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About to post at Crimson Throne. Reviewing the AoO functions for a bit, cause I thought I was certain drawing provoked. Battle is definitely not one of my GMing strongsuits to the point my homebrews rely on chases and traps. Sort of like an Indiana Jones movie.

I have a barbarian who was under rage when he was knocked unconscious and dying. That of course ended his rage. However I have a Second Darkness campaign trait (Opportunistic Gambler) that increases morale bonus duration by 1d4 rounds after they have ended. So even if I am dying and fatigued, do I still get to keep my morale bonuses from Rage?

Shameless bump

Fraust, if you start a group, I'm definitely joining. I still wanna play my barbarian. hahaha.

Ooh. please do. It would help me a lot. thanks!

Ooh... you wouldn't have a digital document of the statblocks, would you?

I considered running an Age of Worms, but I realized I don't have time to do all the conversions. So I opened a Curse of the Crimson Throne instead.

blackbloodtroll wrote:
Squawk Featherbeak wrote:
Oracle and Wizard actually. The druid would lose druidship for cruelty to animals.
Then why do evil druids exist?


Oracle and Wizard actually. The druid would lose druidship for cruelty to animals.

Realistic Female Martial Build

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Squawk Featherbeak wrote:

I guess I'll start with the sexism.

Male elf= dude in a silk gown
Female elf= beautiful chick in a silk gown

EDIT: Also

Male Barbarian= crusher of worlds
Female Barbarian= crazy girl with anger issues

So you're saying I have levels in Barbarian?

As does my ex.

Also this was the character I was talking about

Want a lot of feats? Human Monk of the Sacred Mountain 2/Gunslinger 1/ Wizard 1/ Alchemist 1/ Dawnflower Dervish 1/ Cavalier 1/Oracle of Juju 1/Spire Defender 1/ Divine Hunter 1/Lore Warden 8/ Sorcerer 1/ Undead Lord 1

That's 34 feats.

I guess I'll start with the sexism.

Male elf= dude in a silk gown
Female elf= beautiful chick in a silk gown

EDIT: Also

Male Barbarian= crusher of worlds
Female Barbarian= crazy girl with anger issues

I'm surprised nobody's said World of Warcraft yet.

Alright. What do you guys think of Infuse Mutagen and Preserve Organs. or Preserve Organs x2?

Scorpion Style isn't under style feats and I've heard no such ruling.

I can easily drop 2 strength to boost charisma all the way up to 13

what specifically are you converting?

the problem with bumping to level 6= They're all new.

I don't want my characters to drop their roles. Druid is set on being a druid. A magic/melee switch-hitter.

oh seriously. damn.

Cheapy wrote:
mplindustries wrote:

Other than that, there is not a single skill whose function can't be duplicated by spells.
Sense Motive is nice, unless you plan on spending a slot on Detect Thoughts every single time you want to talk to someone.

We have an oracle. Nevertheless a haunted time seer. So I dunno. But no sense motive for the first 3 levels is scary. Especially when people are douchebags just cause you're new.

Anyways. Thanks everyone. your help and advice is appreciated.

They really need to rewrite the Monk's level 1 class abilities.

oh fsck. dammit. you're right. and the headband won't cut it. back to the drawing board.

The rogue bomb thing would be houseruled, But I don't see it as game breaking. You have the vivisectionist. Just don't forget to make a rogue talent called: Alchemist Bomb Discovery.

I found the feat. It's called Focused Shot. Apparently it's a bad feat that only applies to single shots, must be 30 feet away, and is considered precision damage.

I had made small changes in Taanyth's description. Mainly age and religion.

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The staff really need to clean up to monk. It's horridly messy written.

Link to my favorite art supply shop

that's an idea. but as a brutal pugilist, he's aiming for improved grapple, which will leave him with improved sunder at level 5. That's 15-20 meetings.

Easiest and cheapest would be to print out the maps and use an opaque projector. That's what I use to project my painting drafts on canvases. You could try printing it on acetate then use an overhead projector too. That technology is old, so it should be cheap.

It's actually ok to give him the trait. He's a brutal pugilist from Alkenstaar and son of an Orc gunsmith. He takes care of the shop sometimes and has skill points in craft: gunsmithing.

Barbarians don't have disable as a class skill though. He has a dex of 14 as well and his archetype gives up TrapSense. I, as GM, decide the traits of my players. Should I give the barbarian a Disable Device trait?

I was thinking of an NPC but I want that to be the last possible course of action.

Yeah. Oracle's now party face and knowledges will be split, mostly on the wizard. I guess I could have my Barbarian take sundering but he's a brutal pugilist.

so that no important skill gets forgotten.

So we have a barbarian, a druid, an oracle, and a wizard. We lost our bard. How would you split the skills?

Aragorn would do good with the Skirmisher archetype. I find this easier to use than the regular ranger, because you don't get spells to prepare. The bond would have to be between friends. It's just so much better unless you want to spend a feat on Boon Companion. Remember that Half-elves can replace skill focus with exotic weapon proficiency. sawtooth blades or wakizashis ftw. Or if he wants, I believe Big Game Hunter is mixable with Skirmisher. Free exotic weapon proficiency to firearms makes a great switch-hitter.

Arwen... never saw her as an oracle of time, but sure. She'll most probably be battlefield control. Tell the player that she needs to plan what role she wants to play and stick to it. Character design decisions affect oracles a lot.

For Legolas, I believe the highest DPR archers are fighters and zen archers. I believe there's an elf feat to add int bonus to arrow damage. A level of Dawnflower Dervish Bard might work too, giving him Dervish Dance without prerequisites.

For the Sorc, please tell her to sculpt the character's code of honor REALLY well. I think this is the easiest way to keep a Lawful Evil character in the game. Also tell her that evil can mean selfish, rather than stereotypical evil. She's going to be the party face for sure. If she wants to be a really good enchanter, crossblooded with Fey is excellent. Sylvan if you want an Animal Companion. Get Boon Companion to boost this up.

For the dwarf, let her decide on what she wants to do. Grenadiers are a lot better in battle, while Rogues are better off-battle. To make a battle-rogue, Scout/Thug is a great option. Charge to sneak at lv4. 10 foot move to sneak at lv8. All while sickening. If she decides to go Alchemist, I am quite a fan of the Grenadier (Other than Beastmorph Vivisectionist). The ability to add alchemical items to weapons is wicked for level 1. Martial weapon proficiency to composite longbow with the help of monetary traits like Rich Parents or the one form Legacy of Fire or maybe even something like a Ranseur so you could help Aragorn at melee, add a Tanglefoot bag. and poof. instant control.

Xexyz wrote:
Before the APG and alternate class bonuses gnomes and halfings were arguably better sorcerers and likely better oracles as well. Now however with the ability to learn an additional spell with your favored class bonus being a human is heads and tails superior to the other two.

I have a house rule that any race can choose favored class bonuses of any other race.

Humans are like the jack of all trades because all their bonuses are so flexible, but some classes are better at some things than them. Elf wizards, magi and bomber-type alchemists, half-elf bards, dwarf monks to name a few.

Hmm... 2 slots left with original game first choice. I think I'll wait till the DM comes back before I make my alias.

True. and the Player's guide never said anything against adopted siblings.

lol. there should be a LoF where everyone takes Finding Haleen. Everyone would be siblings.

Sah, you're right. Toothy should not be achievable by Adopted.

EDIT: Otherwise I'd have an elf ninja with drow noble magic or an orc barbarian with the tengu swordtraining trait.

I am interested. I see you don't have a Skill Monkey yet, and since Merisiel is part of the Legacy of Fire Iconics, I'm guessing you guys might need one.

Iskandariel Al-Faraj:

Arcane-Trained Half-Elf
Bard (Archaeologist) 1
Traits: Duskwalker Agent/Finding Haleen
Feats: Lingering Performance, Skill Focus: Disable Device
Skills: Acrobatics +5, Bluff +6, Disable Device +5, Intimidate +6, Knowledge (Local) +7, Knowledge (Nature) +7, Knowledge (Everything Else) +3, Perception +6, Spellcraft +6, Stealth +5, Use Magic Device +6
Armor Check Penalty: +2
Melee: Longsword +3 (1d8+3, 19-20/x2)
Ranged: Shortbow +1 (1d6, x3)
HP: 9
AC: 16, T: 15, FF: 11 (+4 Armor, +1 Shield, +1 Dex)
Fort: +1, Ref: +3, Will: +2; +2 against enchantment
Spell DCs: 0 (12), 1st (13)
Immune to magical sleep effects
Archaeologist's Luck 6/day
Gear: Longsword, Shortbow, 20 Arrows, Mwk Chain Shirt, Buckler, Backpack, Clay Jug, Grappling Hook, Bullseye Lantern, 5 Oil, Silk Rope, Thieves' Tools, 2 Alchemist's Fire, 3gp, 1sp, 2cp

I still have to write his backstory, but it's basically based on his two traits.

Fighter D10 =6
Monk and Alchemist D8 =5
Barbarian D12 =7
Favored Classes= Monk and Alchemist

10+(6*2)+(5*15)+(7*2)+15+(7*20)=266 HP

lol. sorry. Thanks for catching me on that.

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I'm putting the AM Baby project into hiatus because there's too much figures to think about. I needed to rest.

Allow me to introduce my newest project: Trixie, the Damsel who Distresses

She is a Half-Elf Martial Artist 11/Weapon Master 3/Beastmorph Vivisectionist 4/Invulnerable Rager 2.

-Half-Elf because of multiple favored classes and free skill focus
-Martial Artist for fighter levels and chaotic monk.
-Weapon Master because Weapon Training + Dueling Gloves is better than Brawler's Close Combatant
-Beastmorph Vivisectionist for Alter Self, Sneak Attack, and Mutagens
-Invulnerable Rager because Brutal Pugilist just doesn't work here so I'll just pass with the DR

Trixie's Signature Move is the Flurry of Medusa's Hasted Reckless Power Sneak Dragons under the Power of Enlarged Mutagenic Raging Giants.

Trixie's 20-Level Development:
For the following, MA stands for Martial Artist, WM stands for Weapon Master, BV stands for Beastmorph Vivisectionist, and IR stands for Invulnerable Rager. Feats are bolded while Discoveries and Rage Powers are italicized.

1.WM1- Skill Focus: Survival, Power Attack, Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike
2.MA1- Improved Unarmed Strike, Stunning Fist, Combat Reflexes, AC Bonus, Flurry of Blows,
3.MA2- Scorpion Style, Dragon Style, Evasion
4.MA3- Fast Movement, Maneuver Training, Pain Points
5.MA4- Dragon Ferocity, Martial Arts Master, Exploit Weakness
6.MA5- Extreme Endurance, High Jump
7.IR1- Raging Vitality, Fast Movement, Rage
8.WM2- Furious Focus, Weapon Guard: Unarmed Strike
9.IR2- Eldritch Heritage: Orc, Reckless Abandon, Damage Reduction
10.BV1- Brew Potion, Throw Anything, Sneak Attack 1d6, Mutagen
11.WM3- Improved Eldritch Heritage Orc 9, Weapon Training: Unarmed Strike
12.BV2- Bleeding Attack, Torturer's Eye, Poison Use
13.BV3- Greater Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike, Sneak Attack 2d6, Beastmorph Mutagen
14.MA6- Gorgon Fist
15.MA7- Weapon Specialization: Unarmed Strike, Physical Resistance
16.BV4- Spontaneous Healing (or Extend Potion)
17.MA8- Greater Weapon Specialization: Unarmed Strike
18.MA9- Improved Evasion
19.MA10- Medusa's Wrath, Greater Eldritch Heritage: Orc
20.MA11- None (Gotten for 2d8 unarmed damage with Monk's Robe)

Trixie's Equipment:
Armor- None
Belts- Belt of Physical Perfection +6 (144,000)
Body- Monk's Robe (13,000)
Chest- Mantle of Spell Resistance (90,000)
Eyes- Goggles of Night (12,000)
Feet- Boots of Speed (12,000)
Hands- Gloves of Dueling (15,000)
Head- Vudran Ashak Helmet (22,000)
Headband- Headband of Mental Superiority +4 (64,000)
Neck- Amulet of Mighty Fists: Furious, Ghost Touch, Frost, Flaming, Shock (125,000)
Ring 1- Protection +5 (50,000)
Ring 2- Freedom of Movement (40,000)
Shoulders- Cloak of Resistance +5 (25,000)
Wrist- Bracers of Armor +8 (64,000)
Permanency- Greater Magic Fang: Unarmed (12,300)
Book- Manual of Gainful Exercise +5 (137,500)
Spend the rest on a boyfriend? You've got 7 Charisma

Trixie's Stats:
Starting stats at 20 point buy:

Stats at level 20

Stats at level 20 under Rage, Mutagen, Enlarge Person, and Power of Giants

The Flurry of Medusa's Hasted Reckless Power Sneak Dragons under the Power of Enlarged Mutagenic Rage:
Attack Bonus for Flurry of Medusa's Hasted Reckless Power Sneak Dragons under Power of Enlarged Mutagenic Rage

Damage for Flurry of Medusa's Hasted Reckless Power Sneak Dragons under the Power of Enlarged Mutagenic Rage
2d8 Unarmed Attack +47 Bonus +2d6 Power Sneak Attack +2 Bleed +1d6 cold +1d6 fire +1d6 electricity
2d8+5d6+47+2+Dragon Stuff
87~126 first hit
66~105 every other hit
681~1071 total if all attacks hit

These are achieved by the following bonuses

Bonuses wrote:

Dragon Style +31

Dragon Ferocity +10
Str Bonus +21
Power Attack -5/+10 (Furious Focus)
Greater Magic Fang +5
Furious +2
Weapon Focus/Spec +2/+4
Exploit Weakness +2 (attack only)
Touch of Rage +9
Reckless Abandon +1 (attack only)
Weapon Training + Duelist Gloves +3
Enlarge -1
+1 Haste(Attack)

Tell me if I missed out anything or if I miscalculated

Other Notes:
Under Power of Enlarged Mutagenic Rage, these are some of Trixie's other stats.
HP: 126
AC: 42, T30, FF39 (2 Dex + 5 Wis + 3 Monk - 2 Rage + 6 Nat +1 Dodge +5 Deflection + 8 Armor +4 Shield (supposing you casted Shield))
Fort: 26 Ref: 18 Will: 28
BAB +16/+11/+6/+1
CMB40, CMD52
70 ft. Speed
15ft. Reach
Immune to sleep, fear, flanking, self-poisoning, fatigue, exhaustion
Darkvision 60ft.
Ignore DR
Once again, tell me if I miscalculated

So that's about it. Can I improve on this more? Is my math wrong?

huh... I stand corrected. A prettier way of rewording it would be simply "A race trait from the traits section"

No matter how you reword it, there are still race traits and racial traits.

the character description ones should be erratad/renamed into Race Characteristics or Race Properties

harmor wrote:

Levitate + Summon Monster I (Eagle) for a poor man's version of Fly.

This is amazingly smart. lol.

Yeah. I got excited too. This meant Drow Magic or a bonus feat


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