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Hey! I'm putting together a Lords of Creation game to help me make a campaign setting.

I'm looking for three more players, since I already have 3. (Jazzai, Bane, Monkey, I'm looking at you).

Look at Ilja's LoC thread for details!

You've got my attention! I'll look over the wiki rules and such over the next couple of days.

For others interested here's the link Tsiron mentioned - Lords of Creation


Obviously this PC is a work in progress, lol.

Monkey, did you get my message?

This is the thread for creating the setting using the Lords of Creation rules.

Though, I think I'm going to start another gameplay thread for Part the First, after which the campaign will take a different direction depending on which Greater Demon is released, so I'll develop world things here to get inspiration for Part the Second.

Keep a look out for the gameplay thread, though! (Which I'm posting right meow :P)

I'm actually reading through the original LoC thread.

I'm down with both, I just posted as Shinari so you can see who I'll be playing as my normal PC.


I am very interested in this game. I'm not quite sure what type of deity I want to play, but at the moment I'm leaning towards a god of war.

Yay, I finally found it! Didn't get a link Tsiron

So are we playing in that thread? Or another? I'm a little confused how you are doing this.

I'm a widdle confused to, TBH. This is my first PbP game.

Ahh, I see. Well if we are building the world you are going to run in I would think it would be best we do that as something separate. I don't mind using the rules for Lords of Creation but to set a solid setting its best to start simple. With a small group. After all if you only want six characters to build it then its best to start your own thread. Let the three of us chose to submit our gods and then gather the other three and we can build from there.


You can even keep it simple and make it four gods. You and us three but I figured you would want at least 6

What Jazzai said. He and I are both veterans of PbP, so we can totally help you along the way. I've both ran, and played in lots of games, and have a vast knowledge of Pathfinder.

I have played free form for years and I love Pathfinder and would love to help.

You already have our starting point correct? So that doesn't have to be built. And also the Elf capital by the notes you already put out. Very cool idea by the way.

The rest of the world has to be fleshed out. Since you probably want this to be built realitively quickly I would suggest having the "weeks" for the turns be narrowed down to a couple of days at the start. Once we have enough fleshed out around we can move to a slower pace unless the faster one is working. Having four major gods if you wish to start soon. That is a good start and then move to adding players as we go to flesh things out. These are suggestions. The races I submitted to you I can have the god I play create. I also know the enviroments that work for them so it works great.

I am thinking I will be playing a God/Goddess of creation of a type.

Edit: Random Idea, everyone take a theme of creation. Like one is land one is nature, one is creatures, and the other civilization... Sorry random thought.

Weekend was rough but I am back. This is a rough draft of my idea.

Name: Allianda The Great Mother
Played By: Jazzai
Domains (Portfolios): Community, Healing, Protection, Charm, Repose
Theme: A mother who gave birht to many of the races of the world or was their for their birth assisting.
Alignment: NG
Attack: 2d6
Defense: 4d6
HP: 40

Description: A woman who believes strongly in family ties and love, tending to her children when they are hurt. Protective of her children, she infuses a strong sense of community into all who worship her. When they pass she mourns them and helps their spirit remain at rest and get ready for their next life.

A gentle soul that loves creating life, she happily works with other gods to create life.

I'm thinking that each god will have two races they are the patron of-one of which must be a dwarf, elf, halfing, or human. The other can be a custom race, or something else. Of course, there can be bastardizing between races and magical meddling along the lines of the Greystone from Dragonlance, splitting the gnome race between dwarves and kender.

So basically one custom race/other race and one of those four?

I'll take Elves and something else, maybe genasi? Not sure yet.


Are you still allowing more than the four of you to join/apply? I only ask because I would love to play and help flesh out a campaign setting.

Umm, I will take what is left over from the choices. I don't know what exactly is going on. This game and the other one I think we are waiting on Tsiron for full up clarification.

Also Tsiron, what did you think of my submission?

Great! I would personally suggest that you would be the patron race of halflings/maybe some sort of tree people, like Xan or the Sylvari from GW2?

At Ironborn: Sure! Every story needs a villain, and no creation god in its right mind would create demons. I would gladly fill the eeeeeeevile role.

Originally I was going to do the races I submited to you and a couple more. The Llieldsadine and the Draekon. One plant one centauroid draconic. After all her whole theme was a creation of life goddess. Even if it is helping other gods create a race.

Heh, Demons are still a creation of life even if evil. It all depends on what "demons" are supposed to be. Change the alignment on any demon and its just an elemental race with spell casting.

But a layout of how we are going to start would be nice. After all the faster we do this the faster we can start your other game. We could even jokingly have my goddess "create/raise" the first gods. As I said a Joke but interesting story start.

Mew mew?

Grand Lodge

Tsiron, you still looking for players?

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