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I will try those things, from an archery view point, next time that happens. I feel (vaguely) like I have, but not positive, ;)

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So look around this and the alpha forum. It would be great to delay a few weeks and get some more features.

Not as great as it would be to delay a few weeks and focus fire on fixing the features and mechanics that are in-game now. Fix the base before you build too high vertically.

Do potions (or consumables) all work yet? Do the tokens all work? Can you read all the tool tips? Is it too hard to get that 1 point of an ability score in most roles (not just adventure)? Is the Company and Settlement system good enough to not cause frustration? How about the auction house?

Are desync issues still happening? I thought that they were fixed. Tonight it has started for me again.

It is alpha. I am cool with these things as long as they are getting worked on before new features that add new problems.

Never leave an enemy (bug or poorly working feature) behind you.

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Nihimon wrote:
Calidor Cruciatus wrote:
One bug I honestly feel you MUST fix prior to launch of EE is the bug where a mob is invulnerable.
This is not a bug. You're being interrupted. Yes, they need to do a better job of letting you know you're being interrupted.

There seems to be a situation where (at times) if you get "interrupted", you stay "interrupted", even though you are firing or chopping or whatever. Your attack animations go but you are doing 0 damage. The normal "interrupt" looks a little like your toon twitches and there is no attack animation.

The only way out of it is to disengage, flee, return, kill. It is annoying and kinda dangerous under the right combo of factors.

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sspitfire1 wrote:
Fierywind wrote:
I think the only real issue is as Cheatle pointed least for a while, you'll only be able to train in the settlement your company has allied with, as well as any settlements allied with that settlement.

OOC: What I am hearing then is that game mechanics will not support this approach initially while politics should not be a major issue unless the company makes it an issue.

Does that sound correct?

They did mention (somewhere) that they are looking into limiting (or allowing for) who can train where.

It feels like a bit of a stretch to assume that will be the case, At least for the early weeks.

Edit: To answer your question, sspitfire, I think that almost any settlement will except persons (that fit thier basc ideals) under very easy conditions.

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Fierywind wrote:
Hmmm, I see. So we're actually starting EE with a list of inactive settlements, rather than deciding it afterwards?

As far as I can tell a settlement will be deemed as inactive if, after a period of 1 week in, they have not made an effort to grab thier core 6 towers. No one is considered inactive before a chance to be active.

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Nihimon wrote:
For what it's worth, the same thing happens with Evoker slotted - every time I get a Critical Hit, I put Slow, Oblivious, and Burning on myself.

Ouch! That is negative rienforcement.

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After reading your Code of Conduct, I see no reason that Ozem's Vigil would mind having members of your Company as citizens.

The question really is: With current planned mechanics (for WoT and EarlyEE), can you make it work?

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Indeed. I have unslotted my reactives because of this. This and other basic (already introduced) features seem like MVP for EE.

I hope that at least what is introduced already gets to a working state before new features and EE.

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Congrats on this! Looks pretty good.

If anyone can put together a great Company, it is you. :)

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New Tests- Local rank 7, Nature Rank 6, History Rank 6

100 Goblins. Pheonix Pass:
Coins: 1s 11c
Bags: bitter
healthy 2
smelly 3

Broken goblin weapons
Goblin armor scraps 2
Short bow

Intro Kits: Acolyte's battle focus 2
Holy symbol
Rogue 2
Trophy charm

Lesser Tokens: Curing
Dodging 7
Freedom 5
Reposting 6
Striking 6

Recipes: Apprentice Smpkestick
Pine Bar +2
Pine Haft +1
Silver Boadhead Arrow

100 Goblins. Pheonix Pass. No Knowledge Feats:
Coins: 77c
Acolytes Battle Focus
Apprentice Charged Wand

Bags:Dreamy Stuff
Fiery Stuff 2
Healthy Stuff

Broken Goblin weapon
Goblin Armor Sraps

Introductory: Spellbook
Trophy Charm

Lesser Token: Curing
Dodging 3
Freedom 7
Parrying 4
Riposting 2
Striking 4

Pine Light Shield 2

Recipe: Student's Tool Kit

Runespun Robes

Short bow

100 Razmiran Cultists:
Coins: 3s 15c
Destroyed Peasant Furniture 3

Fragments: Battle 3
Learning 8
Secrets 7

Greater Tokens: Fast Healing
Strength 2

Infused Dragoon Leaves 2

Lesser Tokens: Awareness 10
Curing 16
Dodging 6
Freedom 2
Mind Blanking 9
Parrying 6
Riposting 10
Striking 3
Painful Staunching Fluid 3

Recipes: Apprentice's Somantic Wand
Coarse Yarn +2
Disciple's Anarchic Charge
Lesser Vital Gem +1
Novice's Charge Gem +1
Weak Soothing Extract +2

Torn Peasant Clothes 3

100 Undead Uprising:
Coins: 3s 23c
Apprentice Charged Staff
Apprentice Charged Wand

Curio of Vengeance

Fragments: Battle 7
Learning 7
Secrets 7
Greater Token: Armor

Infused Brimstone
Infused Foxfire

Introductory: Holy Symbol
Rogue Kit 2
Trophy Charm

Lesser Token: Awareness 8
Curing 2
Dodging 2
Freedom 3
Mind Blanking 13
Parrying 16
Striking 10

Maneuver: Distracting Powder

Recipes: Apprentice Psychic Staff
Apprentice Ward Gel
Basic Strips +3
Clerks Ink +2
Crimson Crystal +1
Hide Quiver
Lesser Consonant Gem +2
Pine Baton +3
Silvered Iron Spear 2
Steel Blanks +1

Weapons: Steel Greatsword 2

Torn Peasant Clothes 3

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I have a feeling that the largest problem that AHs will have (getting started) will be the distance they are from some places. Once I can reliably see what a distant AH has for sale, I will travel there to get it. I am unlikely to "browse" AHs for deals, etc... if I have to travel to each one to check.

Alts can solve some of this, but are inefficient before the markets really get busy.

The death of general and a lack of a system wide trade channel will not help that either. I am fine with general not being a commercial channel.

Edit: If you really want to make the economy important, greatly reduce tier 1 +0 drops and make them durability 5. Let the players be the most reliable source of gear at all levels.

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Results: 40 Goblins near Rathglen.

30 cp
bag of bitter stuff
....fiery stuff (2)
....smelly stuff
Goblin armor scraps
Intro Holy symbol (2)
lesser token of Dodging (2)
pot steel plate
runespun robes
steel shortsword

Run 2:

48 cp
Apprentice's charged staff
Bag Dangerous stuff
....fiery stuff (2)
....Itchy stuff
Goblin Armor scraps (2)
Intro Rogue's Kit
Lesser Token of Dodging
....Mind Blanking
....Striking (3)
Steel Dagger
Steel Spear

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Magic stuff? <shudder>


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I find that an arrow in the eye kills them pretty quick.

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OK. :)

Gimme a number of goblins for my sample.

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Will trade +3 weak varnish for beast pelts...

Also: Captain's Chainmail does not fit criteria. Just in case anyone is as close to winning as TEO.

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Bringslite of Fidelis wrote:
Since the topic is: "crap, why did I buy THAT?" Has anyone noticed a loot increase with Knowledge skills? Local 7, History 6, Nature 6. I have not noticed a difference in lootz, amounts or quality...

I would have to do a real study then! :(

I will experiment tonight on wolves, undead, and "humaniods". The only problem is that I did not keep records of drops before I bought the feats. All I have is my gut and much time doing this. Not very scientific evidence.

As for Fletcher, he is Figther 7/ Under Powedred Rouge 4.

He farms Razmirans up to all lvls seen: The Collector", "Archpishops" "Cardinal", etc..

Undead up to risen champions.

Wolves, whatever he spots, all types.

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Nihimon wrote:

I cannot independently confirm that Knowledge Skills are working to increase loot.

However, I can confirm that Stephen told us they should be.

Stephen Cheney wrote:
To the best of my knowledge, Knowledges should be contributing to better loot. Survival (animals - wolves), Local (humanoids - goblins, bandits, raiders, knights, cultists), Geography (giants - ogres), Planes (outsiders - hellhounds), and History (undead - skeletons and ghouls) are currently the only ones that have any creatures associated with them, with Local the big winner given our current wealth of humanoids. The other ones will start being useful once we get more creature types.

I did read that. It encouraged me to buy-n-try. I am asking because his answer does not sound 100% sure and I haven't noticed a difference (up to ranks 6 and 7). I guess that I am most curious about how they break down in terms of increase per rank or tier.

That was posted once somewhere.... (I think) :)

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Since the topic is: "crap, why did I buy THAT?" Has anyone noticed a loot increase with Knowledge skills? Local 7, History 6, Nature 6. I have not noticed a difference in lootz, amounts or quality...

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Three characters logged in where they were left last night. I am getting a fuzzy feeling.

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Want to trade/buy: Beast Pelts in any amounts. Will pay/trade well.

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Wrong thread for this and we shouldn't have to do it anyway. I am pretty sure they are working on a real fix.

If you go "to the sky" or teleported "get resynced", do these things and you will get back (to right spot) most times.

1. Do not move around. That starts to build up a record of "where" you are.

2. Close client with"x" at top right.

3. Close patcher/launcher.

4 wait 2+ minutes. Restart.

5. If not fixed, do it one more time.

A little frustrating that we should have to this at all, but it is Alpha and (as noted above) I am sure that they are working on it.

Edit: Any Dev suggested proceedures trump this....

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Very nice!



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The only problem I have with this description is it happens when I am the only player in the Hex and pretty sure the surrounds are also player free. Certainly not as many as 5 people for sure.

It happens when I log in first time, that was (for example) just this morn at 30 minutes before Maintenance. There certainly weren't players around, then either. Log out in Ozem's, log in at The Emerald Lodge.

It happens when I am working escalations. I try to log and restart often to lessen it. Curioisly, never in the middle of a battle, yet. ;)

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I have to agree with Bluddwolf. If (as Ryan wrote) the escalation mobs are a serious drain on resources, cut them back. I feel like the escalation system was designed in anticipation of a larger population of players than we are seeing so far. In fact they may be too fast growing and numerous than will be fun in EE, already.

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Until such a time as settlement membership is required by a real mechanic, there is no way to stop any company or persons from training skills where they like. Except if you don't mind losing Reputation to do so.

The Allegiant Gemstone Company will be fancy free and just fine.

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Send a spy to Russia. LIF has basic formation combat working, I believe.

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
There are lots of alpha keys, and any involvement in alpha is a good thing. Feel free to pm me and I can connect you with an alpha access if you like.

Indeed. If I had a key left, I would have offered it. We need more people in testing and trying stuff. I isn't a matter of earning it. You will earn it by working with a game in alpha state, believe me. ;)

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Lol. I have a Dwarf trained and armed with Greatsword. What I really like is that his using a GS looks about how I imagine a Dwarf with a GS.

A bit ungainly but effective!

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Hi Sass!

Welcome! Come on in and get started learning the ropes. There may be someone with an alpha key left, so you should ask around. There are several threads.

As to "buying in", that can definately still be done here.

Hope to see you in game. Swing by Ozem's Vigil and we can get you outfitted in starter gear.

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Who is rating the game in this instance? An extreme fan might give it the "AAA" despite all of the work that still needs doing... ;)

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Ozem's Vigil will be present. I wonder if we can get some of the other (less active) Companies informed?

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Here is something. When I enter a letter in the search box and I click the little symbol top left of box, I get nada. If, instead I put my letter in and just hit keyboard "enter", it works fine.

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If +3 wands and staffs are readily available, and only marginally more expensive than +0, then they're far from useless. A new character wouldn't get the benefit of the extra keywords, but provided that they didn't die 21 times along the way, they could grow into the wand or staff as they purchased more ranks in their cantrips.

Interesting concept. Prudence pushes me to advise not risking wear on gear that is beyond your full ability. Probably because +3 Tier1 is what we have for "top gear"(not counting +4 or +5) right now and likely the best that most will see for the duration of the alpha.

On the other hand, I do realize that +3 Tier1 is just the best of the least and will probably turn out reasonably priced when/if the economy stabilizes a bit. Why worry about it? ;)

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Thod wrote:
I was away at a convention from last Thirsday. Should I have received a message and should I have replied. Just carching up.

Here ya go Mr Thod.

Blog wrote:

Settlement Management characters need to be assigned by a Goblinworks staff member. To become a Settlement Manager, please email, use "Assign Settlement Manager" in the subject of the email, send it from the email address associated with your account, include your account name and the name of the character that you wish to have assigned as a Settlement Manager. We have an internal list of the people who have authority to make these requests based on the contact we've had with the groups in the Guild Land Rush. If we have any questions about your application, we'll contact you or the accounts we have on file to clarify. For now of course the only people who should be using this channel of contact are the existing 33 Settlement reps. This is not a process to ask for a new Settlement.

Changes to Settlement Management will usually be implemented around the start of daily server operations (approximately 10am Pacific Time) on week days but we'll do our best to expedite when we can. (This is a manual process for now. Once it is automated it will be smoother and more predictable.)

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Lam wrote:

I am hoping for another random teleport. Last time was 2 hexes south of Phaeros. I need to get back to Tavernhold. Most everything will be closer!

Talk about grinding. Alll my crafting has gone away tonights in a row.

Suggestion Roll back to version 9. It was more stable.

That would be new and pleasant, wouldn't it? A teleport in the right direction. :)

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I'll bet if the AH was more user friendly, it would see much more use. That is part of fixing and improving what we already have before piling more features of similar iterative (is that a word?) level on top, so you end with a mess of bugs and difficult (at best) to use features that barely (at best) work.

Edit: If I thought that an extra 2 weeks would get the game to a place with those listed features and working well, I would be very much in favor of everything Cheatle proposed. I think it is (at least what I just wrote) an unrealistic expectation within that time frame.

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As I hinted at, I don't think that the game will reach an agreeable lvl of what is MVP for everyone within 6 months. My biggest fear is that interest in participating in Alpha declines to the point that everyone finds and settles for another game. If things can be persistent, there is a reason to play. Establish a basic real economy that will drive all other things.

I am not sure how much influence we have over GW's agenda, but pushing for more features that add more bugs and wierdness does not seem like a good plan, IMO. Fix what we have. Get it working. Even get it more user friendly. I'll bet that is a tall order for a month's work, alone.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
...we're the only one's with so much opportunity to live in intersting times.
I remember we were admiring Tavernhold during the Land Rush for their choice of a home with four Badlands, one Monster, and one Home touching them. We assumed they wanted to make sure there'd be plenty of tired, thirsty adventurers wanting to sample the wares.

Samples? Uhmm... is there a limit to samples?

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I have found them lucrative (quite) even if impossible to dislodge alone.

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Saiph wrote:

Though I will commend you all for your positivity, you really are some easily satisfied people I must say! But why on Earth would you want to play this game without at least some of those things Cheatle mentioned (especially player looting)?

I dunno, it just sounds, not fun? And do you not see it as unfair advantage, if EE really is final, to the players that start after EE? We will be starting in easy, "carebear land" whilst when they start player looting, ammo, etc will surely be included. Something just seems off about that...

Without player looting? Because I know that it will follow in relatively short order. I don't expect everyone to agree on what things are absolutely mandatory to start persistence.

What I don't want to see is too much energy spent on features that can wait, when there are some pretty serious things need fixing (already) in what we do have. I don't believe that even an extra month (past the 30th) is realistic to address current bugs, add new features, and deal with all those new bugs.

Fix what is in now, the right way. Get the persistance happening so that interest does not wane. Add the features as we go. Fix new bugs/problems. Repeat.

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Have to agree that some of those features can be done without for the start of EE. Weren't we still expecting them to be missing for EE a few months ago? Why do we have to have them now?

Get the client and server stable and persistant. Fix the current problems and get this ship underway. We will build the rest at sea (as someone said somewhere). :)

More features mean more bugs. Fix this first. Let's see what play looks like October 29th.

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KarlBob wrote:
Bringslite of Fidelis wrote:
Looks like complete patcher restart helps this in some cases. Don't move around too much before you try that option.
Apparently not all cases.

Right. Only in some cases and sometimes. I got moved to Kindleburn today too. Nothing but jogging would fix it. ;)

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Looks like complete patcher restart helps this in some cases. Don't move around too much before you try that option.

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Gol Tink wrote:
I actually was just visiting! I think I left all my stuff in their bank. Either that, or the patch ate all of my stuff.

lol Tink! You are a humorous Gnome. :)

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Not seeing a recent topic for this in the Alpha Forum. Log in to find myself mysteriously 6 hexes south of OV. So I suck it up and run for home. I get within 1 hex and go to the sky. and wind up MANY hexes south in Marchmont.

This must be pretty frustrating for new people trying the game out. Is there a fix in the works?

Edit: Hmmm.... complete patcher restart got me mysteriously within 1 hex of OV again. Here goes....


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I am not able to get the company window to list Companies anymore with the search field. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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sspitfire1 wrote:
Fully updated and ready to roll.

You rock like a dwarf. ;)

Oh wow. Crafting is costly. Not a two skill approach anymore....

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I got it working, after problems, by restarting after it quit on me. The previous seemed to repatch pretty fast and the rest resumed it's slow pace, but it worked.

Goblin Squad Member

Hehe. Can't expect everything to go smooth like magic. :)

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