The Lion's Den Theater Grand Opening!


Sovereign Court

My fellow Taldan's,

citizens of the greatest nation, you are cordially invited to attend the grand opening of the Lion's Den Theater in the foreign quarter of Absalom. You may find us on the intersection between Thuvald's Street and Stavian's Way.

Thanks to the patronage and efforts of our beloved Lady Morilla. I, Vesparo Dikanadra, have been able to put together a consortium of noble investors to finance the purchase and resplendent renovation of the former Golden Swan Theater. After giving it a more appropriately Taldan name, we shall be delivering the finest of Oppara's plays to the uncultured masses, and providing a home away from home for the refined Taldan abroad.

Our first performance will be The Fall od Drezen, a tragic tale of love, loss, infamy, and demons, sure to stir the hearts of all but the blackest heart in righteous fury. Starring the esteemed star of the Opparan Theater scene Vesparo Dikanadra. And though modesty forbids me extoling my own virtues the Opparan critics dubbed me, "The most charismatic inhabitor of villainy to have graced a stage." Alongside myself Lady Ariellan Beldon, beauty and talent sublime, and disgusting talented newcomer Markus Vincen will set the stage afire with passion, grace, and intrigue!

We look forward to your patronage, and pray that you assist us in spreading joy, culture, and the Taldan way, to those unfortunate enough to have been born outside our of glorious Taldor.

Yours faithfully Vesparo Dikanadra.

The Lion's Den

Sovereign Court

By all means dear sir, mark me down for a luge suite on the balcony. I will then be able to throw coins to the plebes from a safe (and thoroghly perfumed) distance.

Sovereign Court

Alas I fear such behavior would force us to have you escorted from the premises. Taldan's are better in part because of unfailing manners and wit, but for that to be true we must strive to uphold standards befitting our noble birth and stand as an example for all.

The Lion's Den wishes to serve as a beacon to spread and preserve the glorious virtues of Taldor, not to cater to its failings.

Sovereign Court

"Looks to be fun. Can I bring a plus one?"

Sovereign Court

Of coarse! But be careful is she is too beautiful, well we actors make no promises of loyalty when it comes to the Ladies.

Sovereign Court

*chuckles*"I would have found that attitude to be annoying just a year ago. This place is getting to me."

Sovereign Court

Ah, the refined sensibilities of a patron of the arts! Front row tickets Sir!

Sovereign Court

Virtues? Is that back in fashion? I'm not sure my bluff is up to it, but I could be a paladin for an afternoon...

Jakoberg, rent your plus one and coins will ensure loyalty. Beauty may be in a beholders eye, but gold keeps the dragons in place.

Sovereign Court

Jakoberg laughs, deep voice booming. "I'm no patron of the arts. I'm barely a sailor!"

then, to Righty "What about the demons? They're worse than the wrath of Besmara!"

Sovereign Court

@Righty_ Taldor is both elivated and stained by its current decadence, it provides many fine things, but also encourages perfidious weakness. We must sift the worthwhile from the undesirable, and flinging good coin away to no more purpose than giving our nation a bad name is foolish in the extreme.

@Jakoberg Ah, but the two have never been mutually exclusive. Sailors deserve a little escapism more than most, beautiful women, fights, and drama should all appeal to a seaman.

Demons are a menace and an opportunity both, for by driving the beasts back into the Worldwound Taldor may reassert itself as the world's premier power.

Sovereign Court

"Does your theater have a smoking lounge? I enjoy the arts but also wonder if your establishment allows for post-production mingling and meeting eligible single ladies. Are the actors and actresses also available to meet with dignitaries and merchants?"

Sovereign Court

Oh, it is good to see the Golden Swan renovated. I had feared that the property would fall into the hands of some penny-pincher with no appreciation for the arts. This is a glorious occasion, to be sure! I do hope that my company should have the honor to perform there sometime.

I am also relieved to find that this Vesparo and I are of a similar opinion on the state of Taldor. We have let the Lion slumber along for too long; the time has come for it to rouse, and look upon the troubles that have overcome its domain.

Sovereign Court

@Theodric de LaMontagne Of course we are actors not nuns! Smoking is allowed and even encouraged in the ballroom, where we shall be hosting an appropriately lavish after party.

@Sir Tristan Tilernos We should be delighted to allow you the stage, my own duties as a Pathfinder take me away periodically so engaging premier actors is always a concern. It is my hope to call upon the best and brightest!

Dark Archive

Oh hey a new venue full of Taldans! Right on. You'll have to schedule my band sometime when we're in town. Mostly we've been playing out of this grungy warehouse in the Docks. I'm sure your theater'll be a much better place for Absolom's greatest adamantine metal band, DYRE WÜLF, to play.

What's your policy on Pyrotechnics?

Sovereign Court

Pokes his nose slowly into the theatre and takes a few good sniffs before comming inside, checking the peace bonding on his scimiar

Sorry, I used to love the opera, but since becoming a pathfinder its never gone well...

Sovereign Court

We are Taldan Sir! Special effects must be the biggest and the best, what is Make Whole for if not to cover for theatrical extravagances? As long as a band is of sufficient quality to stir hearts and minds enough to fill The Lion's Den we would gladly consider allowing a performance, but primarily the Lion's Den will show plays.

@Reynard de' Bonaire, being built within sight of the Pathfinder Grand Lodge we can count upon ready assistance in anything untoward occurs. So far as I am aware the building was never an ancient temple, or tomb. That said the sub-basement is vast and nobody seems to know the true extent of it. There's an underground lake to the north - a bit frigid for skinny dipping.

Sovereign Court

"Fighting? I get enough of that ON the job! Are there any notable shows wherein everyone simply relaxes and talks out their problems?"

Sovereign Court

We will undoubtedly perform A Night of Nymphs at some point in the near future, no fighting in that. Certain parts of the Aroden Quartet are long on words short on fighting.

Paracountess Zarta Dralneen has already requested To Calistria with Love, and The Swashbuckler's Blade - though I cannot seem to find the later. We would certainly have to find something else for the matinee with the Calistrian play!

Sovereign Court

Now resplendent in full mithril armor. A broadsword replacing his rapier. The lion of Taldor across his tabard and a matching mane across his shoulders. (Bluff 29) (Disguise 36)

I do say Olde chaps this a fine establishment here. (Holding up his hand) I sense no evil among us. What talk of demons ser. I dare say that cheeky fellow was making a ironic literary reference to the beholder. For demons there is quick death spitted on a holy blade. Praise blessed Iomede, the sooner the better.

Ha ha ha. Quite the card that elven chap. I'd expect it of the newly minted nobility...yet bearded elves are unheard of (stroking a long blond beard). And me, I am a humble servant of the empire forever may it reign. Call me Donald if ye must.

Sovereign Court

Donald delighted to meet you! Come let me secure you some premium seats, have you met the Paracountess? You must try this popped corn my halfling herald told me about, its most ingenious!

Vesparo has the wisdom score of a parsnip.

Sovereign Court

"To Calistria with-is that what I think it is?"

Jakoberg isn't much better.

Sovereign Court

Oh, yes, probably, lots of feathers, lots of leathers, very little else...

Sovereign Court

Paracountess sounds like one of those thrice damned Chelaxians. Box seats of course, popped corn no my constitution won't like that.

Pray be careful to use the godess's name, more than one rook is beholden to her temples. I had the chance to raise a paladin from the dead in the Riddleport temple...I dare say the lad was shocked to be reborn in a bordello. I shall recall that till my last day.

The old knight rattles on for sometime and fades off to his box seats.

Sovereign Court

Seeing as how the stage is empty.. the song of the shadowlodge

By ghoul been paralyzed
Cry elsewhere they advised
Won’t explode now like I should

Got Burried in debree
And then drowned in the sea
I’m leaving now for my own good

That's cool, but if my friends ask where you are Tell Aram Zey
That's cool, but if my friends ask where you are Tell Aram Zey
We went down through a storm drain
Died in my last stand
Fell in a death trap squisher full of quicksand
Help me, help me, I'm all out of allies
She met a shark under water
Fell and no one caught her
Matrimony to a blackros daughter
Help me, help me, I'm all out of lies
And ways to say you died

My skin still feels the sting
From veneom on that thing
Not to mention fungal spores
Got captured by gnoll clans
Leave me that’s the plan?
Their poetry was sheer torture

That's cool, but if my friends ask where you are tell Aram Zey

You was caught in a mudslide
Pounced by a lion
Got mind blasted by a third edition Psion
Help me, help me, I'm all out of allies!
I dried up in the desert
Tripped by a wolf cub
Bashed to death by an ogre with a greatclub
Help me, help me, I'm all out of allies
And ways to say you died

You wanna risk a thousand lives do you
You’re gonna be the one I’m disposing of
But you don't want me to

Sovereign Court

*claps* "Bit violent, but enjoyable nonetheless."

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