shortly found by the search and rescue team, he was emotionally distraught and was thought to be dehydrated.

his mood did not improve, his life of a banker forgotten and people increasingly ostrasizing him for his talk of “Aliens” and life amongst the stars so his parents took him to the Eagle Knights hoping they could help debunk all this silliness. however the interrogator to their shock found that the Dwarf before then talking of alien civalizations and unspeakable horrors between the stars was telling them the truth, and most surprisng of all did in fact possess Oracular powers!

he was quickly and quietly inducted into the Twilight Talons who hoped to study and learn what he knows.

Galileo was recently assigned a “Special Project” of Marshal Trellis, hoping Galileo’s outgoing manner would be able to prod something from the Android Jak

recently when the flame at Torch went out in Numeria, and the divinations said something big was a foot, it was only natural to send their “top extraterrestial experts” (also pretty much the only) to investigate.

Galileo was especially happy to find out their local technology “expert" Poe was an Elf, renewing his hope of some day soon finding his love amongst the stars

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hmm, well reading back I realize I need to expand upon their personalities, didnt really give enough information on Galileo's childhood I guess... Stuff to improve on I s'pose:)

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Daffodil Oakleaf wrote:

My name is Daffodil Oakleaf I have a brother named Ciro Oakleaf and a sister named

Daisy Oakleaf. Daisy got abducted and we'v ben looking for her ever since.

that's a pain

Neat! My own thread is risen from the dead!

Things actually changed a lot before we started.

I have another thread somewhere about it, but even that one hasn't been updated in far too long. :-)

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