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Aaaaaaaargh i would like to partecipate a log but the time Change don't' allo me to do....Damm US /cry

Update, now i also managed to get a TS server (being an ex wow player is useful)

I don't enjoy to havea test server only for alpha accounts, in mine experience in mmo's (DAoC and wow for some year in top 10 rank world pveguild and multi glad) i have always used the tool of the test server for theory-craft and prepare all the characters to the new build/patch. I tool so useful must be axcebile to everyone is on the live server now not just a lesser part.

Hi diego i don't know if you see but i'm actualy tring tu run a company of iternational- italian focused players (as i am italian too) feel fre to contact me if you need.

"Finger crossed" i hope it's tomorrow or before the 13th November or i i will be on a nerdrage on wow for levelling XD

Actualy here from Italy i'm not having connection problems, just a bit of lag when i'm changing hex, i played whit some friends (even they in Italy) and even they have only a bit of lag.

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
I've done so, Baki, but anyone with a web browser can edit the document. You don't have to log in or have an account of any kind.

Oh wow cool i didn't know :D

Hi can you please add on the list the link to the recruitment page for DoM ?


it is in Italian but i'm working to have one in English too



During this weeks of Landrushs we hoped to get the numerbs to win our own settlement but things didn't go well as we wanted.

And so we have decided to accept the offer Carbon chief of KotC to settle us in Keeper's Pass.

We hope by doing so that both of us would gather benefits by this.

Our policy of TN mercenary wizards CC will remain unchanged.

Bello bello, this will help a lot.

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Update whit the link for italian recruitement

Woooho very nice!


I have saw the stream of MorbisMIA and i have to say that is not bad for be and alpha, for what i have understood they really need to put a keybind to switch hotbars.

There is nothing more good than wake up and see that stream is up!!!

Bravi ragazzi!!!

I put my bid in the middle of September

A badass Monk/Wizard nothing is more cooler than a flying fire kick

*Takes something out from the oven*

Who wants a slice of magic pizza??

We of DoM we are very happy of this tower warfare because it will give us mercenary group more possibilities to be know and to find other members to grow during EE.

Thanks all for the welcome :D

Monk because i wanna be a mage whit some monk skill XD

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Drakes of Magic or DoM

Roleplay modo on: In this days of new adventures six young outcast mage have are searching their place in world. Guided by their young and ambitious leader Baki Firefist this adveturers are traveling through the land searching for man and woman willing to improve their magic skill, dreaming of a time when they will find a place to be outcast no more. But that day is far to come and this young brave have chosen to offer their talents to best offer. If you need to enchant a sword to drive evil or a mercenary mage to help your band of thief to kidnap the daughter of a noble we are the one for looking for.
Roleplay mode off

Allignement: T Neutral
Nation: /
Settlement: /

We are a small group of guys who is following the developing of the game since 2012 but we have decided to reval only now our group to the comunity. Our goal is to create a company who will offer magic services at 360* to every one (whit the right amount of money of course).
Our second goal is related by the fact we are all italians and we hope to be a point of refence to all the italian players who will join the game whit the desire to have the numbers for have our own settlement.
However we would welcome people from all nationality, fighter or crafter at pact they know a bit of basic magic.

See you in game!

Hi all i have started to follow the development of the game since the tecnology demo, during the kickstarter campain i had no savings for take an access to the game in the EE. I have read this summer there would be another campain but after that there was no news about that :

What are your prediction about? Do you think they will give a chance to donate agoing maybe the next month?