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Since Gen Con is right around the corner. Here are a couple of documents that players might find useful in keeping their characters organized.

New Character Reference Sheet - Helps organize character information prior to their first game. Extremely useful for brand new players. It also has several charts and tables from the PFS campaign guide for quick access.

Gear Tracking Sheet - helps keep track of slotted items and consumables.

Career Log - helps keep track of all XP earned by a PFS character. The two boxes are for faction logos, portraits, etc.

Useful thanks.


Very nice! May I link to that on my local area forums? Or would you prefer I make a copy on our server?

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Thank you for making this!

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Thanks for the resources these are great. I will be handing these out at our next game night.


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I finally updated my player handout to include mention of the wayfinder being moved into the Guide and that purchases need to be listed on the Item Tracking Sheet.

Updated New Character Reference Sheet

Thanks very muchly for Posting this and having them available.

These are super awesome. Something i'll be able to print off and pass out to players at our local PFS games. Some handy little goodies there.

I especially like the Character reference sheet for those new players or walkins who are interested in more info on PFS. I'll just need to add our Warhorn info so we can get new players to actually sign up for games before showing up.

Brian, That New Character Reference Sheet is AWESOME!

I think something like this should be in the PFSGuide to Organized Play. Just saying. (though if it where page number references would help. :)

I have an email I send to new folks that covers a lot of the initial stuff, but that assumes they give me their email, or bother to write mine down. One advantage to the email is links, which I think you can add in the doc (not much use when printed, I know...). Have you thought about adding links to the 'register your character here,' PFSGtOP, and Additional Resources pages?

Again nice work.

The character reference sheet I think will be very helpful as a newer player. The other two not as much, but that's just my opinion.

Still a very nice job and thank you for that.

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