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Could use some help with spending my recently aquired wealth for my PC after playing through my first 2 scenarios ever this weekend. The first was a tier 1-2 and the second was a tier 4-5 (first level PC but most of the rest of the party was higher level. I survived mostly by staying at the back of the party and using my longbow!).

My PC currently has a longbow, regular and blunt arrows, shortsword, studded leather armor and a Rangers kit. He is a 1st level Human Ranger on the archery track.

I currently have 2455 GP to spend, nothing on the chronicle sheets that I plan to purchase at this time. I also have 3 Fame and 3 PP.

My plan as it stands:

Masterwork Composite Longbow, Darkwood (+2 Str) 630 GP
Mithral Shirt 1,100 GP
Wayfinder 250 GP
Wand of Cure Light Wounds 2 PP

total 1980 GP, 2 PP

assuming my pricing is correct, that leaves me 475 Gp and 1 PP.

Should I rethink any of the above purchases? Any special ammo or gear I should add to my shopping list? I will have a copy of Ultimate Equipment soon so I will have access to anything in that tome as well.

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I presume your strength is 14 and that is why you are getting a mighty strength +2 bow? If so, good move. If you have str 16 or more, spend the money to boost that mighty strength aspect even more. A master work weapon is one of the best early purchases a pc can make. Mithral shirt is another great option for that class, one you can enchant later. You are wise to spend the prestige on a wand go clw now. Some like to hoard prestige but I say it is better to get supplied with it early and avoid death with "free" wands and potions and scrolls. Way finder is good for a human or anyone without dark vision. The book seeker of secrets even has rules for implanting ioun stones into them and getting an extra benefit. I wonder if that was covered in the new UE? Good job. I would recommend that you buy several potions of clw and tell the other players where they are so if you fall out conscious, even the Ftr could get you stable and healed.

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Yes, 14 str hence the +2 bow.

I also realized the necessity of a light source when I got stuck having to hold a torch and thus couldn't use my bow. I assume that Wayfinders can be hung around the neck or the belt and don't need to be held in-hand to shed Light?

The usual Ioun stones from the core book are in UE but I seem to recall someone mentioned they have "lesser" versions that are cracked or chipped? Are those in Seeker of Secrets? I don't own that book but I might purchase the PDF if it is a good investment.

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Hey, since you got the Wayfinder anyway, ina few levels, save up 4k for a ressonating Clear Spindle ioun stone. It gives you protection against mind-control/possession as by the spell Protection From Evil.

It's a very good investiment for classes with slow will save progression.

For now, maybe some kind of ammunition with special properties? Say, 20 silver arrows and 20 cold iron arrows. You never know when you gonna need it!

Consumables can also save your life too.

Or a net! Even with the -4 penalty for not being proficient, it's a pretty easy to hit your opponentm and entangle them, since nets target touch AC.

To build on what Lemmy said; for getting DR penetrating arrows, buy weapon blanches and apply them to common arrows. It's much cheaper and you don't get the damage penalty for silver arrows.

This post on ENworld has some good links to articles about both equipment selection and a handy arrow-pack check-box sheet for archers.

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The cracked and and other imperfect(scorched I think is the other term) are in seeker of secrets. I love the part of the book with interacting ioun stones with way finders, I use the same one Lemmy mentioned. The less than full ioun stones are also nice. I have multiple pcs who bought several of them.

I _think_ the way finder is slotless and does not take a hand. I think they are hanging from a chain off whatever. Lemmy was right on about getting both cold iron and silver arrows soon.

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Handy info JaceDK, thanks.

Naaaa, what you want to do is spend it in the world, not just on items. Make the people love you.

In Korvosa, a char of mine once spent 30,000gp to make a giant golden fish, and arrange a fishing competition with the fish going to the winner.

Nets might be a good idea though.

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A handy haversack is a great item for a Ranger...since you are ranged attacking and shouldn't get too involved in melee maybe hold off on the Mithril shirt and go that route

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Unklbuck wrote:
A handy haversack is a great item for a Ranger...since you are ranged attacking and shouldn't get too involved in melee maybe hold off on the Mithril shirt and go that route

A handy haversack is 2000 gp, so he'd need 13 Fame to acquire one. If he's played in two PFS scenarios, he probably only has 2-4 Fame. My Wizard desparately wants a Handy Haversack, but alas, I've only played 4 PFS scenarios... it'll be a while.

You probably don't really need a mithral shirt at level 1. I'd bank the money and make your bow a magical +1 after your next scenario. +1 damage and it lets you penetrate DR/magic.

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