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The Pregens in the beginner box are absolutely amazing. I'm starting a game next week and would love to provide Amiri and Seelah to my players as additional options (we've got 5 players). I know Paladin isn't in the BB but I'm willing to adjust it manually.

The BB Character sheet is nice for someone building their own character, but the pregen sheets just have that extra oomph that makes them wonderful for first timers. Any chance of a blank or template character sheet like the pregens so that we can create some more pregens as a community? It'd be awesome!

Not sure if this is legal, but if it was, I could Photoshop one for you.

Squawk Featherbeak wrote:
Not sure if this is legal, but if it was, I could Photoshop one for you.

Please DO! I want to convert my Godson's Moldvoy basic box characters to Pathfinder and if I could do it with a pregen sheet it would make teaching the new rules so much easier.

I guess there's no PMing on this board? If you're willing to do it, Featherbeak, that'd be awesome. I just don't know how to go about getting it from you. :]

That would be useful. New players might want to make their own characters and not get stuck with one of the pregens. They like to feel that a character is truly theirs. The extra info in the pregen margins telling exactly what to do is pretty handy though. Blank sheets with that extra info would be pretty handy.

Well, I actually created a blank in Photoshop (with some help from a Ruby script) and then I did up Amiri on it.

Paizo, would you guys mind if I posted it?

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I know you (Paizo) read these forums, so I'm hoping that your silence is because you're waiting to see if I put up anything worthwhile. Here is Amiri. If this is a problem, please tell me and I'll take it down.

Unfortunately, I have Photoshop CS4 and PDF export is a total pain in that one. Sorry about the text not being selectable and everything.

DWishR, that's awesome!

Looks good to me!

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I like this and immediately saved a copy for my game but one question; The picture for the 'rear' of the folded pamphlet, that is Kyra not Amiri isn't it? Just an observation. The graphic in the pdf zoomed goes all funky on me.

Does anyone have the blank character sheet or a sheet for Seelah? We will be having a gaming session with 6 people as well and I would like them to all have standard sheets.


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Anyone find a form-fillable version of the bb sheet?

I know this post is old to say the least, but is there a blank pre gen sheet out there? I'm about to start playing/teaching Pathfinder with my kids and nephews.

So no one found a blank pre gen sheet?

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What do you mean by a blank pregen sheet?
There are blank character sheets on the Beginner Box page
You can also download the pregen sheets from that page.

Beginner Box Product Page

And several form-fillable character sheets if you do a quick internet search.

But what is a blank pregen sheet? Pregens aren't blank. They are pregenerated and have all the details already printed on their sheet.

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