Beginner box adventures?

Beginner Box

Where are the adventures for the Beginners Box?

The "Game Master's Guide” says there is a free adventure to download at paizo/beginnerbox, but we couldn't find it.

The GM guide mentions getting published adventures, but for the level of your characters. Yet while the Beginner's web page has 13 things available, none are adventures.

If you go to that page, you'll find the Beginner Box GM kit, which has the adventure in it. Also check out the Beginner Box Bash Demos on the same page.

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Here are direct links:

Beginner Box GM kit

Beginner Box Bash Demos

Plus, if you're willing to spend some money, there are the Basic Paths by 0one Games.

Aaron Bitman wrote:

Here are direct links:

Beginner Box GM kit

Beginner Box Bash Demos

Plus, if you're willing to spend some money, there are the Basic Paths by 0one Games.

Thanks for the links, they are exactly what we were looking for. How would we have found these ourselves?

This is a follow up post of feedback and venting.

I am an inexperienced father trying to help his teenage son start in RPG, and have lots of frustration helping him because nothing is clear. And for an environment that requires clear communication and understandable rules, neither of us are very comfortable with how to proceed with this game.

We purchased the Beginner's Box and had a experienced GM lead the scenario. So was a great start and my son and his friends are now interested in doing more. But they are now on their own to continue, and resources on the web site are very disjointed and hodgepodge.

First was difficult to find what scenarios they could do next, and had to use this forum to find help.

Now on the plate to do next is the Bash Demos. But they are just demos.

Next is the Beginner Box GM kit which has a scenario. But added to frustration, since the title (GM kit) doesn't sound like it would be the next scenario at all, and confusing why it even exists since the Beginner Box already has beginner GM rules.

After that, there aren't any Paizo scenarios using the Beginner rules. That concerns us in continuity. My son is going to try to be the GM for his friends, and having played only once as character, he needs lots of support. And a scenario by a third party sounds risky to an inexperienced newbie.

Here is what we ran into trying to find Beginner Box scenarios. First to had to figure out the differences between Adventure Path, Modules and Scenarios. Meanwhile missing 'Adventure Finder' because of the confusing earlier terms. Much later finding 'Adventure Finder' we found 'For Beginners'. But in there, just more confusion. There are scenarios, but they aren't clear if they just use the Beginner Box rules. Some say they use the 'Basic' rules (is that the 'Core' rules?). Number of players is not clear. And starting levels aren't mentioned until halfway down in the descriptions.

We looked under the '1st Level' section, and researched 'Rise of the Runelords', since it was an early path. But son pointed out that more books are required for it, let alone needing the 'Core' rulebook.

Also, is confusing to what the difference between 'Beginner Box Play Pack', 'Pathfinder Society Character Creation Guide', and ''Character Sheets' are.

We just wanted a scenario to move onto.

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Right now, the scenario in the Beginner Box - "Blackfang's Dungeon" - and the part 2 in the bonus GM download of extra material are all that's out there. The four free demos and fine little 2-enounter scenarios, but they're designed to give a chance for you to try each of the four classes.

Check out some of the low level ("low tier") Pathfinder Society scenarios; they're pretty straight forward and contain "missions" of 3-4 encounters. They're written for the full version of the game (Core Rule Book), but the rule of thumb when converting the full game to BB is, if you don't know what it does, ignore it! $3.99 each to download.

Some of the modules (also written for the full game but easily adaptable) are written for beginning characters.

Crypt of the Everflame $9.99 for pdf of $10.49 for a slightly-damaged paper copy.

Master of the Fallen Fortress (bonus! This one is free to download!)

Try not to get frustrated or too bogged down in rules. It's ultimately a storytelling game and the rules are just there to help you tell a story. If you're GMing and your son wants his character to do something, let him. Set the DC (difficulty) at 15 and make him make a ability check or skill check or even an attack. That's pretty much it. Experienced GMs know the rules better but are also just more comfortable with winging it. Don't worry, you're not going to break anything.

Where do you live? The other thing would be to find a game shop or convention where folks are playing and have someone else GM both of you for a game or two. That would help elevate both of your comfort levels.

Good luck, and have fun.

From what I understand, the Beginner Box is meant to be a simple introduction to the game, and it pretty much expects you to create your own scenarios if you wish to continue playing with the simplified rules. It's meant to be more of a stepping stone into the full Pathfinder RPG.

That said, there is talk of 5 new Beginner Box adventures being released sometime in the future. They were first used during GenCon last year, and should be coming out eventually. I've also heard that there are a couple adventures that use the simplified rules in this issue of Wayfinder. They're 3rd party, but 3rd party adventures are sometimes the best.

As for the name of the GM Kit being somewhat counter-intuitive, it's because it contains more than just a new adventure. It has new monsters, new items, and extra bits of advice which make it more of a fully fledged GMing supplement than just an extra pre-written adventure.

There's also beginner box adventures produced by third parties. Oone Games has some.

Just to add to the aforementioned Master of the Fallen Fortress:

The BB Transitions book (free download if you don't have the latest printing) has a section that guides in converting that adventure for the Beginner Box.

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I would also add that the Wayfinder fanzine, specifically issues 9 and 10, have Beginner Box adventures, some of which continue in Sandpoint, and provide additional creatures converted over to the BB ruleset.

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I just wanted to add that I purchased all of the Oone games basic series adventures. I found them well-written and easy to play, especially as a new GM for the BB. In fact, they progress through the levels nicely in the order they were published. If you put them together and throw in some custom-created content for the experience in creation, you can have a nice 5-level campaign.

Don't forget to use these messageboards as a resource. If you have any specific rules questions, there are LOTS of people around here willing and able to help answer them.

The BASIC series on was designed with the Pathfinder Beginner Box in mind. There are four modules in the series and one last module planned for this particular series due out in the near future.

Here's a link to the adventures on

Here's a link to AaW Subscriptions

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