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Full Name

The Right Hon. Earl of Ravensford, Lord Theodric De LaMontagne


Init +1*, Senses: Normal Vision, Perception +0, AC 31*/ touch 15*/ ff 27; hp79/124; CMD 33 (45 vs. grapple, 42 vs. dis/sdr, 42 vs. trip); F+16, R+12*, W+10 (+3r vs poison/+4m vs fear/+1 vs. mind-control or possession), Speed 40 ft.


Current Buffs: Haste*, Antitoxin/plague, Staggered; CMB +1*, CMD +1*


Male CG Human (Taldan) Fighter (Rondelero Duelist) 12 -





Strength 24
Dexterity 16
Constitution 18
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 10
Charisma 7

About Theodric de LaMontagne

The Right Hon. Earl of Ravensford, Lord Theodric De LaMontagne
Male Human (Taldan) Fighter (Rondelero Duelist) 12
CG medium humanoid
Init +3 Senses Normal Vision Perception +0
AC 30, touch 14, flat-footed 27 (11 armor, 3 shield, 3 dex, 2 natural, 1 insight)
hp 124
Fort 16 Reflex 11 Will 10 (+4m vs. fear, +3r vs. poison, +1 vs. mind-control/possession, +2 on saves beyond the first to overcome an ongoing enchantment (compulsion) effect; clear spindle: sustains creature without food or water; ghostly defiance: 1/day slippery mind rogue talent; steeled resolve: 1/day as a standard action suppress any fear effect for 1 min)
Speed 40 ft
Melee [Two-handed, Power Attack] +1 adamantine Keen Falcata +22/+17/+12 (1d8+32/17-20/x3)
Melee [Light] Shield Bash +22/+17/+12 (1d6+10/x2)
Melee [Two-weapon Fighting] +1 adamantine Keen Falcata +25/+20/+15 (1d8+17/17-20/x3) and Shield Bash +20 (1d6+6/x2)
Ranged +1 Adaptive Composite Longbow +16/+11/+6 (1d8+8/x3)
Space 5 Reach 5
STR 24 DEX 16 CON 18 INT 15 WIS 10 CHA 7
BAB 12 CMB +20 (+31 disarm buckler catch, +28 falcata sunder and trip - incl. enhancmnt bonus) CMD 33 (45 vs. grapple, 42 vs. disarm/sunder, 37 vs. trip)
Feats Combat Expertise, Exotic Weap (falcata), Weap Foc (falcata), Greater Weap Foc (falcata), Weapon Specialization (falcata), Greater Weapon Specialization (falcata), Improved Disarm, Iron Will, Greater Disarm, Improved Shield Bash, Shield Slam, Two-Weapon Fighting, Taldan Duelist, Power Attack, Endurance (bonus - ioun stone)
Skills Acrobatics 19 (jump 28), Climb 22, Disguise 25, Intimidate 17, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 7, Knowledge (engineering) 7, Knowledge (nobility) 10, Ride 5, Survival 4, Swim 11
Languages Taldane, Skald, Giant
Traits Reckless, Bruising Intellect
Class Features Armor Training, Weapon Training (+1 heavy blades), Buckler Bash, Buckler Catch, Strong Swing (+2 atk/dmg with falcata and buckler; can alternate between falcata and buckler during a full-attack action without using Two-Weapon Fighting), Chopping Blow (standard action; free sunder attempt after attacking with falcata- does not provoke an AoO)


Height of Fashion[2PP] -->+3 diplomacy vs. human nobles, politicians and aristocrats
Lion Blade[1PP] -->disguise is class skill
Noble Title[1PP] -->'Earl' and knowledge nobility is class skill
Country Estate[20PP] -->+2 knowledge geography and survival in Taldor
Seneschal[2PP] --> "Mister Carson, Butler"
Caravan[5PP] -->intimidate as day job roll

*indicates one time boon which will be crossed off after use
-Yagevna Family: when in Irrisen, you gain a +2 circ bonus on all diplomacy rolls
-"The Inward-Facing Circle": +2 circ bonus on kn. the planes in regards to devils (1 min).
-Maren Fuln: +2 circ bonus on kn. arcana in Absalom
-*Chelish Embassy of Absalom: one free divination spell in Egorian.
-Andoren Embassy: considered upstanding free citizen of the Republic.
-*Master of Shadows: +5 circ bonus on any kn. check regarding shadow plane/magic.
-*Revolutionary Bluster: +5 circ bonus on disguise or bluff against someone from Galt.
-Stavian's Secret: permanent +2 bonus on kn. nobility checks.
-*Perfect Defense: immediate action, +4 comp bonus to CMD until end next turn.
-Ghostly Defiance: permanent +1 bonus on Will saves vs. possession or mind-control; 1/day as immediate action gain the Slippery Mind rogue talent for 1 round if you fail a Will save against possession or mind-control.
-Steeled Resolve: permanent +2 morale bonus on saves vs. fear; 1/day as standard action, suppress any fear effect for 1 min - during this minute, any additional fear effects are also suppressed.
-Prince of Wolves: +2 bonus on diplomacy and intimidate vs. lycanthropes; intimidate DC for a lycanthrope to demoralize you is 2 higher than normal.
-*Opportunistic Strike: immediate action, bypass demon's DR by amount equal to BAB on a single attack.
-Concern for Liberty: whenever you receive more than one Will save to overcome an enchantment (compulsion) effect, you gain a +2 bonus on the extra Will saves against that effect.
-Impressive Influence: highly esteemed by members of Absalom society.
-Savior Knowledge: 1/scenario in Absalom or Osirion +5 insight bonus to knowledge check (*****knowledge check with bonus equal to char.levelx2 sent instantly via mental magic communication)
-Torch's Respect: +2 circ. bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate with Torch and his agents (*if you die against Torch or his agents, cross off boon to return to life with 0 hit points at the end of the encounter; this can also cancel the Reckless Revenge boon off another chronicle sheet)
-Power of the Giants: enlarge person (self only) as spell-like ability (1/day; CL 2nd)
-Power of the Giants 2: Frost Giant (gain cold resistance 4 while enlarge person is active, and first melee or thrown attack in each round deals an additional 1d6 pts. of cold dmg., which does not stack with a weapon's frost property)

Gear Mithral Fullplate +2, Bashing Poison-resistant Buckler +1, Adamantine Keen Falcata +1, Belt of Physical Might +4 (STR/CON), Headband of Mental Prowess +2 (INT/WIS), +1 Adaptive Composite Longbow, Ring of the Sublime, Boots of Striding and Springing, Hat of Disguise, Amulet of Natural Armor +2, gown of resistance +4, Wayfinder x3 (Clear Spindle Ioun Stone and Dusty Rose Prism and Scarlet and Green Cabochon, slotted), Gloves of Dueling, Bane Baldric, Cloak of Hedge Wizard, Sashimono of Comfort, Goblet of Quenching, Ioun Torch, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (35 charges), Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (10 charges); Inactive: brooch of shielding (13pts.)
Purchases in this scenario: Upgrade belt STR +4 to belt STR/CON +4 (24,000)

Spell-like Abilities
Cloak (CL 1st)- At will: prestidigitation, mage hand; 1/day: enlarge person, expeditious retreat
Power of the Giants (CL 2nd)- 1/day: enlarge person (self only) and gain cold resistance 4 and first melee/thrown attack in each round deals an additional 1d6 pts. of cold dmg. (does not stack with a weapon's frost property)

Ioun Stones:
Main power / Resonant power:
clear spindle: sustain without food/water / protection vs. evil 1/day CL 12th.
dusty rose prism: +1 insight to AC / +1 insight to CMB.
scarlet and green cabochon: Endurance feat / +5 bonus on Constitution checks made to stabilize.

mundane stuff:
MW backpack, MW cold iron falcata, falcata, dagger x3, alchemical silver light hammer x2, cold iron throwing axe x2, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, an iron pot, a mess kit, rope, soap (not on a rope), soap (on a rope, if in Cheliax), torches (10), trail rations (5 days), bag of apples, bag of MW candies and a waterskin; Jewelry (30gp); Gold-embroidered Pathfinder Cloak (10gp); beer mug; bottle of wine; climber's kit; disguise kit; breaker's kit; spelunking kit.


1 durable adamantine arrow; (61gp)
5 smoke arrows; (50gp)
10 silver flight arrows; (21gp)
20 blunt arrows; (20gp)
40 cold iron flight arrows. (8gp)

touch of the sea x5, protection vs. evil x2, protection from evil CL 3rd x4, spider climb x3, cure light wounds x10x9, feather step x6, grease x2, jump x2

antitoxin x5, antiplague x5, tindertwig x5; Heathensnuff x10

remove disease x2


With a colorful past and failed attempts at fame and acting, Theodric finally accepted his destiny and focused on what he does best: sword fighting. Coming from humble beginnings, he struggled to gain acceptance and tutelage with the Rondelero Duelists of Taldor, but his hard work, skill and complete lack of political acuity resulted in widespread acceptance in the end. In Taldor, who wouldn't like to have an actual friend on his or her side, instead of having yet another accessory to scheming or plotting? And so it was that he also joined the Lion Blades, out of skill and dedication, and not because of his maneuvering of the political or criminal elements of Taldor. After joining the Pathfinder Society, he was part of a series of very successful expeditions, which brought money and fame, and he now enjoys the spoils of his effort in his country estate near Eagle's Head in the Prefecture of Kazuhn, overseeing the affairs of the County of Ravensford, a large tract of land overlapping no less than 4 duchies. When not in residence playing the role of sounding board for the Dukes and Duchesses of Kazuhn or providing reassurances to Grand Duchess Mellea Denzarni, he is normally in his Oppara offices or abroad managing his mercantile consortium, the Avistan Exploration Caravan.

Affiliations: Taldan Rondelero Weaponsmaster Consultant for the Lion Blades, Owner of Avistan Exploration Caravan and Freedom Country Estates (est. 4701, Oppara), The Right Hon. Earl of Ravensford (County of Ravensford, Prefecture of Kazuhn, Taldor).