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Full Name

T Wilson




Rogue 3, Knight 4, Expert (intellectual in Sociology, Civilisation and Cultural Studies) 3







Special Abilities

Goad, cynicism, suspicion, doubt, question, challenge +2.


Neutral. Some take the stance I am chaotic evil (because I am not behind their cause). Weird I know.


Zyphus, Groetus and the Slumbering Old Ones. Polytheism of all that is cool.


At the gaming table.


Academese, Journalingo, Bafflegab, English and Singlish (a funny language) and Sociological dialect.


Sociologist, Tutor, DM

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Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 15
Charisma 2

About 3.5 Loyalist

Began playing since 2nd edition when I was just a wee lad (started early 90's). Currently in the wonderful world of gaming and dming.

My first character was a barbarian. Basically one of the bad guys at the beginning of Conan. My second was an executioner. I was probably about 7 when I started.

Games Of Times Past:
Played kingmaker, runelords, crimson throne and I try to forget that I played second darkness. Wow that was bad. Damn elves I say.

Favourite game of all time was running a 3.5 political game focused around Sembian merchant princes and Cormyrean lords. It was colloquially known as the lord's game and went for many years across periods of time in an interconnected setting, but also was tried in different worlds.

Ran a game in Sargava and the southern Golarion continent.

Recently ran a free roaming game in Isger. Lot of different foes, surviving is half the battle. Plenty of strong enemies, npc allies and a lot of untrustworthy fellows about. There was a great deal of pressure, pc conflict and very low magic. Isger is a great setting for a game.

What Now?
Been running a 3.5 game in a Dark Souls influenced, non-Tolkien world in a large part of my own creation. Lot of expanded races and more feats to go round. It is a period when the monsters are on the ascendancy, and human imperial theocracy is losing their top perch.

Also running a short game in a Warband with fantasy world, using an opposed roll system I recently put together. Nice and simple rules, influenced a lot by Lace & Steel but with dice. They killed a dragon, they held off a hobgoblin invasion, they toasted a lot of knights and footmen before settling down in the Sarranid colonies.

Running a Sword Art Online game for 2013. Heavily influenced by the anime, but with some different and a focus on the first two worlds the players conquer.

Considering an early Islam game in 2013-2014. Players would be Meccans or foreign traders/bodyguards.

Considering a politics game based on years of running previous games. It would be the Lord's Game VI.

Favourite classes:

Melee: Fighter, Knight, Barbarian.
Jobbers: Ninja & Scout (3.5), Rogue.
Get in there and heroically battle, or be a jobber and sneak-thief.

Don't like spellcasters much, too much cheese, but sorcerers are good fun with less accounting.

What I need to play more of: clerics and pallies, maybe some sorcerers.

Fascinated by traps and the old flavour of dnd (where traps are brutal).

Worst trap ever used to kill a player: groinal scythe trap (it critted) after a poison dart trap with con poison.

Second worst trap: collapsing spike wall with some added illusions to direct movement away from safety, pierced and crushed two players to death. Felt a bit bad.

Honourable mention: monk entered a dusty room. Realised the dust was dangerous and hurting his lungs. Sneezing and choking dust (minor). Fortunately! There were some bars in the room to climb up above the dust cloud. He did so. They had a very powerful glue on them. So the monk has all limbs attached to the bars, then a wall slides and out comes the heavy hitting zombie girallons. He barely survived.

Lately, I am running a sword art inspired game. Quite fun and very meta (they are players playing players in a game).

It is so low because every time I get a thread closed by the glorious mods, I take off one point.

I am getting quite tired of their locking so many threads, when people are mid-post and mid-expression.