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Name Jonathan G. Nelson

Title Owner/Publisher @ AAW GAMES /

Aside from managing a publishing company, I am an adventure author and game developer. I'm also known locally as the drummer for the Left Coast Gypsies. I live in Snoqualmie, WA with my two amazing kids and incredible wife. When I get free time I enjoy drinking local beers, reading, playing RPGs, and cooking healthy vegetarian meals.

Writing Credits
Crow’s Rest Island (co-author with AaW team)
Crypt of the Sun Lord
Devil of Dark Wood
Champion’s Rest
Forest for the Trees
Bear Trouble (co-author Stephen Yeardley)
Alchemist’s Errand
Search for the Tri-Stone
Rogue Wizard
Icecrag Monastery (co-author Stephen Yeardley)
Wild Thing
RISE OF THE DROW 1 of 3: Descent into the Underworld (co-author Stephen Yeardley)
RISE OF THE DROW 2 of 3: Scourge of Embla (co-author Stephen Yeardley)
RISE OF THE DROW 3 of 3: Usurper of Souls (co-author Stephen Yeardley)
Haunting at Rybalka Lodge (co-authors Stephen Yeardley & Will Myers)
Snow White, Part 1 (co-authors Stephen Yeardley & Will Myers)
Snow White, Part 2 (co-authors Stephen Yeardley & Will Myers)
Alagoran’s Gem
Goblin Cave
Sufferhorn Castle (co-author Will Myers)