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Hi people,
so I was trying to run a game here a while ago but my internet got cut off without warning, then I had to move and then my interests were focused on some video gaming for a while but now I'm back. So enough about my life story and for the part you're probably interested in, I'd like to run a game focused on adventures working together aboard a ship on the seas and oceans of Golarion. Basically the players will start as a crew on a ship out of shackles but will come into their own ship fairly quickly and from there I'm willing to sandbox the campaign as you choose headings and I offer jobs etc if you want them. If no one wants to be pirates though I might be willing to relocate the game to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings but I personally have a soft spot for the pirates :)

Character Creation Guide
1. Ability Scores will be bought using the purchasing plan and you'll have 25pts to spend. Please don't be silly with them though, a guy with three abilities in the high teens and three abilities at eight will just be ignored as a potential player by myself.

2. Money will be the average for you class.

3. Only rules and mechanics from the paizo published books, this means things like psychics and gunslingers are out, at least until Ultimate Comabt is published for the gunlinger.

4. You have two traits, these can come from any of the published material excluding the Adventure Paths.

5. Class and Race are upto you guys but I'm not likely to want to add exotic things like a Dhampire. I'll also have a soft spot for things that fit in with the game like a Sea Witch. Oh and the archtypes are avaliable.

6. Oh, and if it hasn't been obvious so far begin at level one.

So, no doubt I've forgotten to provide some important detail that you need for character creation, I always seem to, but thats what I've got so far. I don't expect pages of background or description but at least a paragraph each will make it easier for me to pick a player.

I won't start this immediately but I won't be leaving this weeks either so first in won't be first served but they'll have a good chance.

Lastly, I promise, I'm an Australian so my times are fairly weird for the average American and while I post as often as I can expect me to only promise one a day even if I do more when I can.

*Bounce, bounce, bounce*

Hi, hi, hi!


I'm all up fer a nautical type o' game!

Pick me,pick me!


Liberty's Edge

I am down. One question, though: will we benefit from making characters geared towards seafaring mechanics? Such as, dealing with wind effects, abilities that manipulate weather/sea travel/etc.? Because I'm cooking up a Seasinger Bard and I'm definately gearing him towards being a sea captain/role-play heavy character. I just don't wanna get hosed for being quite "unoptimized".

Liberty's Edge

Roland Red-Hand

The Fluff:

Roland Red-Hand is a (in his words) supremely gifted man born and raised in The Shackles. He wouldn't have it any other way. He spent most of his young life after his parents' death getting short stints of work on any ship he could and carefully learning everything he could about the diverse and wily ways of the Bard from whatever minstrels passed through the islands. Roland posesses a magnetic personality, useful for getting is numerous and disparate teachers to reveal small bits of their craft to him over the years and which could develop him into a significant leader of men. He will have his own ship one day, he knows. He is a man born for adventure, freedom, and living under no man's law but his own. He might even be just talented enough to pull it off.

The Crunch:

Roland Red-Hand, CN Male Sea-Singer Bard 1

Str. 12
Dex. 14
Con. 13
Int. 16
Wis. 10
Cha. 16

HP: 9, AC:14, Initiative +2, Fort.+1, Ref.+4, Will.+2

(1)Acrobatics+6, (1)Appraise+7, (1)Bluff+7, (1)Climb+5, (1)Diplomacy+7, (1)Escape Artist+6, (1)Knowledge:Geography+8, (1)Knowledge:Local+8, (1)Perception+4, (1)Perform:Sing+7, (1)Sense Motive+5

Feats: Free Spirit, Combat Expertise
Traits: Natural-Born Leader, World Traveler(Sense Motive)

Class Abilities: World Traveler, Bardic Performance (Sea Shanty, Distraction, Fascinate(DC 13), Inspire Courage+1)

Gear (so far):
Light Crossbow

I know that's not quite *everything* in the crunch, but I'll have all the little details and any remaining derived stats worked out soon.

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I'm quite happy to have role play focused characters, combat can be a bastard via pbp so while it will still be included it won't be a focus. I'm thinking more exploration, diplomacy and backstabbing being the focus for this one.

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Also, thought I should mention, I like Roland Red-Hand, sounds like a fun and useful character to have aboard any ship and the fact that hes a Sea Singer ticks pretty mch all my boxes (though not everyone needs a themed archetype).

Also Suny, I'll need some more info about what you want to play before I add you to the crew :)

Lastly something I forgot before, I'll probably be looking for four to five players.

Jen, Mermaid Druid (Probably some sort of shark companion or something)

Jen is a druid that has swum all the way from the (northern/southern) lands to encounter new forms of life in the (south/north). After spending her entire life with whales, she's followed their migratory path to warmer waters. It was also a good oppertunity to experience the exciting life for pirating, when her druidic sisters were not around to observe her.

Speaking as one who is also running a sea based game, I approve. I'm also fine with being a pirate and thus offer a Cleric of Besmara, The Pirate Queen. Unsure right now if I wish to be human or use the half-elf template and be half Aquatic elf.

My posting times are also rather varied since I work nights and have a very young child, you never know when I'll be up posting though I do manage to check the boards at least 3-4 times a day.

I'll probably have a rough character made up under this name by the next time you check in. :)

I have a Water Elemental Focused Wizard, that has tried a couple different games that have quickly died. If you are interested in the character, I can fix the stats and change the backstory for a boat adventure, as she was built for a different game.

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I don't know, apparently I'm up at 4am today, though about to pass out. I like the sound of the character so far Lorelei.

@Retech, not sure about a mermaid, I mean it would be very difficult for you to participate in any shore leave, exploring mysterious islands, those sort of shennanigans.

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Are there alignment restrictions? I've made my character NE but he could become N quite easily.


Name: Grutsnick
Race: Half-orc
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Class: Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Alignment: N(E)
Projected Build: Rogue
Combat Role: Backstabbing
Personality: Gruff Intelligent Restless
Primary Deity: Gozreh
Concept: Pirate!

Born in Port Peril, in a part of town considered rough even by the thugs and ruffians who call that place home, the half-orc now known as Grutsnick learned quickly that if he couldn't fight he should run. His natural agility served him well, and has seen him grow to the old age of 16. Deciding he was old enough to live on his own, he took his scimitar and signed up to crew the first ship he could find.

At least, this is the story he tells outsiders and those he steals from. The truth of the matter is he was found drunk in a bar and press ganged into a life of piracy. Since the job doesn't bother him Grutsnick is perfectly happy with the life, and more than willing to show anyone who asks how good being a pirate can be.

At 5'11" and 190 pounds he is small for a half-orc, but makes up for it with his speed. Armed with a scimitar and a hidden intelligence, Grutsnick allows his foes to underestimate him before taking their life and their gold. He dresses as a typical pirate and wields a scimitar he took from his first kill.

Grutsnick is happiest when breaking legs for his captain. He is quite smart for a half-orc, and knows that often the crew can escape with their lives when the leadership is killed. After all, there can be only one captain on a ship, and he's not likely to clean the bilge now is he?

Well, i got stats, traits, skills and feats put in, will work on background soon.

Found a better profile pic too.

I have a character that could be a cleric of Gozreh or an water element bloodline sorcerer that I'd love to play. I'll try to have a backstory later tonight. Would you like to pick between the two concepts, or would you prefer I picked one? :o

Edit: Here's his backstory as a sorcerer.

Kale Porter:
Kale grew up and was born in Port Peril. His mother was a kind and loving priest of Gozreh, though his father was a fairly temperamental and stern man. His childhood was simple and easy, mostly due to his father's work as a merchant, which kept more than enough food on the table. Things didn't get difficult until Kale's sister, Lydia, was born when he was about 7. There were complications with his mother's pregnancy, and she died in childbirth.

Without a mother around, Kale had to learn responsibility at a young age, and found himself having to help take care of his sister as he grew older. However, instead of resenting Lydia, he saw her as the last remaining link to his mother. His relationship with Lydia became more and more important to him as he grew older, and his father grew more and more difficult to live with. While he never beat Kale, he would scream and yell at him if he didn't follow his directions to the letter. While Kale clung to his sister after his mother's death, his father clung to his late wife's religion. He'd have his two children perform services every day, and began to raise Kale with the intention of having him go into the priesthood, though this didn't become apparent to Kale until he was in his teens.

Kale didn't want to be a priest. In fact, he'd rather do anything but be a priest, even if it meant being a fisherman for the rest of his life. Despite his late mother's profession, Kale associated religion with his dad and long, boring ceremony. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that being a fisher wouldn't be so bad. The sea seemed to call to him, and he -did- visit the docks every chance he could get.

Eventually, Kale made his thoughts known to his father. It didn't end well. They argued for hours, until Kale was finally kicked out of the house. Angry and frightened, Kale roamed the streets of Landrino that night. He was only 16, and so presented an easy target to some muggers looking for an easy mark. They cornered him in an alley, and when they found that he had no money on him, they began to take their frustrations out on the boy. Heart still racing from the argument with his dad, Kale snapped once he felt fist hit his face. With an angry scream, he drew back a punch with everything he had, and...missed. That was all it took to drive him over the edge. Just beyond his hand, ice cold water formed and shot out at one of the muggers, hitting him in the face and knocking him out. Then, in a blast of light, Kale fired out a missile at the mugger who had hit him, striking the man in the chest and causing a fatal wound. The third mugger ran.

Kale was horrified at what he'd done. He ran back home and begged forgiveness from his dad. His father let him in without asking about the bruise on his son's face. In the days that followed, Kale tried to forget about that night. His dad was very critical of arcane magic, and he saw his power as a punishment from the gods. Curiosity though, eventually got the better of him, and he began practicing with his powers when he thought nobody was looking. Mostly he'd move various objects without touching them, though sometimes he'd create light with a snap of his fingers.

Eventually, his dad found out. He walking in on Kale as he was casting a spell, and the resulting confrontation led to Kale running away from home. He lived on the streets for a few weeks until he ran into a recruiter for a crew. Kale saw this as he chance to get away from his dad, so he joined without too many questions on his part.

I think I'll have my Cleric be a half-elf(aquatic) and take the alternate racial trait of Water Child from the Advanced Players Guide if that is acceptable. :)

Hello! I have a Swashbuckling Rouge here. Nothing fancy or anything. I haven't gotten to a backstory yet but I've linked a PDF in the profile to his information.

RPG Superstar 2009 Top 16

Still space for someone?

Meet Santiago, Human Wind Oracle. Santiago was orphaned still very young, left on the streets of Drenchport to his own luck. He ended up attached to a group of young cut purses who treated him as an odd-ball because of how strange he was. After all, Santiago would speak with supposed imaginary friends and blame "they" for stealing or pushing others.

Santiago always felt a calling for the port and would often escape his "duties" as a cut purse to stay all day and night at the docks, smiling at the strong winds.

One day, Santiago accidentally hurt one of his gang's leaders, or maybe it was just the spirits who always followed him. Fearful for his life, he ran away and hid inside a ship leaving The Shackles. When found, the captain made him clean and cook for the crew. He was kept as a half-slave until the day the ship caught the attention of a rival pirate ship. They tried to ran away, but the wind suddenly died out. Boarding action was inneviable. Then, Santiago somehow caused wind to blow the ship's sails, saving the crew.

Santiago's strange power over the winds has since made him an important crewmember of any ship he travels in and he is happy, as now he can spend all day long with wind on his face.


I am interested, if there is still room I will post a character.

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Okay so the following have put their hands up...

Suny – Expressed Interest
Orannis – Roland Red-Hand, Sea-Singer Bard (Human I assume)
Retech – Expressed Interest as a Mermaid Druid
Lorelei – Lorelei, Half-Aquatic Elf Cleric of Besmara
Uraisa Ellsworth – Human Wizard focused on the element of Water
Balodek – Grutsnick, Half-orc Rogue Swashbuckler
Acidrica – Kale Porter, a Cleric of Gozreh of a Sorcerer with the Water Elemental Bloodline
Thogeon Smilebeard – Thogeon Smilebeard, Halfling Rogue Swashbuckler
Jmberaldo – Santiago, a Human Wind Oracle
Lucas Servideo – Expressed Interest

At the moment I'm liking Roland Red-hand, Lorelei, Gritsnick and Uraisa Ellsworth. I'm still open to one more and I'd say that something a bit meatshield-ish would probably turn my head :)

I'm also interested, but I only just found this thread prior to other social commitments, so I don't have time to make a character at this very minute. That said, I'd be happy to play a fighter of some description. Because I am coming in late and cannot commit right 'now' now, I'll give someone else a chance chance to post a fighter-type. In the meantime, feel free to put me down as a reserve if someone drops out.

Jörmungandr --good to see a fellow Aussie! I'm just over the fence in Warrnambool (lol).

Jörmungandr wrote:
@Retech, not sure about a mermaid, I mean it would be very difficult for you to participate in any shore leave, exploring mysterious islands, those sort of shennanigans.

Sure t'is! She jus' takes a lot o' skillz in 'Acrobatics' an' walk aroun' doin' hand-stands!

Plus, she'd get th' tail slap attack from heck! (^_^)

Okeys, as fer whut I c'n be. I've tried a 'Sharp-shooter' fighter (X-bow specialist). A 'Sea-shanty' Bard (But some one else want's t' try that one). I've also gots a 'Noble'/'Corsair' multi classer runnin' aroun'...so are there any classes yet whut i'nt been picked? :P

As fer 'Meat Shield' I also gots th' character o' Xane who, with th' addition/starting race of Half-Ogre, woulds be gettin' even biger-er as a meaty shield.

Hope them ideas help. (^_^)

I have an Ulfen Invulnerable Rager who will later pick a couple of levels in bear shaman available if your lookin'for the heavy hitter type. Let me know if this interest you and I will scale him back down to 1st level.

Back story runs along the lines of a young Ulfen warrior has been sent out into the south to scout potential trade route/raid sites. His personal motivation is to develop his skill with blade and control of the bear's blood which flows through his veins in order to return to his homeland and gain control of a linnorm. By coming south he serves both himself and his king. I can have a sheet up tomorrow along with a more thorough background. I am in Okinawa, Japan so playing with Aussies is always a welcome change for me.;)

Already trying to come up with good ship names and thinking of all the swashbucklers Lorelei can romance :)

DM, I made changes in the backstory and made sure the point buy was correct. If you see any changes you need, let me know.


Ok, I have an idea for a fighter(dervish dancer), light armor, quick bladed, hopefully charming and definetly a bit cocky. Zandi Sahni was "convinced" to join a crew after a night of drinking and bragging. I am working on his sheet now and a more of a history should have it posted a bit later.

Somebody call for a one-eyed half-orc pirate?

Character sheet for Lorelei about done. :)

Hey, Jormungandr, this is Orannis. I made an Alias for Roland, and had his ENTIRE sheet typed up on it and it just... vanished... when I posted it. We're talking like an hour of work here, and I just cannot bring myself to the tedious task of doing that again today. Would you mind if I re-did it all tomorrow (I'm going to copy-paste to Word this time, now that I know better)? I am just waaaaaay too steamed to do it again today.

I've had that happen too, no idea why. So now I either save as I go or type it out elsewhere and copy/paste.


I hope this makes sense and fits in.

From a young age Zandi always wanted to be a guardian of the Dawnflower like his parents he had the skills but he was overconfident not caring what it took to be the best just to do it. He followed in his parents footsteps learning the ways of the Dervish carefully mastering the Scimitar and the dances that went with it. Zandi was a sore winner and did not know what is was like to lose, the night of his class of Dervish completed their training Zandi and a close friend went drinking.

While Zandi was drinking his father and other Dervishes were escorting a high priestess to the Docks, for her to get a ship to visit the temple in Absalom while boarding the ship they were attacked. The whole party was killed and all valuables were stolen as well as the head of the High Priestess. The identity of the attackers was unknown the only item that might be able to link someone to the attack was a symbol with a skull and crossbones with a blue swirl behind it.

Zandi who was busy drinking and experiencing the nightlife in Katheer didn't find out about his father's death until the afternoon when he strolled home. When he arrived there was only a note for him to get to the Temple. Upon arriving at the Temple he was lead to his mother and those tending to his father's body. Zandi couldn't believe what had happened. When told that his father was killed Zandi couldn't believe it a wave of guilt and shame when he thought back to how he had behaved and how his father had, he was not living up to what his father would want him to be.

This forced Zandi into a depression which involved alcohol and lots of it. This continued for weeks he would sleep where he fell and begin drinking when he woke. One morning or afternoon he could not remember which someone helped him up a woman of indescribable beauty with golden skin and eye with a mane of fiery red hair "This is the way you honor and help no one. You have a way to seek justice for what has happened, you just have to open your eyes and see the light." and with that the woman was gone and in his hand was his father's sword which he thought was lost with the murders.

He mustered all the strength he could making his way home. He had to find these criminals against the Dawnflower. After cleaning himself up and getting dressed he made his way to the Temple to find his mother. When he saw her he got on his knees and apologized for his behavior. She looked at him smiling you are forgiven. She then laughs as she strokes his hair "You had a visitor" Zandi puzzled found reflective surface and noticed that his once all black hair had a shock of Fiery red in it.

Zandi's Mother told him about the symbol they found the night of the attack and that it comes from an area of the world far from Qadira a place called the Sodden Lands. Thus Begins his Journey.

I am figuring Zandi made his way to the Shackles either being pressed into service or somehow made to work on the ship he is bidding his time til he can get to the part of the world where the Murders are.

Zandi is a Human, Fighter(Dawnflower Dervish Archetype Inner Sea Primer) Neutral Good, later he might take a level in cleric or Inquisitor but right now he is a just a fighter. Working on his Stats.

Working on a Human Summoner(Synthesist) with an aquatic eidelon

Dark Archive

Hey guys, I'm still here but I'm going to wait until after the long weekend since I know its independance day for the majority of you guys on Monday. After that I'll give my final nod and get the discussion thread going so we can hash some things over like hte name of the ship etc.

Looking forwards to seeing who does what etc. =)

If I make the grade, I'll do some cutting/pasting and swapping of things.

Actually working on this Low Azlant Barbarian(Invulnerable Rager archtype) now!

The only thing holiday weekends like this mean for me is that there will be call-offs and I may get mandated to work an extra shift. But at any rate I look forward to seeing who all ya pick and I'll go ahead and start thinking of ships names in case I'm one of them. :)

Heh, I all ready have a character named after a ship in a Fan-fiction I've yet to finish.

I vote for the "Bonny D"

Short for "Bountiful Destruction." >:)

Being the sort of pirate that prefers smirking irony in the face of misfortune, I'd suggest The Downward Spiral.

How about:

The Drunken Mermaid


The Rum Chaser


Besmara's Bastard

Anything with 'Rum' in the title has my vote. =)

Xane wrote:
Anything with 'Rum' in the title has my vote. =)

"So ye'd vote for the 'Ran Out of Rum'?"


How about la vaca del mar :D



Lorelei wrote:

The Sea Cow it sounds cooler the other way.

Is that Spanish, or French...You know, because if it's Spanish, they tend to start fights left-handed. (^_~).


Xane wrote:

Is that Spanish, or French...You know, because if it's Spanish, they tend to start fights left-handed. (^_~).

It is Spanish, it was a slow moving ship in a 7th Sea game I played in. Even though I am left handed I am not trying to start a fight :P

But finish them right handed. :)

There's something you should know. I am not left handed either!

I miss my 7th Sea game. I had my players being privateers is the service of Avalon. But I moved so the game ended. I've been toying with the idea of starting a PBP one, but I wasn't sure how many people on this site are familiar with the system.

I have some of the books. I do like the weapon tings one can do with/to swords in that game.

"Pistol Grip" pommel ftw! (^_^)

Though I admit to never having played a game of 7th Seas, just dropped everything pretty much into the games I was already playing.

Now, who wants a 'Hilt balanced, pistol gripped pommel, Aldori dueling sword'...?

Also, I don't know too many Spaniards... :P

But as for that rock? I din't have to miss... (^_~) *Flexes muscles*

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