Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box Bash Demos Part 1 (OGL) PDF

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Four mini-adventures, specifically designed for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box. These adventures allow a GM and players to expand their experience of the Beginner Box. Each of the included adventures revolve around Sandpoint and are set in four different areas of Varisia and can be run as a sequel to Black Fang's Dungeon found in the Game Master's Guide.

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Great Scenarios For New Busy GMs


Probably my favorite idea Paizo has come up with yet. Giving new GMs a couple more adventures to put under their belts gives them experience and familiarity to the game, and gives them more examples on which to build their own campaigns. I plan to run these with my Beginner Box group soon.

Great First Adventures


This is a great into to get people, young and old, interested in playing Pathfinder. I highly recommend also downloading the Kid's Track, even if you will be running for older players. It helps you organize how you are going to explain the rules to brand new players.

I have recently GM'd these scenarios multiple times. I did a practice run on my parents (folks in their 50's who have never gamed) and ran for multiple tables of brand new gamers at a recent convention. All my players loved it. Each scenario is brief but has room for players to get "into" it, either by role playing or asking many questions of the GM. Each seems to focus on a few different areas of the system and represent what you typically do in Pathfinder: a mini dungeon crawl, investigation, role play, ruin exploration, etc.

The demos are supposed to be run for up to 4 Beginner Box pregens but it's pretty easy to change the size of the player group if needed. I ran 2 people through the demos with an NPC Kyra to help them out. I also ran a table of 7 by printing additional 1st level pregens.

If you are planning on recruiting at a large event or just want to get your friends into Pathfinder you should check these demos out.

Excellent Introduction to Pathfinder RPG and Society OP


This series of 4 encounters is very well written and gives a colorful introduction to what the Pathfinder system has to offer. Each Bash Demo focuses of a small set of skills and aspects of the system.

The skills & aspects covered include: Traps, Diplomacy, Knowledge Skills, Hidden Caches, Hidden Enemies, Puzzles, Stabilizing Wounded Characters and Damage Reduction. Also each includes one challenging combat.

The Bash Demos are also very versatile. While they are written for the Beginner Box set which has a smaller less complex rule set than the Core rulebook they can easily be run with the Pathfinder Society PreGenerated Characters.

Recently at a local Con we ran the Bash Demos 12 times over the 3 day weekend including 1 on Sunday. I estimate conservatively that 80% of the people that played the Bash Demos were new to Pathfinder in one fashion or another. Many hadn't role played in a long time, so we used the Beginner Box PreGens exclusively.

A large portion, I'd guess over half, continued to play in one or more Society Scenarios over the weekend and wanted more information on playing locally. The Beginner Box Bash Demos provide a great balanced introduction to the Pathfinder RPG and running them alongside a Society event is a valuable addition to any Con.

look good but missing content

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PZO1119D-Ruins.pdf is missing content at the end of the module.

"Any PC who
elaborates on the battle with the goblins receives only a slow,"

That is it.