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“Whats your name!”
“Why did you try to assissinate His excellency?”
“Who? What!?! i didn’t…”
“Jak! my name is Jak!
“Well, “Jak” you’re in big trouble!”

So began the life of Jak, Twilight Talon of Andoran. it would seem whoever had his body last was an assassin plying the waters of the Sellen River, perhaps realizing he was nearing the end of his life cycle he decided he would undertake one last suicide mission, the assassination of His Excellency, Codwin I of Augustana, Supreme Elect of Andoran,
alas it was a mission doomed.
after the failed attempt he was able to flee, making his way across Andoran trying to get back north to the river kingdoms, he never made it.

he did however make it to Falcon’s Hollow before being captured, it was during the trip home when he purposely underwent his Renewal, finding their prisoner dead one morning was shocking to the guards escorting him back to Augustana, but not as shocking as what happened next,
in the week it took them to get the body back to Augustana to interrogate the Corpse with Speak with Dead, a new soul had already taken residence, Jak.

as you can imagine, the only thing more shocking then dead person suddenly sitting up was when the divinations revealed that while this was the body of whoever tried to kill His Excellency, it was not the same person at all.

the government was then met with a moral quandary, since technically he didn’t do anything wrong they couldnt try and sentence him, however they couldnt simply let someone that at least in appearance had tried to assassinate His Excellency.
so it fell to The Twilight Talons and Marshal Helena Trellis to try to unlock whatever secrets might be hidden in the furthest recesses of his mind.

Jak of course was highly receptive towards anything taught or introduced to him and had a natural affinity towards divination ("i just Know things!" he would say). recently assigned to fellow agent Galileo Quartzhammer and tasked with uncovering the mystery of Torch, Jak is just happy to finally be out in the world he’s read so much about.

he was especially excited to find that their "Hired muscle/Local guide" Ann is of a similar species ("The Constructed" they called him in The Twilight Talons) and he is quite surprised that people find Dwarves so Gruff and Stand offish as Galileo is quite friendly, out-going and festive. he is still unsure of what to make of Poe who isn't like any Elves he'd Ever met in Andoran, although he finds her attitude quite refreshing, and is fascinated by her embrace of "Magi-Tech" as they call it in The Twilight Talons.