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So Once again I am on the great source of knowledge known as paizo to ask you all this question.
I was planning on making a Monk sorcerer with a tainted bloodline that uses wis as the spell ability modifier. My question to this build is that I am using the spells for buffing e.g. bulls strength cats grace ect. But for mage armor I know that it gives a AC bonus but since the monk is not wearing armor does using the spell on him stop him from still using his monk abilities?

I _think_ it should be no problem, it's a force effect, doesn't have any weight.

if mage armor was like normal armor then wizards using it would have to roll against arcane spell failure and then it would be kinda usless no?

I think you're golden, that's what my gut says at least.



The Monk loses his AC Bonus et al if he's WEARING ARMOR not benefiting form an ARMOR BONUS.

Likewise, Bracers of Armor are A-OK (and pretty much necessary).

Mage armor should work on monks without an issue. It is a force effect and doesn't weigh anything.

Its also a nice way to get a good AC boost if you have a wizard/sorcerer friend. (Or multi class).

Liberty's Edge

Cool I was under the same understanding but I wanted to verify. So you guys have any success of making a Tao monk like this before?

Ive played around with the idea, but I always end up favouring full monk. If you have another party member in your party: look into either a wand of mage armor or a pearl of power lvl1.

Then they can always just zap you with mage armor every now and then :)

You can also trade out slow fall for barkskin when you reach level4. My next monk is going scorching ray, but barkskin is amazing.

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I prefer a pure Hungry Ghost or Drunken Master Monk with quinggong powers for an "airbender" monk.

Dragon Style grants access to Monk of the Four Winds improved elemental fist and is nice for adding elemental damage to unarmed attacks. Qinggong gives access to True Strike, Barkskin, Scorching Ray, and Cold Ice Strike.

Add a ring of Ki Mastery and you can use these powers constantly due to Drunken Ki or Ki Leeching.

Monk is a scaling class, having only a few levels is not going to help.

Dekalinder wrote:
Monk is a scaling class, having only a few levels is not going to help.

Not if you are a Empyreal sorcerer...

A sorcerer will hurt go and bab , but adding some spells are nice .
I prefer hungry monk with 1 cleric ( repose) for flurry with katana (keen) with hungry monk - it's ki spending each round.
Grab "scribe scrolls" and have unlimited lvl 1 cleric spells , with hungry monk if the mountain - making a nice defence offence class- with nice maneuvers .

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