17th Level Barbarian Items?


Starting a campaign that puts us at 17th level. I chose a Barbarian because I thought it would be fun to see what they could do at such a high level. It's 17th level gold (410,000), and was wondering what kind of items I should be going for?

I am getting an Adamantine Breastplate and will be using a greatsword for sure. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Make the greats word furious. It bumps up the atk/Dmg for you by +2 when you rage. Also, the falcon Frits more often Han h great sword, especially at high levels. The 2d6. Vs th 2d4 isn't a bug deal since for a barbarian most of the damage isn't from he weapon, but all the bonuses and rage/ str bumps you have in addition to the weapon. Your better off critting more often than to do 2 pts of Dmg on average more from using the great sword.

+whatever Furious Keen Falchion. Go nuts with 15-20 crit range

Cloak of resistance +5 for 25,000 it will boost all your saves but keep it mainly for the boost to will saves so you don't turn all that hurt around on your own party by being controlled

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