Taldor Faction Status Report - Year of the Demon


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Arodus, 4713

Noble Agent,

I once observed a child playing with a stick as though it were a sword. He whipped it back and forth, slashing at the air as though battling some great beast, though ultimately any victory he might realize would be a figment of his imagination and of no lasting consequence. In his zeal, the child accidentally struck himself in the leg and fell down crying. Had the boy simply benefited from a trained swordsman’s teachings, he might have secured a respectable future. Watching the foppish debutantes of Magnimar and Korvosa prance about under the guise of nobility reminds me of that little boy. They could be so much more were they willing to accept our guidance, but stubbornly they persist. Perhaps when they accidentally wound themselves with their own ignorance they might remember the written offers I left many of them before departing.

I eagerly anticipate your return to Absalom, for everyone is talking of troubles in Mendev; it seems that the Worldwound’s demons are stirring, and the crusaders desperately seek reinforcements. We should be among those reinforcements, but our responsibility is even greater than that. Whenever an evil has threatened Avistan, who has led the charge? Taldor. If this is the dawn of a new crusade, then it is only reasonable that Taldor rides at the head of the armies, winning back its rightful role as the greatest of empires. I have not yet learned how large an army Taldor is sending north, but I believe I shall have such a chance in the coming days.

If you are in Absalom at the time, your presence would be a considerable boon. I have had cause to mention you by name—always in a positive light—in several of my correspondences with my contacts in Taldor, and your support might tip the balance in our favor when convincing our true aristocracy to levy an ever greater army.

To the ever-glorious empire,
Lady Gloriana Morilla

Sovereign Court

Lady Morilla, when you say Taldor stood against the evils that confront Avistan, you speak the truth. When Tar-Baphon threatened the Inner Sea and beyond, it was Taldor who took the reigns and by General Arnisant's sacrifice laid Tar-Baphon low. Such is the strength of Taldor; bravery that runs deep, allows us to stand against the most dangerous of foes and leads us to victory.

It will be interesting to see what other factions, save the Silver Crusade whom I expect to stand shoulder to shoulder with Taldor against this common threat, will put the good of all above their own advancement. And having said that, while we send forces north, we must neither overlook nor ignore those threats closer to home.

For Glory, For Taldor and For Princess Eutropia!

Sovereign Court

I shall be delighted, as ever, to lend my sword to the greater glory of Taldor.

Sovereign Court

The year has passed and while I have not lazily sat upon my laurels, the Society has still yet to return me to any active service. I can only hope some momentous occasion makes the Ten realize that Hernando Ruiz, Taldan Knight of the Shield can be a most valuable asset in the dangerous land of demons. Every blade needs a shield, surely the operators of the Society can see this? Do they truly lack the foresight to see a need for such defense?

But no matter, all things in due time. As the old adage goes, "To be hasty is to make openings, and to be patient is to observe the world for what it is."

~Baronet Hernando Ruiz, Taldan Knight of the Shield

Sovereign Court

Dear Gloriana,

It is unfortunate to hear that progress along Varisia's path of social development has been halted. However, my own efforts have been quite fruitful. My last fundraiser at the Lord-Mayor's Menagerie was quite a success, with Lady Verrine Caiteil and Lady Cheiskaia Nirodin proving to be eager to place themselves on the top of the donors' list. In particular, the efforts of Marquise Cordelia Perseis and Mim Perdu's research have been incredibly helpful. It is unfortunate that you were unable to attend, as the formation of the social order you sought was subtly but effectively on display.

The best way to enact social change is to merely plant the seeds, and let the society tend its own garden. You will likely agree that the Pathfinders are much more suited to a proactive approach, one which is inappropriate in this case. However, you may leave Magnimar knowing that my own efforts are taking root, and that Varisia is in my care.

I will have to ask a researcher to bring me details of this Mendev problem you speak of. If such a cause truly warrants the involvement of the Empire's forces, I will make sure to arrange the necessary support. If you were to assist by ensuring that my capable and experienced brother Gerard were to be placed in charge of the Empire's forces, an expedition's success would be much more likely. He is both willing and eager to apply his substantial leadership abilities towards such a noble cause, as he demonstrated during the Siege of Nerosyan, where all the demons the Worldwound could summon were no match for those under Gerard's leadership. He is quite a rallying figure, and would draw both Pathfinders and the Empire's forces to him.

Once the effort is underway, do let my household staff know. I will be glad to invite you to join me for an afternoon of tea and conversation about the Empire's future.

Your sister-in-arms,
Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher

Paizo Employee

My Dearest Gloriana,

It is with great anticipation that Elixia now packs my most precious belongings as we ready ourselves for the excursion to Mendev. My greatest honor would be to lead these armies as they march forth into unknown and most certainly glorious death, all for the might and honor of Taldor.

Even now I am planning a Grand Finale Celebration at my God's Eye Theatre in Absalom. We're putting on the most marvelous display of the power of Talor and the Gods three nights a week at sundown. I personally invite you to my celebrity box any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. Tickets are complimentary, of course; and I would love to see you backstage afterward.

Your humble servant,
Lord Ras'ka la Vas'ka

Sovereign Court

A young handsome man with short blonde well groomed hair and piercing blue eyes, spins a chair around and faces the assembled.

"Glorious death... surely my lord, it is better to live and relish in that glory. I suggest that we focus on the lives which we hold dear, whether it be our own, or that of our people that we do all that we can to not sacrifice lives in the coming conflict. It is well known that the wound is not going away... it will forever be a scar, blight upon the northern lands. There will be conflicts other then it, which will come in the future. It would be best to have the manpower to fight other, winning battles."

He pauses dramatically.

"I am not saying we should not fight, simply that we do so without rushing headlong into the maws of the abyss spawned terrors which now control those forever blighted lands."

Sovereign Court

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My Lady,

I shall address the issue of utmost importance first. Was the boy perhaps fighting a ghost?

I mean, there are numerous types of ghosts, some of which cannot be seen, and this boy may be gifted with some sort of supernatural sight to see and do battle with such a ghost, and if that is so, then his wound is a mark of his supreme bravery, but wounds can be healed anyway, as I know very, VERY well because I pride myself in being such an accomplished healer, but you already know that, and yet I cannot help but wonder if perhaps this boy was even POSSESSED by a ghost and was simply in the early stages of a violent spree, but if you think about it, that would make sense, because Taldor has had its share of trouble with the undead, and maybe his wounding himself was simply a valiant effort to protect us all by keeping his "condition" under control so that he would not harm the rest of us, but should you decree that this should be investigated, I remain ready and at your service should the boy need any evil spirits purged from his body through a means that doesn't involve killing him.

Almost as deeply concerning as this, however, is indeed our upcoming business in the Worldwound. It sounds as if our upcoming crusade, however successful, will likely be a bloody one. I shall stand at the ready to provide healing and protection to the Pathfinder Society, Taldor, and all of their allies.

Always at your service,
Baron Brimbli the Bedeviled

P.S. I now see that your first point was in service to a metaphor, but please do not overlook the possible and important implications of this boy's struggle.

Sovereign Court

Lady Gloriana,

You have my axe. As long as blood flows in my veins, Taldor will be victorious! We will crush the cowardly demons and send them back from whence they came!


Sovereign Court

[posting as Marquis Iacobus Darcian]

My Lady Morilla,

As a fellow nobleman and member of the true aristocracy, my sword is always at the ready to reap greater glories for Taldor.

I have served both Baron Dalsine and yourself for several years and have brought MUCH fame to myself and our homeland.

I will put my skill at arms, the strength of my lance, and the heart of my steed Felicity into our endeavor to bring the military might of Taldor to the Worldwound and feel the demon hordes smash upon our weapon and shields.


Marquis Iacobus Darcian of Cassomir

Sovereign Court

While Taldor's army and adventurers are running north to fight demons and cover themselves with glory, who shall stay behind to make sure that Qadira doesn't try to take advantage of our unguarded back? How stable is our truce with Qadira?

Sovereign Court

All the resources of Bordell-on-Jalrune and all of the military might of the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment are at the service of your Ladyship, the Empire, and the world. Up Taldor!

The Right Honorable Lady Lillebryst MacFaileas, Visbaronetess of Bordell-on-Jalrune, Corvette Captain of His Majesty's Zimar Corsairs, Colonel of the Taldan–Gebite Joint Expeditionary Regiment, Gythia of the Sacred Sting, Dragonslayer, Husmær of the Ulfen Guard, Member of the Lion Blades, Companion of House Avenstar

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Sovereign Court

A merry little update

Elven Englanglement:

Having Secured some of my friends back in Kyonin on a merry little chase through the Tanglebriar, the endeavor made me feel homesick again. Not in the nature of wanting to return to dear Kyonin, but sick and disturbed enough to recall why I left.

Thus, I am down to my last week for dear old Taldor. Luckily a friend of mine Mr. F. Scaramanga and his trusty porter Nick Nack will be filling in. I wish you all good spirits, and by all means the best can be purchased from my distillery the Eben Glade, Westernhold, Absolom. The dual purpose alcohols are best imbibed but in cases of extreme urgency they do alight nicely.

Wishing you all good health, keep your heads down, your wands charged, and your glasses full.

The Marquis du Ruum, Lionblade, Antelos Talimah, "Righty"

Sovereign Court

I may have a solution to our border problem with Qadira. First, we manumit all of our slaves. Second, we make form a treaty with Andoran-see if we can get the Eagle Knights to build forts, train soldiers, and defend our border with Qadira. Surely, if we end the scourge of slavery within our borders, the rift with Andoran may be soothed. Our two nations will be better able to trade, and perhaps may even join together one day. Certain members of the Andoran People's Council certainly seem to remember their aristocratic roots.

Sovereign Court

Lady Morilla,

Before we headed north to Mendev we were tasked on a rescue mission in Andoran; let me say that the old nobility of Andoran is still alive, in every way but in name, and that they are still well aware of their debts to some of the Houses of Taldor.

Also, their leadership is willing, even perhaps eager to send troops to battle... could it be into the welcoming arms of an able general of Taldor? Every young nation secretly desire to forge their identity on the battlefield, and be remembered for heroics.

Best regards,

Theodric de LaMontagne

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