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Im going to be starting carrion crown here shortly, and need a character name. I cant find what nationality geb is?? Other countries are pretty obvious (ie. Osrion) and need help.

Geb is like no where on Earth.

Try here for names.

Or here.


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The humans of Geb (what little remain) would be Garundi in ethnicity. Utilizing Garundi names would be your best bet.

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Geb is the name of the Egyptian god of the Earth. Consider Egyptian names.

Ancient Egyptian Names

For some reason it links you to the female names, but the male names link is on the same web page.

Geb was founded by migrants from Osirion, whose primary ethnicity is Garundi. So, Garundi and Egyptian names make sense.

You could also have you/your family be migrants from nearby friendly areas such as Katepesh, Qadira, or Jalmeray; opening things up a bit to possibilities of Keleshite or Vudrani names.

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