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Just as the topic says. I am trying to find out if there are any Divine Traited Weapons , Armor , or Allies in the Rise of the Runelords.


Any new info that can be shared about Paizo showing up at Pax Unplugged?


Good idea. Investing in the Flgs really help our PFS groups maintain a place to play.

Like someone said above, selling vouchers and/or gift cards by flgs would go a lot further. I would rather pay my shop money for a pdf book voucher or gift card to to keep them in business, than order it online directly.

I really liked Liar's Blade. When I went to listen to the next Liar's book, it was a different narrator. I decided not to buy the next audio books because of his voice and mono tones, along with all the characters sounding the same.

So I skipped the rest of that series hoping that paizo would have it re-recorded after all the negative feedback.

The next series I picked up was Dave Gross 's Prince of Wolves. The narrator was really great. I am on King of Choas now, and enjoying the entire series a lot.

Sadly to my dismay, I looked at the next book. What I saw horrified me...yup it was Steve West as narrator.

Now I can only hope amd pray that this series also gets a redo, original narrators prefered.

If Paizo is not the one that can make these choices, whose forums/emails should I send my sadness filled statements to?



What about Scheduling for the HQ volunteers? Are you the one handling that as well Bob?

Wow, I just bought all the core books in pdf form 2-3 weeks ago. I am going to pick this up for the scenarios and AP books. This is a great deal and even made better by supporting charities.

Is the PDF version all ready for me to take to a Kinkos and print? Or do I need to rescale and play with the pdf?




I was wondering if there is a list somewhere of requirements to run certain scenarios. An example would be having to have so many stars or tables to run it.



When will the information on what is and inst allowed, be up on the Additional Resources page?


Please excuse me, if this is not the right please for this. I am looking for player maps (maps without any secret doors/labels/etc) for Rappan to use in Roll20.

I understand that they put out interactive maps with tokens and encounters for D20pro. I am not looking for that, just the maps so I can use a TV as my map instead of having to draw them constantly.



Was a great time. Hope to see you guys in the Fall. If you are anywhere in Missouri, this is a great PFS get together!

Any Place still have the print ones in stock?


I would like to know if there is any status on the entry from the Nov 6 Blog.

Customer Service Tools

Customer Service Refund Tool

We need a way to refund a purchase made through the Long term this will be a tool that our CS team can use without assistance. In the short term, this will likely be a process that requires a handoff to a programmer, and then a return handoff to confirm that the refund was properly processed.


Was the release date of sept 24th accurate or did it get pushed back again?

I too would love to see a targeting box like most other games, so I can verify who is targeted and life.

Cheatle, I would agree that ability would go a long way to make healing more balanced. That is as long as it healed only party/raid members and not everthing on a radius.

Ryan, Thanks for the answer on ranged healing. Is there a way you could speak to the Stationary part of my question?

Will the stationary change in ranged attacks affect Cure Spells (lets go with Lesser Cure) since its melee ranged and not an attack?

Thanks again!

Thanks for Coming to the Thread Ryan. We appreciate any feedback you can give on the game based on the "insider" knowledge you have.

Could you please let us know if a change in healing is even being tossed around inside and has any traction or if its already decided that this will not ever happen.

Thanks again,


PS. Will the stationary change in ranged attacks affect healing since its melee ranged and not an attack?

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I too agree with doing away with touch based healing. If the biggest argument is that "Heals are touch in the Table Top Version", then that argument should be used in every aspect of this game. As the main tie to this MMO and Pathfinder are the Name, Location, and Lore. Almost everything else has been tuned to lend itself to an MMO.

If people are worried about Healbots instead of meaningful cleric interaction, make our heals ranged, but give us a larger cooldown. Making the choice on when to heal a more strategic one. I believe this would be a good compromise.

I looked at the spell list and the only ranged spells that I could see are Mass cures. Are there single target ones that I missed?

Here is an Ideascale topic related to this conversation. IdeaScale on Healing


Referring to Ranged attacks making you stationary.
1. Does this mean only spells that create damage are affected or will beneficial spells also be affected?
2. Does this mean that spells with the "Melee" descriptor will not be affected by this change?


So will specific creature types have better loot or a certain type of loot compared to others? Example, goblins having worse loot than ogres.

If someone purchases an account like this from another user, is GW ok with this?

Also, if so, is there a way to change all user information to ensure someone doesn't try to take back the account by using the orginal user name and calling into support?

Hey Lisa (or anyone), If you get any more Alpha Invites floating about and want to toss one out. I would love to get one.




I recently played the Siege of Diamond City for lvl1-2. I was wondering since each tier is different. Would I be able to play this event again when my character is high enough for a different tier?

Thank you,


Greetings, I am looking at running Thornkeep Accursed halls for a group of pathfinders and was hoping someone could help me with a few questions.

1. How much fame and PP do the players get for finishing the accursed halls?
2. Can the entire accursed halls be ran in a 5 hour time frame?
3. Any thing else i should be watchful of?

Thank you


Where can we find out about this "mini-con"?

Thank you all for the suggestions. One last question if you dont mind. I am thinking of playing an aasimar clr of Milani. Are there any huge draw backs with the aasimar i should be aware of?

Thanks again everyone!

Greetings Everyone,

I want to get into pfs, my first game will be at a local store this coming sunday. I will be playing a cleric and wanted to ask everyone, what are your favorite orisons and 1st lvl spells to always keep up?



My friends and I are thinking of doing PFS but since we are still kinda new thought we would look a few things up first. I looked around the forums but I was unable to find an official answer for my question. So I thought I would ask.

If my cleric has a Birthmark or Tattoo of the holy symbol, do I have to present it for channeling? Does it have to be visible, do I need to shove it in someones face, or just is just having it acceptable?

I understand that Sean K Reynolds mentioned in this Post that the birthmark/tattoo would count as my divine focus to cast spells. But I was just unsure if that included channeling.


Greetings. I was wondering if there was a way to resurrect someone whos been dead for over 1000 years? Or if there would be a way to bring just the soul back into a new body or any vessal? Even bringing them back as undead. All that is left of the corpse is bones.

Thanks for the help


Let me begin with, I am still rather new at Pathfinder and I start dming my first session in a few weeks.

I have a player that would like to play a bard without the rest of the party knowing. I have a few questions about allies and unknown magical effects.

First we are only using the core rulebook. Second all chars are lvl 1.

Would the characters know the source of an ability like inspire courage when it is placed on them. Or would they know the source or have any automatic defenses that would activate from unknown spells and bard effects?

Thank you.

Whats in the book of maps? Is it the same maps that are in the main book? Also, what book or supplement would i need to get a map and detailed info on Zelkors Ferry?

Thanks for your time.

Does anyone have the blank character sheet or a sheet for Seelah? We will be having a gaming session with 6 people as well and I would like them to all have standard sheets.