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HP 36 / 59,AC 18, Perc:+6,Init:+2,Fort:+6,Ref:+2,Wil:+0,

About Xane

Character Image

"Big and brassy!"
"Buffed and sassy!"
"Fit as a fiddle and ready to game!"

Humanoid, Teifling(Giantish parentage)

Languages: Common, Infernal, Giant, Undercommon.

Age: 18,
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Height: 6' 8", Weight: 170lbs,

Height: 7'4". Weight: 320lbs,

Eyes: Dark ,Hair: Black ,Skin: Tanned

Fighter Lvl 5 (Character level 6)

Init: +2

Senses: Darkvision, Perception +3

Cold, Fire, Electricity resistance 5/-.


Str: 24(+1, 4thlvlBonus)
Dex: 12
Int: 12
Wis: 08
Con: 18
Cha: 15


HP: 59 Wounds: Total HP: 59

Stat Damage:

AC: 18 (+4MstWk Scale-mail,+1Dex,+1MstWk Scale-mail ArmorKilt,+3Natural,-1Size)
Touch: 11 ,Flat-f: 17

Saves,Medium:Fort +8,Ref +2,Will +0

CMB: +12
CMD: 23

Spd 20 ft (6 squares)

Combat Stats

To Hit, Falcata: +10(-2 to hit with undersized weapon)
Dam(Falcata): 1D8+6, Crit: (19-20/X3) Confirm(18-20)

To Hit, B'Sword: +10(Using the weapon one handed)
Dam(B'Sword):1D10+6, Crit: (19-20/X2) Confirm(18-20

TO Hit, 2H Sword: +10 Using the weapon one handed
Dam:(2HSwrd)2D6+6, Crit: (19-20/X2) Confirm(18-20)

To Hit: +8
Dam(Sht Bow): 1D6, Crit: (20/X2) Confirm (19-20)



Background for the game: Xane parentage is varied beyond the pale. Her shear size marks her as beyond the range of 'Human'. Growing up for her was both hard and easy. Being physically bigger and tougher for her age gave her an advantage in holding her own. Being so much large, tougher and stronger only added to her 'outsider' status. Eventually, her physical skills brought her into the realm of fighter/guard.

Now, she is restless. She has used her amount of ‘Shares’ to buy the things she felt would stand her in good stead as she strikes out on her own.


Feats & Traits:


Trait1: Adopted;Benefit; Select a race trait from your adoptive parents’ race. Outcast (Half Orc)

Driven from town after town because of your heritage, you have become adept at living apart from others. Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Survival skill checks, and Survival is always a class skill for you.

Trait2: Anatomist; Benefit: You know where to aim your blows to strike vital organs and you gain a +1 trait bonus on all rolls made to confirm critical hits.

Feat1stLvl:(General)Exotic Weapon, Proficiency Falcata
Feat1stlvl:(Fighter)Endurance, Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus on the following checks and saves: Swim checks made to resist nonlethal damage from exhaustion; Constitution checks made to continue running; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march; Constitution checks made to hold your breath; Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst; Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal damage from hot or cold environments; and Fortitude saves made to resist damage from suffocation.

Feat2ndLvl: Shattering Strike; +1 to CMB & CMD strikes (Replaces 'Bravery')
Feat2ndLvl:(Fighter)Die Hard, Benefit: When your hit point total is below 0, but you are not dead, you automatically stabilize. You do not need to make a Constitution check each round to avoid losing additional hit points. You may choose to act as if you were disabled, rather than dying. You must make this decision as soon as you are reduced to negative hit points (even if it isn't your turn). If you do not choose to act as if you were disabled, you immediately fall unconscious.

When using this feat, you are staggered. You can take a move action without further injuring yourself, but if you perform any standard action (or any other action deemed as strenuous, including some swift actions, such as casting a quickened spell) you take 1 point of damage after completing the act. If your negative hit points are equal to or greater than your Constitution score, you immediately die.

Feat3rdLvl:Improved Unarmed Strike

Feat4Thlvl:Catch Off Guard

Feat5thlvl:Improved grapple




Handle-Animal*: +8=(+4R,+1Cha,+3C)
Knowledge (arcana)
Knowledge Dungeoneering):
Knowledge (Engineering): +5=(+1R,+1Int,+3C)
Knowledge (history)
Knowledge (nature)
Knowledge (Planes)
Profession*(Sailor): +5=(+1R,+1Int,+3C)
Perception: +6=(+4R,+3Race,-1Wis)
Sense motive:
Survival: +5=(+1R,+3C,+1T)
Swim*: +8=(+1R,+4Str,+3C,)
Use Magic Item



Starting Moneys: 750
Falcata: 30 Gp
HideArmor: 15 Gp
ArmorKilt: 20 Gp
2HandedSwd: 50 Gp
ShtBow: 30 Gp
Arrows(20): 1 Gp

WinterBlanket: 1 Gp
BedRoll: 1 Gp
Rope(Silk)(X2[100']): 20 Gp
Clothes(X2)Travelers: 4 Gp
BeltPouch(X4): 4 Gp
BackPack: 2 Gp
Potion Cure Light Wounds(X3): 450 Gp

Adventure Moneys 6000Gp

Magic Item of Reduce Person; 4500Gp
Large, Masterwork, Scale-Mail 250Gp
Large, Masterwork, Scale-mail Armored Skirt 190Gp
Large, Master-worked/Framed, backpack 100Gp
Combat trained riding dog 200Gp


Riding Dog, CR 1, XP 400
N Medium animal
Init +2; Senses low-light vision, scent; Perception +8
AC 13, touch 12, flat-footed 11 (+2 Dex, +1 natural)
hp 13 (2d8+4)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +1
Speed 40 ft.
Melee bite +3 (1d6+3 plus trip)
Str 15, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 15 (19 vs. trip)
Feats Skill Focus (Perception)
Skills Acrobatics +6 (+14 jumping), Perception +8, Survival +1 (+5 scent tracking); Racial Modifiers +4 Acrobatics when jumping, +4 Survival when tracking by scent


Spending Moneys Left: 122Gp
So, with her left over money, Xane might be looking to buy some sort of hauling animal. Any suggestions?


Character Work up::

25 Point buy.

Str -17P= 18 (+4 Giant)(-4Young) Currently +0
Dex -1p= 12 (-2Giant)(+4Young) Currently +2
Int -1p= 12
Wis +2p= 8
Con -5p= 14 (+4giant)(-4Young) Currently +0
Cha -3p= 13 (+2Race Modifier)


Size increase by one category,
AC increase by +1,
Attacks increase by one damage 'step',
Ability Scores
Str: +4
Dex: -2
Con: +4

Size decrease by one category,
AC reduce by -2 (Minimum of +0)
Attacks decrease by one 'step'
Ability scores

Three Levels of Fighter.