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That's not true! We just recognize a decent (meat) shield when we see em.

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No, no, it's okay the Dwarf can carry the luggage but when you need book learning call the stuck up elf.

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Hey! My dwarven oracle isn't an alcoholic! He's addicted to numerian fluids, or as the real world calls it, a viscous mix of gasoline, battery run off, antifreeze, and god knows what else.

But hey, he can stop whenever he wants to! keeps feverishly licking the side of the half buried Star Ship.

I'm partial to the epically bad ass Dwarven Dorn-Derger personally.

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We're actually passionate, love to laugh, don't put up with excuses, but more then willing to forgive mistakes (b%%$@ing about it isn't getting the work done), works hard to get the hard stuff done first, so the rest will follow, leads by example (I'm not asking someone to do something I wouldn't), enjoys relaxing at the end of a hard day's work, and very private, we don't care what you do off the clock, so don't ask me, very much more personally liberal then they get credit for.

This guy is my character for Iron Gods, tho originally i was going for Dwarven Fox Mulder and ended up with a Dwarven Sterling Archer, i personally blame you guys for taking up my X-Files researching time, leaving me without enough source material.

So no, i don't have any that aren't jokes:-D

Oh come on now what did i ever do to you guys!

The day Galileo was born was the proudest day of Brondurr Quartzhammer’s life, the father of four daughters had always wanted a son!

when Galileo came of age and said he wanted to follow along in his father’s foot steps as a Banker of Abadar in the city of Carpenden it was the second proudest day of Brondurr’s life.

however that night when Galileo went out drinking with some companions and disappeared and went missing for 3 months, then when found was dehydrated and muttering crazy stuff about societies on other planets, and Elves being extraterrestial wanderers it swiftly became his darkest.

for Galileo it was the greatest most magical time of his young life. when he became seperated from his companions he fell down a river bank and broke his leg, despite his best efforts that night and the next no one found him and he could not move much more then a few feet in the muddy ground.

despite things looking grim Galileo never gave up, even when, on the third night, the wolves came. it was then that there was a flash of light and what looked like a gate near the river, before he knew it a tall elfen women with what looked like butterfly antennae sprouting from her hairline.
she was on the wolves in barely a second! the wolves quickly fled.

she quickly helped Galileo up off the muddy earth, and guided him towards some nearby woods for shelter, where she used her strange poers to heal his shattered leg. for Galileo, it was love at first sight! he found out her name was Amaryllis and she was an Oracle from a Planet named Castrovel not unlike our own dominated by her people, the Lashunta and Elves. fascinated and lovestruck Galileo listened as they wandered the woods for 3 months and she taught him the secrets of the heavens and told him tales of life on other planets and amidst the Stars.
wehn she disappeared one morning it devestated Galileo, even though he was shortly found by the search and rescue team, he was emotionally distraught and was thought to be dehydrated.

his mood did not improve, his life of a banker forgotten and people increasingly ostrasizing him for his talk of “Aliens” and life amongst the stars so his parents took him to the Eagle Knights hoping they could help debunk all this silliness. however the interrogator to their shock found that the Dwarf before then talking of alien civalizations and unspeakable horrors between the stars was telling them the truth, and most surprisng of all did in fact possess Oracular powers!

he was quickly and quietly inducted into the Twilight Talons who hoped to study and learn what he knows.

Galileo was recently assigned a “Special Project” of Marshal Trellis, hoping Galileo’s outgoing manner would be able to prod something from the Android Jak

recently when the flame at Torch went out in Numeria, and the divinations said something big was a foot, it was only natural to send their “top extraterrestial experts” (also pretty much the only) to investigate.

Galileo was especially happy to find out their local technology “expert" Poe was an Elf, renewing his hope of some day soon finding his love amongst the stars

This never happened and we were never here.