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I'm getting REALLY tired of one of my players never having time, because of stupid ****, so next weekend (friday), if he can't play then, I am cutting him for someone else. Give me ideas for your characters, or you can use the Alchemist he made. Thank you, I will make my selection next Thursday, 6pm, CST.

So I am assuming live game. so probably not for me but good luck.

There is now a definite spot open.

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is this game via skype or some other engine?

It may help you attract players if you gave more information. Like character generation, background length, where the game is being held.

Play on Skype. As I have said countless times before, anything on d20 is free game, but 3party needs to be cleared first. I guess 25 pt buy or roll your own. Don't really care about backstory, but make it fit.

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Are you using gametable or some similar gameboard programme as well as skype for visual representation also?

My suggestion is Yukio Miyama, ethnically Tian but in fact brought up in the Jade Quarter of Kalsgaard. Her family produces specialist weapons, and so has sea transport links with Magnimar and various other coastal ports to the south.

She has apprenticed on some of these craft (largely manned by native Ulfen of course)under one of her uncles, and on a port stop in Riddleport stumbled across an assault on Profesor Lorimorr, which she and her crewmates were able to break up.

Taking the elderly scholar back to their lodgings for safety, he asked for passage to Magnimar (their next stop), and over the course of the next couple of weeks she got to know him quite well.

His vast knowledge fired her imagination, so much so that she left ship at Magnimar and travelled with him as bodyguard for several months, into investigations he was conducting on ancient standing stones in the Varisian hinterlands.

That was a couple of years ago, and via a series of misadventures she has eventually arrived in Ustalav, sending him a letter from Caliphas indicating that she would visit him in the coming months.

A fighter (25 pts) St 18 DX 14 HL 14 IQ 14 WS 10 CH 10

Human; Exotic Weapon (Tetsubo), Improved Unarmed Strike, Toughness

You're aware that he is dead before the beginning, right? Also, no Tina Xia stuff. Don't like the oriental stuff they did.

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Nope. Its just background thats why shes from Kalsgaard (Linnorm Kings: Jade quarter has lots of ethnic Tian). Basically just a two handed fighter with a weapon she has zero chance of getting a magical version of.

Makes a change from sword and shield.

A tetsubo is Blunt d10 2 handed with crit x 4. I know the Prof is dead I assume she recieves the news en route.


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Ok I will keep eye out for your Thursday choice.

you're are the only one right now.


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Well I am ok this week if you decide; would be helpful if you could list time/zone.

We would need to swop skype contacts etc? Would I need to load any game table type programmes?

I would need to email sheet too I guess.

I've only just started using these boards so you'll have to forgive me any ignorance of the etiquette.

No doubt you'll smile but I had to look up what 'bump' meant (I think it meant a'nudge' for me to respond?).

One day until closing. Make your submissions soon.

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I assumed the answer was No, so I'll drop I've arranged another game.

You were the only one who entered. Why would it be no?

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You didn't post yesterday: others may have PM'd or you may simply not have 'liked' me. As the deadline was imminent , and I didn't have firm times, details of programmes needed etc I assumed it was a bust.

Having said that if the game is still 'on'/ imminent tonight I can still be about.

I would be interested in joining but I'd like to know more about it so I can make a character that would fit your game. What does the current party look like?

I guess the first question would be do you still need any more players?

There are two PCs total. Deadline was Thursday, so you cannot make a submission. As I said earlier, CST time here. 7:24 AM right now. We will be playing through skype video conference, and we will likely be starting withing the next couple of weeks.

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