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CrystalSpellblade wrote:
Trung Bui wrote:
Enhancement and Alchemical bonuses do not stack (Mutagen + Bull's Strength)?
Those are two different types of bonuses, so they would stack.

That's excellent news to hear. I knew that same typed bonuses, the highest only counts.

My Witcher build will be pleased

Enhancement and Alchemical bonuses do not stack (Mutagen + Bull's Strength)?

Claxon wrote:

Since it's supposed to function like a ranged unarmed strike I would say that it requires line of sight. If you don't have line of sight the enemy would have concealment against you and you can't punch at what you can't see.

Also Quivering Palm needs line of sight too, at least for the initial attack (because it requires a normal melee attack which deals damage to deliver the Quivering Palm attack). After that, within a number of days equal to the monks level he can will the creature to die, which does not require line of sight.

My friend is arguing that you don't need Line of Sight to hit the opponent. You just need to "think" of where they are and it works.

Does this spell function as Quivering Palm where you don't need direct line of sight for the attack to connect or do the crows only fly within the spell's range when it was cast?

Made another build that has to do with taking Fighter (Brawler), Rogue (Scout) and Duelist. He's charged based fighting that will deal with mobility and Snake Style and have an awful lot of charge far, he's a pretty interesting build. I need the opportunity to try him out, though.

Yeah, that is pretty much a bummer. I wanted to create a melee Batman build (Arkham Style of combat) that was based around charging and it doesn't make much sense. That just sounds like a house ruling idea. Feels like Paizo sort of feels like they shot themselves in the foot by releasing the item and back pedaling because they found out "Uh oh, monks don't need the Amulet of Mighty Fists anymore!"

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So is the final word for brass knuckles is they DO NOT allow monks to use their unarmed strike damage?

Unarmed Fighter 7/Ninja (Scout) 13.

You get Clever Wrestling and you have pretty decent Unarmed Strike damage. Coupled with invisibility and charging, you will get some fun spike damage opportunities.

I know that having both will enable you to reload one of the single barrels on the weapon, but will it enable me to make full round attacks?

In terms of combat, take the Scout archetype, have Mobility and Snake Stance, and zoom around the battlefield doing massive amounts of damage to single foes here and there. It's a very "Batman: Arkham" way of fighting and can serve pretty well once you get to 4th level (assuming you're going straight Ninja).

I'm building a Batman character and he's a level 3 character which is Monk 1/Ninja 2. Once I get Advanced Tricks, then I'll take Unarmed Combat Mastery and be dealing some serious damage without too much of a sacrifice to utility.

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Say I have Craft: Alchemy to create things like Tanglefoot Bags and such. Is there any way I can increase the base DC in anyway or what I see is what I get?

Starting a campaign that puts us at 17th level. I chose a Barbarian because I thought it would be fun to see what they could do at such a high level. It's 17th level gold (410,000), and was wondering what kind of items I should be going for?

I am getting an Adamantine Breastplate and will be using a greatsword for sure. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Anybody thought about using 4 levels of Soulknife?

I'm believing Alchemist/Magus/Ranger 1 is the way to go. One level ranger to get favored enemy and then probably enough Magus to get access to 3rd level spells, then all alchemist after that. The magic is a backup while the potions and bombs supplement Witcher abilities much better.

I like the class a lot and will try to cajole my group into letting me play it.

Can you take Signature Deed twice to have it apply to different grit features?

Any recommendations for 20 level progression? I was thinking 11 Gunslinger/9 Alchemist. He's not a caster, the bombs are there for AoE stuff, but getting access to 4th level spells so I can utilize other wizard spells would be helpful.


I would say Geralt would be Ranger 1 (Favored Enemy: Magical Beast), at least 5 Alchemist (Vivisection) levels, and the rest would be Magus (Kensai) and maybe a few dips into Mobile Fighter.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Explosive Missile could be quite useful.

Yeah, that actually sounds like it would be very, very useful. Looks like I'll level up Alchemist for two more levels so I can take that. Single attacks will be far more interesting this way.

I'm pretty happy with the Gunslinger/Grenadier build...being able to apply different alchemical items to bullets is a pretty great feature. Losing Brew Potion isn't really a big deal, as this character will be a little more self centered in how he aids the party. I'm just wondering if it would be more advantageous to level more into Gunslinger or more into Alchemist...I know I'm going to want at least 7 levels in Gunslinger for Deadshot and probably Targeting, but gaining access to more extracts and bomb damage does also seem like it would be a better thing.

Figure Alchemist might be a bit better because I'll always be attacking touch AC.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Vivisectionist for sneak attack on touch ac?

Perhaps...there's an old 3.5 feat that let's you make feint attempts with ranged combined with that and a Vivisectionist, it would be very interesting.

Edgar Lamoureux wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Two revolvers?
No, two muskets. :P

Hah, yeah, I saw some of that build in Drake's guide to gunslinger's. Dip 2 into alchemist for the tentacle discovery so you can two weapon fight with revolvers and still be able to reload without issue.

The musket's more for long range shots. I imagine this character will be more of a skirmisher because of the bombs. The party's got a rogue and a samurai right now, so having a skirmisher will help with the overall damaging capability.

I do like the grenadier build and being able to add an extra die of damage is pretty sweet. Any other recommendations for alchemist items outside of the Alchemist Fire and Acid?

I forgot to mention that I will be using a revolver as my weapon, advanced firearms have been allowed and I will be using a musket as a back up.

I recently had a character die in a game and decided to roll up a gunslinger/alchemist. The concept seems very interesting to me, I can deal pretty decent damage relatively easy and still be able to create utility potions to aid the party.

I'm currently going with Gunslinger 5/Alchemist 2 and I am using the base archetypes for both classes.

Human character, feats are: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Iron Will, Extra Discovery, and Iron Will. Deadly Aim is my gunslinger bonus feat.

I have a pretty good idea how to play the gunslinger, but was looking for some advice regarding the alchemist and if there were any must have feats. I'll be using him as a bomber (obviously) and the bombs will be serving more as a utility thing. I took Extra Discovery so I could have Stink Bomb (it's so good). Any advice is welcome.