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I spent some time this morning on Twitch.tv narrating how I was 'leveling up' my character from Rogue 2 to Rogue 4. It's a good 11 minutes or so (includes some brief combat), but it's a good explanation on how to advance your feats and roles in the Alpha of Pathfinder Online.

Here's the clip!

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Thanks Aou!

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Nice work! Thank you very much for this.

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Thanks for that, Kitsune! It's nice to see how everything fits together.

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Thanks, that helps in understanding the mechanics a lot. Could you do the same for cleric? Because I don't ever see anyone getting divine achievements...

Bello bello, this will help a lot.

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Good to get this stuff out there.

Thanks Kitsune.

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Really nice! Makes it very understandable. Can't wait for EE to start now!

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Nice work producing a guide. Do you have any more in mind, or suggestions for what you'd like to see? I'd hate to see duplicated effort that could have made a broader spectrum of awesome.

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Thanks! Well narrated.

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