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to say Kaleigh has been a disappointment to her parents is a lot like saying Goblins love Fire, both are a huge understatement and well known facts.
Born to Aracelis and Dalmacio Jeggare, Kaleigh was afforded every opportunity and as far as her parents are concerned squandered every one of them.
needless to say, it was a shock when she was recalled from her magical studies in Korvosa and told she had been accepted into the HellKnights as a Signifier, not wanting to cause a conflict she relented.

while she did exceptionally well in her studies it wasn't long before her rebellious spirit resurfaced and she ran away. this time her Mother was beyond livid and banished her to Irrisen as an apprentice to the Winter Witch, Finolay Birgit, an angry, bitter hedonistic woman. Kaleigh had learned a lot from Finolay in their half a year together, however when they were suddenly dispatched to Hajoth Harkados in Numeria for, as Finolay put it "Reasons" she seized her chance! her parting memory of Finolay, Sitting in the corner of their Inn room with some mysterious needle in one arm and muttering about "Big, Big plans!" and "the world is gonna be covered in Ice!" was perhaps her favorite memory of the bitter old witch.

this of course was the final straw and her Parents have since cut her off completely, the only place left was Andoran and The Eagle Knights, of course they can't go around with a Jeggare in the regular Eagle Knights and her specialized training made her a unique fit for The Twilight Talons, so here she is, back in Numeria as "The Local Expert" with these weirdos.